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10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream Of A Dog Biting You

10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream Of A Dog Biting You

When people talk about scary dreams, there are few that are as terrifying as dreaming of being attacked by something. While monsters can be scary attackers, sometimes one of the most unnerving things to experience is a dream of a beloved pet or dog attacking you.

A dog bite can be a dream that leaves you perplexed and shaken when you wake up. It’s a dream type that is clearly symbolic of something, but what does it mean? This guide will help you figure out what it means to dream of a dog that bit you.

10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream Of A Dog Biting You


Dream Of A Dog Biting You? Here’s What It Means

1. A friend may betray you

Dogs are supposed to be man’s best friends, but what happens when your pup is not the paragon of loyalty he’s supposed to be? One of the most common interpretations of a dog bite dream is that it’s an omen of a friend betraying you.

Take a look around your circles of friends carefully. Your dreams might be a subconscious warning that not everyone is as benevolent as they seem. If you have any reason to believe that your friends don’t have good intentions at heart, it may be time to watch your back.

A dog biting your hand can be an indication of someone trying to control you or fight back against you. Hands are an omen of generosity, after all. Is someone trying to take advantage of you?

It is said that the hand that gets bitten matters. Right hands suggest an affront to masculinity, while left hands tend to suggest you’ll be taken advantage of.

Multiple sources also note that a dog biting your arm tends to mean problems in the workplace. More specifically, it’s an omen of a jealous coworker who may try to upend your current position at work.

The bottom line is that dreaming of a dog attacking you and biting you means you shouldn’t get too comfy around people near you. There’s disloyalty in the air.

2. Someone around you is attacking you verbally or physically

There are a lot of dream interpretations that circle around having a dog bite being a bad omen for an attack in real life. In most cases, this means that your regular waking life will be plagued by someone who berates you, verbally abuses you, or plays mind games with you.

Someone around you is attacking you verbally or physically


However, in Islamic Dream Interpretation, they note that a dog bite that draws blood means that an argument might turn physical in the future. Either way, it’s not a good sign for your interpersonal relationships.

3. You feel guilty or burdened by all the stuff in your life

Did you dream about a dog biting your chest? This often means that you are dealing with an inner conflict that you’re keeping close to your chest. A dog biting your shoulder also suggests that you’re “carrying a lot on your shoulders.”

Most of the time, these kinds of dreams suggest that you feel guilty about something—especially if you did something to make the dog angry in your dream. Have you been the disloyal party here? It could be that your guilt is eating you alive.

It’s not uncommon to feel like you might get attacked or that you even deserve to be attacked if you were unfair to people around you. The dog attack dream you had could be a sign that you feel like your bad deeds are going to catch up with you. It could even be an omen of payback.

4. Someone close is going to harm you

There are playful dog bites and then there are ones that really do damage. If you see blood after the dog bites you in your dream, it’s a sign that a betrayal you’ll face will seriously harm you. Why? Because it’s coming from someone you are close to.

Blood in a dream, particularly if it’s your blood, tends to mean that you will encounter bad news relating to you—or that something will be revealed. In dog bite dreams, that usually means that you will be devastated by the betrayal of someone close to you.

5. You are resistant to change that is inevitable

You are resistant to change that is inevitable


While dog bite dreams tend to hinge on loyalty and dishonesty, the truth is that there is one other interpretation that you might have forgotten. If a dog bites your arm and seems to want to drag you away, it could be a metaphor for change.

In this case, the dog is a metaphor for your life, or perhaps your friends who are asking you to change. Life is literally dragging you in another direction. The more you are trying to fight, the more resistant you are to change.

You might have been perfectly fine staying the way that you are. However, life (or the “dog”) might be dragging you in another direction. You are not happy about that new change, and that means that you may want to fight back.

There is a lot to think about when it comes to this change. Is it something that you benefit from? Do you feel like people don’t have your best interests in mind? Sometimes, change can be good. It’s up to you to decide whether it’s right for you.

6. You’re going to have a lot of setbacks in life

Dreaming of being bitten by multiple dogs can be a sign that life might start “ganging up on you.” In other words, a single bite tends to mean a single setback or confrontation that will take most of your focus. Multiple dogs suggest problems in several different areas of life.

If you’re already going through a rough period of your life where your career, home life, and love life all seem to be in peril, this is what your dream may be discussing. Otherwise, it may be a sign to brace yourself for a rough time.

7. You have gone too far with a friend’s patience

You have gone too far with a friend’s patience


It’s worth pointing out that dogs tend to symbolize loyalty, companionship, and honesty. A dream where you’re bitten by a dog that you recognize as friendly may suggest that there’s a long-standing dynamic at play.

Friendly dogs don’t bite people they once liked unless they were provoked. If that once-friendly person has started snapping at you, then the dream is reflecting what’s going on in your life. It can also be a warning sign that your friends might be ready to break their friendship with you.

Ask yourself if you have been treating your friends poorly. Even if they liked you at first, treating people badly because you’re in a bad mood or taking advantage of their kindness is going to grate on even the most patient person.

8. You were unfaithful to your romantic partner

The loyalty associated with dogs can also be a reflection of how you view yourself. In other words, your own sense of loyalty might be what you feel is “attacking” your view of yourself.

If you recently started having an affair outside of your relationship, then your dream might reflect the particularly rough guilt you feel about betraying your partner. One might even say that your conscience is “eating you alive.”

9. An unexpected but solvable problem might arrive

An unexpected but solvable problem might arrive


Being bitten by a regular dog is a sign of an obstacle that’s pretty decently sized, but what happens if you dream of getting bitten by a pint-sized pup? Puppy bite dreams might be a sign of a smaller issue that could come to the forefront.

A dog bite dream might involve something like having a partner cheat on you, finding out your coworker stole your work, or being ousted from a major social scene you belong to. A puppy bite dream might foretell something like having a friend hit on your crush.

10. There is an upcoming form of humiliation coming your way

Are you worried about your reputation? If you dream of a dog biting your face, it could be a sign that you won’t be able to “save face” in an upcoming argument. In other words, there may be a chance of humiliation or a fall from grace in your future.

Any dream that tends to involve attacking or disfiguring your face tends to allude to issues with how other people see you. After all, your face is going to be what people first see. It’s your first impression—an excellent metaphor for your reputation.

If you recently had a moment involving humiliation or betrayal that made you “lose face” to the wrong people, this is the most likely event that your dream is alluding to. Otherwise, you may want to look into damage control for your future. It looks like you may need it.


Dog bite dreams can be pretty intimidating, and the general consensus is that they are a bad omen. Did you have a dog bite dream recently? What happened after you dreamt it?

10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream Of A Dog Biting You