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15 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream Of Deceased Dog

15 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream Of Deceased Dog

Dogs are the most loyal pets – everyone knows that. Even avid cat people like me have to admit it. We heard some story about a dog napping on its owner’s grave. Or dogs that meet their humans at the train station. The dog keeps showing up for months after they’re gone.

There’s even one about a dog that stood at the emergency room entrance for weeks when its owner was admitted. And when the deceased owner’s organs were donated, the dog recognized the recipient at the exit! But what does it mean to dream of your deceased dog?

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Your Deceased Dog

1. You Miss Your Dog

Sometimes, dreams arise from your subconscious mind. They can help you process things that you suppress while you’re awake. These healing messages frequently come from your guardian angels, or even from your higher self. So if you keep dreaming about your deceased dog, it could be that you really miss them, but you’re not allowing yourself to openly grieve.

Maybe you’re hiding the pain because the people around you are pressuring you. They might think you’re overreacting, and they don’t realize your dog was your family, just like a child or a sibling. So you’ve been pretending that you’re over it so they’d stop nagging you about it. The dream is your dog’s way (and your heavenly helpers too) of offering comfort and closure.

2. You’re Feeling Lonely or Under-Socialised

Lots of theories float around about cat-people and dog-people. One implies that cat-people have mummy issues while dog people have daddy issues. Another one loosely hints that people with advanced degrees prefer cats to dogs, so maybe this is linked to intelligence. It’s more likely that bookish careers have schedules that are better suited to felines than dogs.

But there’s a personality element too. Dogs generally need more hands-on attention and public affection than cats do, so you spend a lot of time with them and they keep you quite busy. Dreaming of your deceased dog could therefore be a hint that your life feels … empty. You need something or someone to enjoy the emotional energy you used to give your dog.

3. Your (Human) Best Friend Needs a Check-In

These days, most people would rather text than call. It’s faster, cheaper, more convenient, and less obtrusive. It’s also useful when you’re worried about disrupting someone at work, or distracting them while they’re driving. Now, you may have seen the meme about how a dog is a man’s best friend, but a cat will never snitch about your stash. Let’s focus on the former.

Your deceased dog may have been your most loyal companion, but you have humans that are close to you as well. So if you’re startled awake after an intense dream about your dog, you may need to pick up the phone. Your dog’s spirit (or your guardian angels) are telling you that someone needs to hear from you. Maybe they’re scared or worried or lonely. Check in.

4. You’re Feeling Unfulfilled in Your Waking Life

For lots of people, the time they spend with their dog is the best part of their day. They’d love to bottle that feeling and carry it everywhere. And remember, all dreams – including the ones from your angels – draw on elements from your waking life. This makes it easier to understand and interpret the dream. Angels are tapping into your feelings about your dog.

When you have this dream, think about your activities that past day, week, or even month. There’s something or someone you’re spending a lot of time and energy on. But they’re not giving you the same joy you got from your deceased dog, and a part of you wants something deeper. The dream shows dissatisfaction and longing. You need something more meaningful.

5. You’re Untethered and You Want Structure

In many ways, dogs are like babies. They can be fun and playful and lively, but you also need to teach them where to sleep, eat, and poop. Not all dogs need behavioral training, but even the most affable pet can be taught to sit, stay, or roll over. What does it mean if you dream of training your deceased dog? Or maybe in the dream, you’re seeing through your dog’s eyes.

It may mean your life feels out of control. You’re lost and unsure of yourself. Chances are your daily routine revolved around your dog, and now you feel unmoored and unsettled. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need a new dog – you may not be ready for that yet. But it may help to find a scheduled hobby or activity that can establish a new pattern for your lifestyle.

6. Your Dog’s Spirit is Guarding You

Some people keep guard dogs for protection. But even this canine security detail needs affection. You might not interact with them directly if their role is to patrol, but you’ll still have staff to feed, walk, and tend to the dogs, so they still bond with their primary caretaker. That said, even the friendliest, cuddliest dog will bristle if someone yells or sneers at you.

Dogs are territorial, and they can sometimes sense the negative intent of those around you. They may growl at some stranger during your walk but be weirdly friendly to others. So if you dream of your deceased dog snarling, it could mean someone in your waking life has ill feelings towards you and is actively sabotaging you. Ask your angels to point that person out.

7. Or Maybe They’re Showing Their Approval

If you own a dog and are attached to your pet pal, you may describe yourself as a dog-mom or dog-dad. This means introducing people to your dog is a major milestone, especially for someone you’re dating. But it could be just as important for a new friend that you’re getting close to. So what if you dream of your dog playing with someone you met after the dog died?

This shows you two things. One, this new person – whether it’s a budding romantic partner or a potential best friend – is more important than you realize. That’s why you secretly want your dog to like them. And if your dog does approve of them in your dream, then your angels (and your deceased dog) are giving you a thumbs-up. They agree this person is right for you.

8. Your Angels Are Doing Reverse Psychology

All dogs go to heaven. Even the crazy rabid ones. So dreams about your dog are one of the quickest ways for your angels to reach you. But spirit guides have access to lots of realms that humans don’t, so they can wield your pooch in various ways to get the message across. You may have disagreed with someone you care about, and that night, you dream about your dog.

It would make sense if the dog was angry in your dream – that’s a direct response to your internal unease. But what if your dog is calmly napping at your feet, smiling at you, or laying its head in your lap? They’re comforting you because they know you’re upset. But they’re also reminding you that harmony beats distress, so they’re nudging you to go make peace.

9. You’re All Clogged Up and Need a Good Cry

Society isn’t big on tears. Lots of boys (and eldest daughters too!) grow up being taught they shouldn’t cry. But even the most masculine of dude-bros is allowed to cry when his dog dies. In fact, lots of therapists have a special list of tear-jerking videos or movies they recommend to grieving patients. And yes, most of those films have dogs in starring or supporting roles.

A dream about your dog – particularly if it expresses intense emotions – could be your angel’s way of unplugging the blockage in your psyche. You need an outlet, and they know you won’t give yourself that space. So your dog comes to you in a dream. Maybe they’re a giddy puppy, inviting tears of joy. Or it could be a sad dream. It’s okay. Get up and cry it out.

10. You’re Tougher Than You Think

Scientists often remind us that while we deliberately domesticated dogs, cats chose to live with us. And while we often breed cats to be prettier and less allergenic, we create dog breeds that are gentler, easier to control, and better behaved. It’s why we pick golden retrievers for kids and purse dogs for socialites. You prefer a dog that matches your lifestyle and habits.

But even the mildest dog will bark and growl if someone is hostile towards you. So what does it mean when you’re feeling bullied and beat down then you dream of your dog? Maybe you’re a soft, agreeable person and people are taking advantage of you. They’re crossing your boundaries. Your angels want you to bear your teeth. They’ll help you show more backbone.

11. You’re Ready to Move On … Maybe?

Most people love their pets, but some of us are extra-attached. So if your dog recently passed away, your friends and family will soon offer you a new puppy. They may bring you one they think you’ll like, or they could hint about visiting dog parks and shelters. They might even trick you into pet-sitting – they’re just trying to help. And this is likely to invoke dog dreams.

In this dream, your dog is likely to be interacting with other dogs. It might be the new puppy or any unfamiliar pooch. What was your deceased dog was doing in the dream? Was it friendly or hostile to the other canine? Don’t take this as your dog being jealous or accepting. It’s about you. Your spirit guides are confirming you’re ready for a new puppy pal … or not!

12. Be More Patient With Yourself

We talked about dog training earlier. Some people like to use fear, so they dominate the dog and force it to obey. Others are so gentle and permissive that the dog never learns to respect them. Before your dog died, you probably spent a lot of time with them and got to know them really well. So even if they never mastered any fancy tricks, your dog had to be house-broken.

And no matter how stressful and frustrating it was, you taught your puppy where to pee and poo. It’s common to have this dream when you’re struggling to learn a new skill. Maybe you got extra responsibilities at work or moved up to the next class at school. You may be struggling and feeling incompetent. Your spirit guides are saying keep at it – you’ll get there.

13. Show Your Softer Side – They’ll Love It!

One of the most heart-warming things is when you see a big, buff, scary person being silly with their dog. And it’s true that some of the world’s biggest bullies turn to goo when their dogs show up. Most of us love our pets more than we love most humans, so someone can be mean to their partners, co-workers, and even their kids, but never to the dog.

So if you’re suddenly having lots of playful dreams about your deceased dog, it could be a reminder to soften your interactions. Maybe you’re being too harsh or aggressive with those around you. Let your guard down a bit, and show affection in a gentler way. Smile a little, be more open, let your loved ones in. Besides, if they try to mess with you, you still have teeth!

14. You Want To Be Yourself Again

For most people, you got your first pet in childhood. Some resent the responsibility and end up swearing off pets until their own kids demand one. Others treasure the attachment and continue to keep dogs (or cats, or turtles) throughout their lives. So what does it mean when you dream about the dog that grew up with you and died in your teens or college years?

This could be a reminder about something important from your earlier years. Your dog was probably with you during your happiest moments and comforted you during sad ones. So here’s one possibility. When you were little, what did you want to do or be when you grew up? Are you straying from that? The dream could be a nudge to be true to your passions.

15. You’re About to Lose Something You Treasure

We think of loss as a terrible thing. And in a way, it is, because it hurts. So if you dream about your deceased dog out of the blue, it could be a warning that something important is leaving your life. A friend or relative may pass away in the same circumstances as your dog e.g. a similar illness, injury, or accident. But you could also lose a job or a key investment.

The dream will echo feelings that you’re likely to experience during this upcoming disaster. But this dream isn’t all doom and gloom. Remember, the reason you were so sad when your dog died was that they made you so happy while they were alive. So the dream is one of comfort and reassurance. The dog may be gone, but the love is still there. It’ll all work out.

What was your last dream about your deceased dog? Tell us about it in the comment section!


Tuesday 2nd of January 2024

I dreamt my deceased dog came up to me it jumping up as normal put it two front legs on me i patted it head with my forearm. Afterword we were walking and it Began speaking to me about what the people said about me


Saturday 23rd of December 2023

My dog visit me Lastnight in my dream it came and lydown in my feet i was happy to see it and i talk to it as always.

Green hair

Wednesday 27th of September 2023

I dreamt about my most beloved deceased dog after one year again. She was bruised but still followed me up the stairs. I knew she was dead in my dream but I had no idea why she was there. I also asked my friend whether she can see my dog in my dream but I was the only one. I don't kn what this dream was trying to tell but I woke up crying seeing my dog again for once at least, she died all of the sudden last year and I wasn't there when she passed away and it affected me really. The memories with her was the most beautiful memory I had.

Constance Roark

Saturday 9th of September 2023

I dreamed of my dog that passed away about a month ago. I dreamed she was pregnant and I was carrying her around and rubbing her stomach that was huge and not letting the black cat around her which is my cat in real life


Friday 8th of September 2023

Our dog Maggie at 15 passed in 2019. She was sick and we had to let her go. She was attached more to my husband. In this dream the people brought her back to life and we found her at a Wedding with other dogs in boxes she was licking us all over. We took her home with us, I woke up crying and wanted to get back to the dream but couldn’t. I’m still crying!