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8 Biblical Meanings When You Dream about Purse

8 Biblical Meanings When You Dream about Purse

In the bible, we see how important dreams are to believers. In the holy book of Christianity, dreams are often depicted as a way for God to communicate with people. This has led to Christians placing huge spiritual importance on dreams.

However, over time the importance of dreams has diminished with many people now just believing them to be random manifestations that your brain produces while you sleep. That doesn’t mean to say that dreams are meaningless, though, with plenty of people out there still believing that certain dreams are hidden messages for what’s to come in your waking life.

Today, we’re going to focus on the meaning of dreams about purses. For Christians, dreaming about purses is all about power, but that isn’t the only interpretation of these types of dreams. Here are some reasons why you might be dreaming about purses.

8 Biblical Meanings When You Dream about Purse


Purses In Your Dreams – Dream Meaning

1. Secrets are getting in the way of your happiness

Purses and wallets are most commonly used to secure your personal belongings, including money, cards, tickets, and important documentation. As a result, they are symbols of privacy and security. If you see one in a dream, it could mean that you are trying to keep too many secrets from others.

This could be holding other people’s secrets for them or your own personal secrets. Either way, withholding important information from others can take its toll on your mental well-being as the stress of knowing something that you can’t let slip to others can leave you living your life on eggshells.

Take the dream as a message from your subconscious to let go of these secrets. If you are holding personal secrets from someone, then the only way you will be free from your guilt is to open up about it. If you are holding on to someone else’s secret, then urge them to come clean, too.

2. You place too much emphasis on money

Naturally, a dream about a purse could indicate that you focus too much on the money. Maybe you are working longer hours than you need to and missing out on valuable time with family and friends. What’s the point in having all that money if you never have the time to enjoy it with those you love?

The constant quest for more and more money is only going to make you tired and unhappy in the process. Sure, money can lead to great things but it can also be the root of evil and negative thoughts.

Use this dream as a reminder that all the great things you have going on in your life don’t require you to earn any more money. Essentially, this kind of dream could be a sign to simply count your non-monetary blessings in life and take a step back from your work before you run yourself into the ground.

3. You feel like you’ve got nothing left

If you are dreaming about an empty wallet or purse then it could be a sign that you aren’t particularly happy with how your life is going at this moment in time. You may feel like you’ve run out of avenues to go down and that you are having left. It may well be that you are suffering from depression in real life.

This is a serious illness that you need to fight against to get on top of. No matter how low you are feeling, it’s important to seek professional help and open up to those you are closest to. No matter how bad the situation may appear, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and you should never forget that.

It may well not be as serious as depression and it could just be a case that you’ve lost your sense of identity and a bit of self-confidence. Either way, it’s a message to start working on yourself and to get back to feeling positive about life.

4. You need to be more careful in life

You need to be more careful in life


Another possible dream interpretation to consider when it comes to seeing empty purses while you sleep is that your subconscious is advising you to be more careful in your waking life.

It may well be that you are spending more money than you have and that your debts are starting to catch up with you. Debt and general financial loss can bring about a whole host of negative emotions and unnecessary pressure so it’s best to avoid them as much as you can.

An empty purse in your dreams could also be a metaphor for taking better general care of yourself, away from finances. You may have people in your life that aren’t as sincere as they appear. Take this dream as a message to keep a closer eye on those around you and to be careful with who you trust with important information.

5. You have too much going on in your life

Dreaming about a purse or wallet that is full of coins, notes, and cards and that is almost bursting at the seams could mean that you have too much going on in your life. It’s hard to juggle all of your commitments and they could be catching up on you.

You are likely a person that struggles to say no to things but saying yes to everyone and everything is putting you into a situation where you are struggling to keep up with your 100mph lifestyle. It’s great that you have so many people in your life who enjoy your company but it’s not always going to be possible to do everything.

Take the time to prioritize the people, hobbies, and events that mean the most to you, and consider letting a few things go. Once you have a more manageable lifestyle, the purse in your dreams should stop appearing as full and you will start to enjoy life at a more reasonable pace.

6. You are anxious about something

You are anxious about something


A dream about a stolen wallet or purse is likely to indicate that you are anxious about something in your life. The dream may depict you searching tirelessly for this purse as it contains valuable assets inside it but you just get more and more stressed as you struggle to find it.

It could be that the dream is literal and that you are someone who worries about money and fortune or it could be something completely unrelated to your finances.

Anxiety can get the better of us and leave us panicked and worried about a whole host of situations in life. Take this dream as a message from your subconscious mind (or god if you are a believer) and use it as guidance to seek a resolution to your anxieties and worries.

Many people find that opening up to those closest to them helps as a starting point and there is also the possibility of talking through your troubles with a specialist.

7. You are too generous and it isn’t reciprocated

Dreaming about purses or wallets, in general, could be a sign that you are too generous to others in your life. On the face of it, you may be wondering how you can be ‘too generous’ but it may well be that you are being taken advantage of.

Consider those in your life and wonder if you are getting as much back as you are putting in. We aren’t talking about finances here, but rather general attitude and affection. It could be that you are in a relationship where you put in all the effort to see your partner while they are just happy for you to come to them.

Take this dream as a sign to start questioning any relationships or friendships you have which appear one-sided.

8. You are ready for a fresh start

You are ready for a fresh start


Finally, if you are dreaming about you having a new purse then it could be a sign that you are ready to turn over a new chapter in your life. You may well be ready to start meeting new people or it could be that you have a passion for traveling and want to start a new life for yourself in a different part of the world.

Regardless of what your ‘fresh start’ entails, dreaming about you owning something new suggests that you aren’t particularly with your current situation. When you wake up from this dream, don’t just dismiss it and consider a fresh start, even if it’s just one aspect of your life, like a new job or hobby.

For Christians, a dream about a new purse could be linked to Jesus and his resurrection. Just as Jesus began a new life, you could too by channeling your inner strength and wisdom.

Final Words

We now hope that you have a greater understanding of what dreams about purses could symbolize. While it may be easy to just dismiss dreams as random, if you are having the same or similar recurring dream/nightmare then we would urge you to consider what your subconscious might be telling you.

8 Biblical Meanings When You Dream about Purse