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10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Deceased Mother

10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Deceased Mother

It is not an easy thing to overcome the death of a loved one, and this tragedy is usually more pronounced if it is the death of a mother. If you recently lost your mother, seeing her in your dreams may not be strange because you miss her. But is that all there is to it?

You must always consider the dream scenario before attempting to interpret the dream. Remembering all the essential details is vital because even the tiniest part can change the meaning of your dream.

This article explains different meanings, interpretations, and scenarios of a dream about your deceased mother.

Spiritual Meanings of Dreaming About Your Deceased Mother


Spiritual Meanings of Dreaming About Your Deceased Mother

There are many ways to interpret any dream where you see your dead mother. Let’s look at some important ones and what they mean for your waking life.

1. You Are Grieving Deeply

Nobody has an easy time getting over any personal loss, but the sorrow is worse when the death is that of your mother. If you dream of your dead mother, it may be because you are still deeply grieving, and your mind is yet to understand the loss.

While this may be a way of processing the loss, the dream may be a warning about its unhealthiness. This is particularly true if you have grieved for too long. It may be a way of teaching you acceptance and helping you to move on for your own good.

The dream may also occur if you recently went through an emotionally difficult period and have no solace. Your mother might have been the only one to understand, but since she is no more in real life, your subconscious is bringing her to your mind as a way of coping.

2. You Miss Her

This interpretation may be the easiest on our list and the usual go-to for most dreams of seeing your deceased mother. And you may be correct to assume you simply miss your mother if you see her in your dream, especially if she recently died.

There is nothing complicated about this interpretation, and missing her in your daily life is normal. If the loss is recent, you may want to give yourself time to grieve and get over it. Grieving may take months, as each of us handles personal loss differently.

The dream may also indicate your desire to see or be with her again. Your mind unconsciously reaches out to her, causing you to see her in your dreams. Over time, the desire may reduce, although this does not always happen.

3. You Seek Guidance

You Seek Guidance


Seeing your dead mother in your dream may indicate that you are in a difficult situation and need guidance. It is common to go to your mother for advice and support when you are between a rock and a hard place. Since mothers usually give practical and helpful advice, you may miss yours in this challenging period.

If you believe that you can communicate with dead people through dreams, it is not strange that you see your dead mother. Your subconscious mind calls her up while you are asleep because you believe she has the necessary answers.

Did you depend on her for advice when things get difficult? Did she always give you dependable advice? Was she your best friend and most trusted ally in that area? Answering these may explain why you see her in your dreams.

Additionally, the dream may start after you make a crucial decision, possibly a life-altering one. If your mother was your support system before her death, the dream might be your way of unconsciously seeking her approval or support to avoid misfortune.

4. You Are Shirking Your Responsibilities

Guilt may be one of the feelings or emotions behind seeing your deceased mother in your dream. If you made promises that you are not keeping or are failing in your duties as a child, your mind might have a way of bringing thoughts of your mother up as a reprimand.

This dream interpretation is not odd, especially if your mother has been your voice of reason, even as an adult. So, find out where you are lacking in your lifestyle and meet your commitments if you have made promises. It must be for positive reasons if you continue seeing your deceased mother in your dreams.

5. You Are Deeply Aware of Her Absence

Death is hard to get over quickly, whether a parent or child. You may find yourself mourning your mother months or years after her death. It may even surprise you to see her in your dreams, although she has been dead for some time, and you have never seen her before.

Something significant may have happened to remind you of her. If that is the case, your subconscious mind might give you something your waking life cannot. The dream may also remind you of her, causing you to miss her more than you can remember.

The truth is that nobody can take your mother’s place in your life. It might explain the dream if you were close to her in your waking life.

6. You Have Some Concerns

You Have Some Concerns


Some aspects of your life may make you miss your mom more than ever. If these issues are serious, such as a health issue or financial crisis, you may need someone you trust in your corner. That might be particularly true if your mother was your biggest support.

Life issues have a way of interfering with your peace of mind. And as you seek peace, your mind should go to the one place it finds help and peace, which may be your mother. Since she is no longer alive, your subconscious calls her to mind.

It may not be such a bad thing seeing her in your dream. Sometimes, you get the clarity, peace, and comfort you need at your most trying times just by having that dream. Therefore, make the most of any advice you get from the dream or seek professional advice.

7. You Lack Contentment

It may surprise you that you may see your deceased mother in your dream if you lack contentment. You might have depended on her for most of your major life decisions, and now that she is no longer alive, frustration sets in because you have no one else to help you make the most critical decisions.

As a result, you lack the contentment your life craves, and your mind calls on the memory of your mother as solace. It is also possible that your mind is not bringing her up, but she is trying to send you an important message, or the universe is helping you along your path.

Consider it a way of telling you that you can handle life’s obstacles. You may not need your mother to help you along the path of life; you may already have everything you need inside you. Seeing your mother may be a way of telling you that she has imparted in you more than you know.

8. You May Have Some Regrets

It is common to show a lack of appreciation for our parents. This behavior is especially true with mothers because they usually show unconditional love, even when we do not reciprocate it. However, we subconsciously know how much they love us and can sacrifice for us.

So, losing them can be truly painful and cause sadness if we never get the chance to give them much attention or love them back. You may regret your broken relationship and look for ways to fix these unresolved feelings. If that is heavy on your mind, seeing your mother may be the universe’s way of telling you everything is well.

9. You Are About to Experience Change

You Are About to Experience Change


Mothers typically represent love, stability, safety, and security. So, seeing your deceased mother in your dream may signify that you are about to experience a transformation or some significant changes. However, it also shows you do not have anything to worry about concerning these changes because of your good luck.

Your dead mother appearing in your dream informs you that the changes are positive and will bring you good fortune. You may have some concerns that changes of any sort may be overwhelming, but the vision of your mother brings stability and satisfaction in uncertain times.

10. You Criticize Yourself

It may not be all sunshine and roses if you dream of your late mother. Seeing her berating or judging you in your dream may reflect your uncertainty about specific decisions and paths in your life.

This feeling may be due to what you perceive would have been your mother’s opinion on those decisions. So, you may hear your mother’s voice in your head criticizing you, and you assume the same criticisms, judging yourself harshly.

The criticisms do not all have to be negative if they are constructive. You can learn some things, but you must also decide whether or not your decisions are right. That may be all the answers you require.


A dream of a deceased mother usually represents something positive because of what mothers stand for, but that is not all. Sometimes, a dream about your dead mother may mean you have regrets or wish for things to be different.

However, remember what your mother represented in your life while she was alive. That may help you to understand why you are having the dream. You must also remember every detail of your dream for the best interpretation.

10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Deceased Mother