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11 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About A Stranger

11 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About A Stranger

When you dream about people, you tend to dream of people you know in real life. It may be a parent, a partner, or even that nosy coworker who always asks you who you’re talking to. A dream of a stranger, therefore, is a bit unusual.

Most people who dream of unknown people tend to wonder what it means and if they should worry. This article will help you figure out what it could mean.

11 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About A Stranger


What Does It Mean When You Dream About A Stranger?

1. Before you assume anything, remember that the “stranger” could be someone you actually saw in real life

Let’s get a little more concrete before we get into the realm of strange and wonderful. Sometimes, it may be a good idea to just think about things rationally after all.

Our subconscious minds are amazing. We subconsciously take in the looks of random strangers who we see when we walk down the street. Even if we don’t really stop and look at their faces, our minds can still remember what they look like.

Science suggests that the human mind can’t make up faces, so dreams of strangers *technically* fall into the realm of the impossible.

2. This dream could also mean that your dream stranger could play a major role in your future

We’ve all heard about women dreaming about a young man they’ve never seen, only to end up in a romance with that guy leading to marriage. We’ve also heard about men dreaming about a strange woman who later becomes their real-life spouse.

The divine way the universe works often means that we get an occasional warning or tip when someone we’re going to adore comes into our lives. That strange woman or strange man you dreamt about could be your spouse, lover, or new best friend.

Many people have dreamt of falling in love with a stranger, only to find out that the “stranger” was their soul mate later on in life.

3. If you can’t see the person clearly, it could be a sign of your “Shadow Self”

Does the stranger in your dream miss a face? Or, do you feel a little anxiety in your dream? Is the stranger a shadow person? Carl Jung believed that these types of dreams are an indication of your “Shadow Self.

Your Shadow Self is the side of yourself that you hide. It can be the side of you that feels insecure, anxious, depressed, or even a bit deviant. Dreams about strangers can be reflections of ourselves.

While dreams about your Shadow Self often get linked with bad news, the truth is that these kinds of dreams often are a sign that you need to address the different things you’re hiding. If the dream makes you anxious, it’s a sign that it won’t be a comfortable journey.

4. A dream of a stranger knocking on your door could be a new opportunity

We’ve all had moments when someone we didn’t know knocked on our door. You know that feeling of trepidation, worry, and a smidgen of curiosity. That emotion could come to your waking life in the form of a new take on life.

Common dreams about a stranger knock on your doors suggest new opportunities or changes in various aspects of your life. If the knock makes you feel good, it could be that a new person gives you a major blessing that improves your life.

On the other hand, if the people at the door resemble intruders, it could be an unwelcome change that is imposed by others.

5. Dreaming about a stranger dying or in distress is usually a bad omen

Dreaming about a stranger dying or in distress is usually a bad omen


The death of a stranger tends to be something most of us don’t think about. In dreams, it’s a metaphor for your feelings, showing that your emotions may be in a less-than-stellar shape. In some cases, it suggests that your current relationship is suffering too.

More superstitious people may also suggest that this is a warning. Someone you care about could be in physical danger. Now would be a good time to check up on them and make sure that your friends are okay.

6. Dreaming about a love affair with a stranger can be a sex dream or something a little deeper

We’ve all had dreams that made us hot under the collar, and at times, dreaming of a fling with a sexy stranger is just that. Your subconscious mind might be tipping its proverbial hat to your sexuality and giving you a dream that makes you feel good.

Or, it could be something a little more fortune-filled. Sometimes, this is an indicator that you might be longing for someone new, or a new type of passion. A dream interpretation of making love to a stranger often involves a hidden desire.

These types of dreams often show up when a person feels loneliness in their waking life. Now would be a good time to hit a club or try to find a new way to meet other people.

7. This also could be a dream telling you to seek out help

Did the stranger in your dream ask you for help? If so, it may be time to take a look in the mirror. Dream interpreters often suggest that this could indicate a need for you to ask for help in your own waking life.

A person who feels anxious, nervous, or overloaded in their life may not want to admit to themselves that they need help. This could be why the stranger has appeared in your dream. It’s a way that your mind asks you to reach out to others for help.

On the other hand, if you have been feeling relatively calm, this could be a sign that you want to exercise your altruistic side. Do you want to share your wealth with the world? It could be time to start a new adventure as a philanthropist or volunteer.

8. Another interpretation could be that you are going to get a payday

One of the more unusual dream meanings we’ve found involves dreams of a stranger hitting you. While this may sound like a bad dream to have, it’s actually quite good. The “hits” you’re getting are a sign that you’ve worked hard. (It gets better, too!)

Unlike other negative dreams, superstition suggests that the hits will indicate that your hard work will pay off. Whether this means you’ll receive a physical paycheck or just see the fruits of other labor bloom is still up in the air.

9. You may get an unwelcome visitor

You may get an unwelcome visitor


Did your dream stranger hug you in the dream? While you might expect a dream of being hugged to be a good thing, it’s rarely ever that benevolent. Superstition suggests that this could be a sign of an unwelcome visitor entering your life.

Unfortunately, the dream gets worse. The “hug” signifies that you may not be able to rid yourself of the pesty person for a while. Imagine a bad guest that overstays their welcome, and that’s basically where you are probably going to be.

10. It could be a sign that things are going to lighten up

Many people have experienced a stranger that gave them money in a dream. As you might expect, this dream is actually a pretty good one to have—especially if you’ve been worried about your financial standing.

A dream about a person giving you money is a sign that things are going to lighten up. Strangers tend to represent uncertainties and insecurities that we have in real life. Having them give you a blessing is the universe’s way of saying you’ll be okay.

11. You lost faith in yourself

Here’s a strange way to dream of a stranger. A somewhat common dream to have involves looking at yourself in the mirror and being unable to recognize yourself. At times, you may dream of being someone else.

If you find that you are the stranger in your dream, this is fairly straightforward. Your dream shows that you are losing yourself, or at the very least, losing faith in who you are as a person. Do you feel like your identity has been eroded over time?

People who have this type of stranger dream tend to feel like they have “done a deal with the Devil.” Did you give up your morals for a quick meal ticket or a sudden burst of popularity? There’s the reason you had this dream.

Now would be a good time to take a hard look at yourself and fix what needs to be fixed.

Last Words

Now that you’ve read all the different interpretations, tell us about the time you had a dream about a stranger. Did you experience anything after the fact?

What Does It Mean When You Dream About A Stranger?