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10 Best Spiritual Jewelry Online Stores

10 Best Spiritual Jewelry Online Stores

Spiritual jewelry has become increasingly popular in recent years as more people look for meaningful pieces that reflect their beliefs and values. From crystal pendants to yin yang necklaces, spiritual jewelry comes in many styles and often incorporates sacred symbols, natural gemstones, and other mystical elements. For those looking to add some spiritual bling to their accessory collection, purchasing online can be a convenient way to browse a wide selection of handcrafted, artisanal pieces from all over the world. This guide will explore 10 of the best online stores to find inspired spiritual jewelry.

1. SpiritualMeanings

SpiritualMeanings offers a series of spiritual jewelry, spiritual symbol pendants, and gemstone birthstone pieces. Their pieces incorporate sacred imagery and natural elements to connect with the ancient wisdom of the elements and cosmos.

The jewelry selection includes birth flower pieces, astrological pendants based on your moon sign or rising sign, chakra and energy healing crystals, and symbolic charms like the hamsa hand, tree of life, and Yin Yang.

Many pieces are made with ethical sterling silver, gold vermeil, or brass. SpiritualMeanings provides an affordable option for harnessing the magic of the zodiac and spiritual symbols.

Top Pieces:

  • Crystal Jewelry
  • Lotus Jewelry
  • Yoga Jewelry
  • Evil eye Jewelry
  • Cross Jewelry
  • Angel Jewelry

2. Soul Flower

Soul Flower focuses on boho chic jewelry and accessories with spiritual meaning and healing properties. Their spiritual jewelry selection includes a vast array of gemstone malas, Chakra healing pendants, Talisman amulets, and jewelry featuring spiritual symbols like the Hamsa. Made from natural gemstones, sacred Rudraksha seeds, and sterling silver, Soul Flower’s artisanal jewelry aims to be grounding and protective.

The boho-style designs appeal to hippies, yogis, and spiritual seekers who appreciate the healing vibrations of stones paired with sacred symbols. Soul Flower sources many of their stones and materials directly from minority tribes and women-led co-ops in Asia, paying fair wages. As a spiritual, ethical brand, they donate to nonprofits supporting human rights, safe manufacturing and environmentalism.

Some top pieces from Soul Flower include lotus flower rings with rainbow moonstone, beaded mala bracelets of tiger’s eye or rose quartz, and chakra healing necklaces made with seven coordinating gemstone pendants. Their jewelry often incorporates details like spirals, leaves, feathers and mandalas for a nature-inspired look. With an extensive collection of over 400 spiritual jewelry items, Soul Flower is a trusted source for handcrafted, meaningful adornments.

Top Pieces:

  • Lotus rainbow moonstone ring
  • Gemstone chakra healing necklace
  • Malachite beaded bracelet
  • Mandala Sri Yantra earrings

3. Etsy

Etsy is likely the most well-known online marketplace for unique, handmade spiritual jewelry spanning a range of beliefs and traditions. As a platform for independent artists and small businesses worldwide, Etsy offers an enormous selection of pendants, rings, bracelets and more featuring spiritual symbols like the lotus flower, Tree of Life, chakra stones, Yin Yang and many others.

Sellers on Etsy specialize in artisanal jewelry made from sterling silver, gold, natural gemstones and recycled materials. You can find delicate minimalist designs as well as bold statement pieces incorporating sacred imagery and ornate details. The variety of spiritual pieces is vast, from simplistic Buddha pendants to elaborate Celtic knotwork rings and goddess jewelry adorned with flowers and stones.

With free shipping on many items, excellent customer service, and the ability to customize many listings, Etsy is an excellent place to buy meaningful spiritual jewelry directly from independent artists around the world. You can also take inspiration browsing the thousands of unique spiritual jewelry designs and find sellers who create pieces that align with your specific style or intention.

Top Etsy shops for spiritual jewelry:

  • SacredSymbols (Chakra jewelry, spiritual stone pieces)
  • MindilDesigns (Boho goddess jewelry)
  • AshandWillow (Celtic, Wiccan, sacred geometry jewelry)
  • MoonChildJewelry (Celestial, magical, gothic jewelry)

Top-rated pieces on Etsy:

  • Lotus sterling silver necklace
  • Gemstone chakra healing pendant
  • Evil eye protection bracelet
  • Tree of Life Kabbalah ring
  • Bohemian crystal earrings

4. Spirit Nectar

Spirit Nectar specialized in handmade spiritual jewelry harnessing the healing vibrations of crystals and gemstones. Their selection includes Chakra healings sets, crystal pendants, mala bead bracelets, anklets and more. Each piece aims to balance energies, manifest desires or connect you with divination and angelic realms.

The brand ethically sources healing crystals like quartz, tourmalinated quartz, amethyst, labradorite and carnelian. With an artisanal, boho aesthetic, this is a great place to find one of a kind spiritual jewelry designs handcrafted in the USA. The assortment features a mix of delicate wire-wrapped pendants along with chunky statement pieces with raw, unpolished stones.

Spirit Nectar also offers astrological jewelry aligned with the planets and zodiac signs. This includes birthstone pieces as well lunar jewelry harnessing the mystic power of the moon cycles. For crystal healing lovers, this shop provides a wide range of spiritual jewelry options to choose from.

Top Pieces:

  • Quartz crystal point pendant
  • Gemstone dreamcatcher earrings
  • Moon phase gold necklace
  • Mala bead lapis lazuli anklet
  • Zodiac constellation bracelet

5. Buddhatree

Buddhatree offers eco-friendly, spiritually inspired jewelry, malas, and home decor. Their jewelry selection features mindfully designed pieces with healing gemstones and spiritual symbols like the yoga symbols, lotus flower and om. You can shop by intention, choosing pieces that promote love, luck, protection and more.

They use sustainable materials like bamboo, recycled metals and conflict-free stones. The overall vibe is modern and minimalist, with clean lines and neutral colors. Some top sellers include lotus pendant necklaces, beaded bracelets with Buddha or sanskrit charms, and earrings featuring spiritual symbols like the dreamcatcher or turtle.

A tree is also planted with every order to support reforestation globally. Their jewelry makes a thoughtful gift for yoga lovers, moon children, hippies and spiritual seekers. The simple yet meaningful designs can be dressed up or down.

Top Pieces:

  • Lotus sterling silver stud earrings
  • Sandalwood mala bracelet
  • Evil eye gold vermeil ring
  • Chakra natural stone necklace
  • Namaste yoga pendant necklace

6. Sivana Spirit

Sivana Spirit focuses on sacred jewelry drawing on the mysticism of Hinduism and Buddhism. Their assortment features handmade mala bead necklaces, bracelets and earrings made from healing stones, Rudraksha seeds, Sandalwood and Bodhi seeds. Iconic spiritual symbols like the Om, Lotus, and Navajo are artfully incorporated.

Sivana also carries devotional jewelry like pendants of Hindu deities, Tibetan amulets, and Chakra healing sets. The eco-conscious brand plants trees with purchases to support reforestation globally.

With hand-knotting and intricate details, each piece is carefully crafted for ritual wear. The mala necklaces make wonderful meditation accessories to channel tranquility and mindfulness. Sivana also offers jewelry boxes, singing bowls and spiritual art and clothing.

Top Pieces:

  • Sandalwood Buddha bead bracelet
  • Bodhi seed Om pendant
  • Rudraksha and howlite prayer bead necklace
  • Chakra healing lotus earrings
  • Third eye sterling silver ring

7. Mind Body Soul Gifts

UK-based Mind Body Soul Gifts offers spiritual and mystical jewelry inspired by Celtic tradition, Wicca, and magical practices. Browse pentacle pendants, Goddess jewelry, matching ritual pieces and more. Stones like labradorite and obsidian are featured for their protective qualities. With worldwide shipping, this makes a great place to buy spiritual jewelry steeped in old-world magic and symbology.

The Nature-inspired jewelry incorporates leaves, flowers and feathers with delicate gemstones and metals. Designs draw upon pagan magical practices and worship of female deities. The extensive selection has pieces to appeal to modern witches, wiccans, and anyone who appreciates Celtic-inspired adornments.

They also offer jewelry for men including Viking, biker and gothic styles. Mind Body Soul ships orders quickly from the UK and provides excellent customer service.

Top Pieces:

  • Labradorite pentacle pendant
  • Triple moon goddess ring
  • Green witch hazel wood earrings
  • Rune oracle stone necklace
  • Obsidian arrowhead bracelet

8. Tree of Life Jewelry

California-based Tree of Life Jewelry creates delicate, minimal pieces inspired by sacred geometry, Ayurveda, symbols and affirmations. Their spiritual collection includes chakra jewelry, lotus flower necklaces, ankh pendants, evil eye bracelets and pieces with Sanskrit mantras.

Many designs are adjustable or available in different metals like rose gold, silver and gold vermeil over brass. The simple shapes and neutral tones make these pieces easy to wear daily. Browse their spiritual collection for inspired gift ideas.

With an elegant, everyday wear aesthetic, this shop is great for subtle spiritual jewelry that can be dressed up or worn casually. They also have a beautiful selection of jewelry featuring inspirational words and positive affirmations.

Top Pieces:

  • Seed of Life adjustable necklace
  • Namaste lotus pendant
  • Healing Ankh stud earrings
  • Evil eye bracelet with rainbow beads
  • Infinity love pendant necklace

9. Moon Magic

Moon Magic crafts Gothic and celestial inspired jewelry harnessing mystical symbols and natural elements. Their pieces feature crescent moons, pentacles, ankhs, septagrams, runes and more. Stones like onyx, hematite and rainbow moonstone add spiritual resonance. With an edgy but feminine aesthetic, this is a top shop for darkly spiritual jewelry.

The handcrafted designs draw upon magical practices and mystical themes. Many designs incorporate select stones and metals considered protective or lucky like black agate, bloodstone, silver and copper. In addition to jewelry, Moon Magic offers tarot readings, ritual spell candles, and witchy home decor aligned with moon cycles and witchcraft.

Top pieces:

  • Waning moon necklace
  • Celestial goddess choker
  • Hematite pentacle ring
  • Runes of attraction earrings
  • Crescent moon hair pins

10. Maha Bodhi

Maha Bodhi specializes in Buddhist spiritual jewelry and malas using authentic beads and components crafted by artisans in Asia. Their Tibetan Buddhist collections feature hand-knotted malas made with turquoise, Bodhi seeds, lava stone and Rudraksha beads. Other pieces incorporate the Om mani padme hum mantra, lotus flowers, singing bowls and dharmachakra wheels.

Genuine sandalwood and rosewood malas, prayer boxes and devotional bracelets make ideal gifts. Many designs are one-of-a-kind and produced in limited quantities.

Proceeds from Maha Bodhi fund important social projects in India including an orphanage, medical clinic and programs supporting women in need. They are a certified B-corporation focused on compassionate capitalism.

Top pieces:

  • Sandalwood Buddha bead bracelet
  • Tibetan turquoise statement mala necklace
  • Sterling silver dharma wheel earrings
  • Amber meditation mala
  • Om Mani Padme Hum beaded bracelet


Whether you resonate with Buddhist simplicity, Goddess energy, spiritual stones or magical symbols, these online shops offer spiritual jewelry to match your personal path. With mindful designs, ethical sourcing and artisanal craftsmanship, you can adorn yourself with meaningful talismans to remind you of your spiritual connection throughout the day. Let your jewelry reflect your inner light with these top 10 online spiritual jewelry stores.

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