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15 Biblical Meanings When You Dream About Puppies

15 Biblical Meanings When You Dream About Puppies

Dreaming about puppies may seem harmless and random for some people, but is it really that simple? You might even consider the dream about puppies biblical meaning, which makes sense if you believe in the bible.

This may be confusing for some people so we will try to explain the appearance of puppies in your dreams through biblical meanings.

Biblical Explanation of Puppies in your Dreams


Biblical Explanation of Puppies in your Dreams

Since you already have a basic idea about dreams, let’s try to figure out what it means to have puppies in your dreams.

As you all know, puppies are loved anywhere in the world and they usually mean joyfulness, purity, and innocence. They are cute and cuddly, and they are a man’s best friend. It seems good, right? However, dreams are like coins and they have two sides as well – positive and negative. Let’s try and learn about them.

1. Stable Emotions

If it’s a playful puppy, it means that your emotions are perfectly stable. It means that you are satisfied with your life and the people around you.

In Christianity, dogs and puppies are a sign of loyalty, good luck, generosity, protection, and intuition. These are all positive aspects of life so a playful puppy in your dream might mean that God is blessing you abundantly.

2. Yearning to Teach Someone

It may also mean that you are yearning to teach someone. You may have met someone younger and you want to help them with their life. It might be related to work, especially if you have new co-workers.

This would lead to more friendships because as you guide them, you also make new friends and increase your connections. If you’re in a pinch in the future, you have a lot of people to rely on.

3. Ready to Start a Family

If you’re playing with puppies in your dream, it may also mean that you are ready to have kids. If you’re already married and you don’t have kids yet, you may want to talk this out with your partner.

Remember that starting a family is never easy and it would take more than just a puppy in your dream to decide. Usually, puppies appear in your dreams when all the things in your life are already steady.

You have a great job, and a loving partner, and you are emotionally ready to have kids. When they appear in your dreams, it might mean that you are physically and emotionally ready for a bigger family.

4. Positive Change in your Life

Feeding puppies in your dream may also mean that there will be a positive change in your life. It might be related to work, love life, or it might be about your family.

Take note that this is completely random unless you already have a hint about what it would be. If you’re on the verge of a promotion at work and you suddenly dreamt of a puppy or dog, it might signify that it would come true.

Yearning Heart

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5. Yearning Heart

Wounded or dead puppies might mean that there is a yearning in your heart. It might be because of family or because of friends that you’ve lost along the way.

It’s possible that you are missing your friends in the past and you want to find a way to reach out to them. This can also be a way for you to open up to a new relationship.

6. Focus on Self Love

Dreaming about an abandoned puppy means that you need to love yourself more. You’re probably putting a lot of importance on other people instead of focusing on yourself.

If you see an abandoned puppy in your dreams, it means that you feel lost or abandoned. If you don’t have a partner, make sure that you focus on your happiness. Go out, live your life, and buy whatever makes you happy.

7. Hiding Deep Anger

Black puppies in your dreams might mean that you are hiding a deep anger in your heart. You may have been arguing with a family member or a friend. Always keep in mind that dogs in dreams can also have a negative meaning.

Most of you are probably in denial. You don’t care about the issue and you’re not affected, but deep inside, you are hiding a deep anger that might burst out anytime. The best thing to do is to confront the problem at hand and find a way to resolve it without hurting the feelings of your friends or family members.

8. Growing Tension with Other People

Brown dogs that are bouncing around mean that there is a growing tension between you and your friend or relative. It might build up to something more serious if you don’t handle it properly.

Compared to black dogs, dreaming about a brown dog is not as severe. It means that you can still talk to the person involved and fix it before it becomes a problem.

9. Forgiveness of Sins

Puppies can also signify a good omen since they are considered healers and cleansers. If you dreamt about a dog licking you, it means that you are being cleansed of your sins. It’s a sign that God is giving you a chance to start a clean slate.

Asking God for forgiveness differs depending on your religion. Some would require you to talk to a priest while some religions will only ask you to pray directly to God. If you dreamt about a puppy, it might mean that God heard your prayers and has forgiven you.

10. Incoming Success

Dreaming about a dog can also be a good sign since it might be related to success. Dogs usually represent you as the dreamer so if you see a dog killing another animal in your dream, it might mean that you are defeating your worries and problems.

This type of dream is like a coin and it has two sides. If you dream that you are the dog and you are killing another animal, it means that you will overcome the obstacles and become successful. If it’s the other way around, it would mean that you’ve lost the fight and you have to start over.

11. Enemies Everywhere

Dreaming about dogs can signify that you have a lot of enemies. These are people who want you to lose and become unsuccessful. God is showing you the number of people who wish for your downfall. If you dreamt about this, prayer is the best way to deal with it.

Always remember that not everyone wants you to succeed. You don’t have any idea how many enemies you have simply because you are enjoying success right now. Whether you did something bad to them or not, they will become your enemies because of jealousy.

12. There are Demons in your Area

Seeing dogs inside your house or apartment may also mean that demons are lurking around. They don’t have good intentions and they might bring you bad luck so you need to be wary. It’s better to play Christian music from time to time and pray.

As Christians, you believe in the supernatural. Heaven and hell exist and there is life after death. You also believe that demons are everywhere so if you dreamt of dogs inside your home, they are probably lurking in your area.

Testing your Faith in God

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13. Testing your Faith in God

Dogs can also appear as unbelievers in your dreams. This is very alarming because they are often used to sway believers. When you start doubting God, you will notice that dogs will start appearing in your dreams. This will also test your faith and devotion to God.

As long as you believe in God and you have strong faith, you won’t have to worry about these unbelievers.

14. Betrayal and Disloyalty

When dogs in your dreams appear aggressive, it might be a sign of disloyalty and betrayal. Although dogs are often associated with fidelity, they can also appear in your dreams to warn you of a possible betrayal. It might be related to your family, friends, or loved ones.

15. You’re in Danger

There are instances where the dogs are attacking you in your dreams. This is very dangerous because it might imply that someone will hurt you physically or emotionally.

It’s hard to distinguish what exactly will happen, but you can get some hints based on the events that occurred in the past. Is there any reason for someone to hurt you? Did you fight with someone in the past? Do you have a grudge against another person?

Final Thoughts

Dreaming about puppies and dogs can either be positive or negative. The interpretation can be derived from the actual details that you can remember or you can make your meaning depending on how you perceive your dream.

Always remember that dreams can be used as a guide to help you out. There are no scientific explanations that would give you proof that the interpretations are real. The Bible can give you vague explanations as well so you should try and figure it out on your own.

If you have questions or violent reactions about this, feel free to comment down below and we’ll have a healthy discussion about this topic.

15 Biblical Meanings When You Dream About Puppies