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15 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Deceased Father

15 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Deceased Father

Having a dream about your deceased father can put you in a state of shock, confusion, and despair. It can stir a lot of feelings inside and remind you of all the good times.

According to psychology, these dreams are a reflection of your emotional state following your father’s funeral. You might be in denial and in great sorrow. Or you might be feeling the loss of guidance and protection that your dad offered.

These thoughts and feelings are reflected in dreams. However, depending on the context, the dreams may hint at certain situations and upcoming threats in your life.

Let’s explore the meaning of common dream scenarios in detail below!

15 Common Deceased Father Dreams & Their Meanings


15 Common Deceased Father Dreams & Their Meanings

1. Dream About Deceased Father Talking

There are two meanings of this dream about your dead father. First, it’s a sign of bad luck. Either you’re going to fall sick or you’re in danger.

Your father is trying to warn you about the upcoming threat. Pay attention to the details to find what kind of danger it might be.

The second dream meaning is your poor decision power. If you’re speaking face-to-face with your dead father but can’t understand what he means, your subconscious mind is sending you a clear message.

Maybe you’re confused and not making the right choices in life. It’s time to take a break, sort out your priorities, and learn to conquer indecisiveness.

2. Dream About Deceased Father Coming Home

In your dream, if you see or feel your father’s presence at home. It means that your father is caring for the family and supervising you even in the afterlife.

He wants you to know that everything is okay. Your father may not be with you in reality. But he’s watching over you and protecting you from all kinds of dangers.

You shouldn’t indulge yourself in sadness and frustration. Instead, accept that your father is in a safe and happy place. His unexpected visit in the dream is a reminder of this!

3. Dream About Dead Father Comes Back to Life

When your deceased father comes back to life in a dream, it represents the arrival of good times. The upcoming period in your life will give you the opportunity to restore what has been lost.

So, you need to start preparing for this time. Make comprehensive plans about how you will best rejuvenate yourself. However, while doing this, don’t start to stress about results and success.

Focus on the work, and success will eventually find its way to you.

4. Dream About Deceased Father Happy

As DreamOf.Org Said, Seeing your late father happy in the dream is a sign of good luck. It means that joyful events and changes are on the way.

You will achieve the expected results in a situation and prosper. There will be no negative emotions or aspects of your life. So, instead of stressing about it, consider this dream as a gift from your dead father!

5. Dream About Dead Father Holding My Hand

Dream About Dead Father Holding My Hand


In some dreams, you may see your father come to you and hold your hand. This typically happens because you miss him, and the subconscious is trying to console you by recreating core memories.

However, it may also mean that his spirit wants you to know he’s okay. There’s nothing to worry about at all. Don’t be sad, and pray for his forgiveness.

6. Dream About Deceased Father Helping You

This dream about your dead father is another good omen. It indicates that someone will lend you a hand and assist you the way your late father did in his life. The helper will be in a better position than you.

He might have more expertise in the field. Or, people might view him as a figure of authority. In any case, you shouldn’t shy away from the assistance offered by others.

Your father’s presence in the dream is a sign that you should be open to help in difficult times. First, figure out the solution yourself. However, if you’re not successful, seek help from those who have more experience and knowledge.

7. Dream About Deceased Father Sleeping

If you dream about your late father sleeping peacefully, it means that you need to be quiet and calm down. Perhaps, you’re spending too much time talking out of matters and seeking attention.

It’s time to realign your focus and improvise your actions. Once you start doing more, people will automatically learn to value your words.

That said, if you see your father sleeping with a blanket, it represents your fears. Your father symbolizes the need to step up and conquer all of your fears. Be confident in life and handle situations accordingly.

8. Dream About Deceased Father Hugging You

A hug makes us feel safe, comfortable, and loved. If you had a dream about your late father in which he hugged you, the same feelings would have arisen. You probably woke up teary-eyed at the beautiful emotion.

But don’t be saddened because this dream scenario is another sign that your father is looking after you. He came into your dream to comfort and support you.

9. Dream About Deceased Father Sad & Crying

Dream About Deceased Father Sad & Crying


Don’t take this dream plot lightly. It means that danger or trouble is on its way into your life. And, it’s something that would have made your father sad.

Your subconscious mind is warning you to take charge of the circumstances and strengthen yourself. Avoid wasting time and use it to build yourself. It doesn’t matter whether you’re upscaling yourself emotionally, physically, or financially.

But be ready to face the challenge!

10. Dream About Deceased Father Blessing You

When an adult blesses you, they wish all the good things to happen to you. The same applies to this dream about your father.

The deceased parent is wishing you luck and signaling you to prepare for the amazing changes ahead. It can be something related to your education, career, or relationships.

Pay attention to the details to figure out exactly what. There will be hints in the dream background and events following the scene where your deceased father blesses you.

11. Dream About Dead Father Being Sick

This dream signifies your frustration and anger stored in the subconscious. You don’t like the absence of action in your life or work.

Maybe you’ve got a lot of plans and want to see them implemented, but nothing is going the right way. In any case, don’t let frustration take over your mind. Be patient and wait to make the moves.

If a dreamer has this dream (even though his life is going smoothly), it’s an attempt from the subconscious mind to relieve the grief of the lost father. You miss your dad and feel guilty about not being able to stop his fatal sickness.

12. Dream About Deceased Father Dying

Watching your father’s death in the dream can be very painful. It feels worse than putting his coffin into the grave. But the interpretation of this dream is quite different.

It reflects your healing process and internal strength. You’re no longer in denial about your losses and have learned the beauty of acceptance. Of course, this journey wouldn’t have been easy.

However, you’ve been strong and dealt with things positively. You’re no longer fighting the truth. Instead, you’re accepting and using it to make the future better.

13. Dream About Deceased Father and Weapons

Dream About Deceased Father and Weapons


Having a dream of a deceased father and weapons might seem like you have been watching a lot of action movies lately. But that’s not the case.

Instead, if your father gives you weapons, it represents your close relationship with your associates and friends. It shows that you have made reliable connections who will fight for you. They will give you the courage to explore different ventures.

Alternatively, if your late father purchases a gun, it’s a warning that you should not get involved in disputes and arguments. Work on making good and peaceful relations with others.

14. Dream About Dead Father Cooking

If your deceased father starts cooking in a dream, it symbolizes your poor well-being. Perhaps, you’re dealing with too much right now. The problems are affecting your mental and physical health.

Your father cooking in the dream is a sign that you should take a break. Give yourself some rest and stop worrying. Anything that takes away your health is meaningless.

15. Dream About Deceased Father Looking Younger

This is a rare dream with a lot of different meanings based on emotions. If you saw a happy younger version of your father, it means you’re missing the good times.

Alternatively, if you felt sad in the dream or saw a sad younger version of your father, it shows your disheveled internal state. You might be going through a lot of negative emotions. Or, you might be feeling confused about certain circumstances.

In this case, you need to take action and figure your life out. Trust yourself and make decisions after viewing things from a logical perspective.


These are the possible scenarios of dreams about your deceased father. This kind of dream may feel depressing, but it actually conveys certain meanings. You can do better in your waking life with those messages.

Have you ever dreamed about your deceased father? How do you feel about that dream? Tell us in the comments below!

15 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Deceased Father



Tuesday 27th of February 2024

I dreamt of him came to visit me after 58 years of his death when he saw me he hugged me


Sunday 14th of January 2024

Dream deceased father eyeballs hanging out


Tuesday 14th of November 2023

I had a very close relationship with my father and keep dreaming ├žalling out to him like when I was small and scared for him to rescue me,when I got he became my pillarto rely on in any way.

Now days I keep calling him in my dreams for help because I can't find him and I need help and have no one


Sunday 12th of November 2023

I had a dream that I was walking through a cemetery in the daylight with a feeling of happiness. Then my deceased Father appeared and we hugged each other. I could feel the side of his face against mine. As we hugged, I told him that I missed him and loved him and he told me the same. Then I suddenly woke up and it was 12:12am. The dream was very intense and it felt like I just literally and physically saw him. I don't know how to interpret this. He passed away March 15th, 2019.


Sunday 5th of November 2023

I saw my late dad came back to live however in the midnight he was going in the wrong direction searching for my mom. In such state, I met with dad and hold his hand, I told him mom is at home. But he hold back my hand tightly and said, someone is asking him to return back immediately, I couldn't quite understand his message so I quickly grap his hand and was walking back home. Just above my home, my dad collapsed and died immediately turning into skeleton. We were all crying... Please interpret me...