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11 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Crocodile

11 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Crocodile

Crocodiles are not the best sights to see among animals. They’re dangerous and they look scary and intimidating. Definitely not one you’d love to see in real life when exploring a river or the forest. However, do they hold the same intimidation when you see them in your dreams?

Crocodiles in dreams do not often ring a good sign for you. They symbolize betrayal and deceit from people who have been pretending to be close to you. Just like crocodiles in real life, crocodiles in dreams mean that these people are dangerous to stay around with.

Of course, context is very important when discerning possible dream interpretations. Certain details in your dreams might greatly affect the meaning of your crocodile dream, so make sure to note these minor details once you wake up so that we can accurately tell your dream’s meaning.

Crocodile or Alligator


Crocodile or Alligator?

Crocodiles and alligators are categorically separate animals, despite looking virtually the same. In dream interpretations, they do represent similar things (plus it can be hard to distinguish them from each other in a dream, anyway). So there might be little to no distinction between crocodile dreams and alligator dreams, for the most part.

1. Someone Will Betray You

As mentioned above, seeing crocodiles in your dreams might signify that someone will betray you in the near future. This person is likely someone close to you, and you probably never expect them to even betray you, making it hurt more for you.

Unfortunately, there’s no good way of telling who this treachery will come from. The best advice we can give you is that you should be extra careful and avoid sharing a lot of intimate and sensitive information about yourself.

2. You Are Afraid of the Unknown

Part of what makes crocodiles scary is the fact that they remain hidden until they are ready to strike at you. If you dream of a crocodile, that might mean that you are afraid of things that are currently unknown to you.

Fearing what we don’t know is a feeling we all know too well. However, you should not always cower behind this fear. Discomfort and insecurity are common and normal when dealing with unknown things, but it is in these situations that we experience our greatest growth as a person.

3. You Are Wise Enough to Resolve Your Issues

Quite unexpectedly coming from the previous interpretation, another common meaning of having crocodiles in your dreams is that you are wise enough to resolve your issues, it’s just that it hasn’t occurred to you yet. Crocodiles represent hidden wisdom and flexibility, being capable of living above and underwater.

This might be a good sign from your subconscious mind, telling you that like crocodiles, you are flexible and can definitely get out of any bad situation you might be in right now. Trust yourself and the process, and the rest will follow suit.

4. You Are Going to be Successful

ou Are Going to be Successful

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Since seeing a crocodile is generally a bad sign, seeing a dead crocodile in your dream surely means good luck. This dream signifies that you are going to be successful in your current endeavors, or that you will be able to overcome the challenges that you are facing right now.

Generally speaking, dead crocodile dreams often refer to positive changes in your professional career, although they can also occasionally refer to personal success, such as happiness and contentment with your life.

5. You Might Be About to be Deceived

If you are bitten by a crocodile in your dream, this is a warning sign that you are about to take an opportunity that has come into your life. However, this opportunity might be what it may seem to be at first glance, and you might be about to be deceived.

Many things in life are too good to be true, so make sure to evaluate opportunities as they come into your life. Many can change the trajectory of your life in a good way, but some are straight-up scams. Think twice, or even thrice, about such new things.

6. You Are Incredibly Anxious and Worried

If you see a crocodile just barely floating on the surface of the water, in their iconic resting position where you can only see its eyes, that dream might stand for all your uncontrolled anxiety and worries. Just like how you would feel when you see one in your waking life, you might be burdened with so many negative thoughts right now.

If you feel like you are too jittery and might not be able to work properly because of these emotions, try to take a deep breath. Better yet, take a break from the busy hustle of life. Slow the pace of your life down and relax.

7. You Are Free to Do What Makes You Prosper

You Are Free to Do What Makes You Prosper

Image Credit: ebn.travels

Wielding a knife or any similar object and killing a crocodile means that you have the freedom to do whatever you need to do to attain prosperity and that things will go smoothly your way. This act of killing the creature with your own hands represents your own capability to put things into your own hands.

Perhaps you simply need a boost in confidence or a reminder of what you are capable of doing, hence you’re having this kind of dream now as your motivation to pursue what makes you happy.

8. You Will Encounter Some Financial Issues

If a crocodile is chasing you in your dream and ends up catching you, that might be a negative omen. This usually indicates that you might struggle in the future financially. Luckily, it might not be as big of a deal as you might think. However, it will definitely set you, the dreamer, back for a while.

This can be a good time to evaluate your current financial state. Make sure that you have emergency funds ready for when you are going to be hit by an unexpected financial crisis.

9. Your Hidden Problems Will Surface Soon

Crocodiles can be sneaky reptiles, but if you find yourself stepping on one in your dream, that might mean that problems you didn’t know existed might reveal themselves soon. These problems can come rather unexpectedly, so you might be up for a (bad) surprise soon.

Fortunately, if you were able to run away from the crocodile in the dream before it could bite you, that can give you some comfort as it indicates that you will be able to resolve these unexpected issues well. If not, you might have to do some hard work to get rid of them.

10. You Might Be a Bit Too Overprotective

If you see the crocodile attacking a random stranger in your dream, that can mean that you have been a tad bit too overprotective in your waking life. You might feel like your current behavior is justified, but the recipient of your “protection” might think otherwise.

People can get stronger, and they might not need your protection as much as you think they do. In fact, your protective tendencies might be too much for them, and you will need to tone them down a bit. Trust in their capability to stand on their own two feet.

However, if the dream involves you getting attacked by the crocodile, then that might indicate that you might be in danger soon. It may not always refer to physical danger, but in other aspects that can destroy the stability of your life.

11. You Need to Stop Procrastinating

If one crocodile doesn’t mean anything good, then seeing multiple crocodiles just multiplies the bad signs. If you have this kind of dream, this is your subconscious mind telling you to stop being lazy and start working before everything piles up into a mess.

Procrastination is the bane of productivity, but it is also something that we just usually do. You can do it in small amounts, but this time around, you will have to stop delaying all that work before it comes back biting your butt. Go do your work now!


A crocodile is not a friendly beast to hang around with. In fact, we shudder and run away at the sight of one, so seeing them even during your nocturnal visions can be quite ominous. However, crocodile dreams might not always have a spiritual meaning. Being the imposing animals that they are, you might have come across some media of these animals and it left an impression on you before you slept.

At the same time, dreams have been known to be windows to our subconscious minds. These nightly visions have been interpreted by many experts to have certain meanings and insights that deal with our life. The ones we listed above are some of the possible explanations for these dreams.

To ensure an accurate interpretation, always make sure that you take note of certain details about your crocodile dream. Whether the crocodile is biting you or chasing you, these details can change your dream context and in turn, the meaning of the dream. We hope that you were able to find the meaning of crocodiles in your dreams from this article.

11 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Crocodile