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19 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Color Blue

19 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Color Blue

Have you had a dream that featured the color blue? It is not that common to have vivid dreams about single colors, so your dream is a message from your subconscious mind that you should not ignore.

But how do you know what your dream about the color blue means? The dream meanings come from the symbolism associated with the color blue and this article will help you interpret your dream.

Eight Key Meanings of the Color Blue in Your Dream


Eight Key Meanings of the Color Blue in Your Dream

Most dreams are metaphorical and can have several layers of meaning. They are also personal to the dreamer and can mean different things to different people depending on what is happening in their waking life.

When you read the dream meanings below, keep this in mind. Trust that your instincts will point you toward the right interpretation for you. Also note, that sometimes several interpretations can apply to your situation.

1. Protection

A dream about the blue color can be a strong sign that you are protected and you should not worry about challenges or obstacles you might encounter. The universe is always looking out for you and you can put your trust in it and look forward to the future with optimism.

Having trust in the universe will help you find tranquility in your life as you stop worrying so much about specific outcomes. Things might not always work out as we envisaged, but often have a way of working out even better.

2. Positive Impact on Others

A dream of blue color can signify your positive impact on others. You can inspire others to live their best lives with your example. This does not mean that you have to be successful in all your endeavors. Instead, it means inspiring others with your positive attitude and willingness to always get up and try again.

3. Release Your Creativity

Blue can represent artistic talents. You might have a dream about blue colors if there is something creative you want to do but haven’t dared to try. This dream is a message from your subconscious to let go of your fears. Yes, it may be a struggle at first, but it will be worth it when you are expressing your creative self.

4. Look After Your Health

While many interpretations of dreams with blue colors are positive, sometimes it can be a warning dream, for example about a sickness. If you have not felt well recently, the dream is a sign to not ignore your health worries. See a doctor to discuss your worries and start looking after your health properly.

For others, it may not be about physical health, but mental health. The color blue in your dream can be a sign of loneliness, anxiety, or even depression. You need to look after your mental well-being as much as your physical well-being.

Attend to Your Needs

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5. Attend to Your Needs

When the color blue is a strong feature in your dream, it is a reminder to look after your own needs first. You may have a habit of looking after others first and neglecting what you need. If you don’t ensure your own needs are met, you risk burning out.

6. You Are Entering a Calm Period

A dream about blue can be a good sign and bring positive changes to your life. It can mean that you are entering a phase of serenity soon. If your life has been very busy lately and you have felt that you are about to run out of steam, then this dream can be very welcome news. When you enter this calm phase, enjoy the well-earned rest.

7. You Are a Problem Solver

Dreams with blue color can signify that you are great at solving problems. You are a proactive person and see solutions rather than problems. This quality makes you ready to seize new beginnings and overcome any challenges.

8. Loyalty And Trust

The blue color in a dream can relate to trusting people in your life. When you trust someone and they know they can trust you, it builds loyalty and devotion. Treating people with honesty and respect will always be rewarded.

Meanings of Specific Blue Objects in a Dream

What the blue object in the dream is can be significant for the interpretation. Below, you will find explanations for common blue objects in a dream.

1. Blue House

Having a dream about a blue house is a good sign as it represents good luck and financial gains. However, when you have success, it can also create envy around you. How others view you when you become successful depends on how you behave.

You should not raise yourself above others. Instead, be grateful for your good luck and share with others.

2. Blue Sky

This is also a positive sign and it can mean future prosperity. Clear blue skies mean that you have been on a spiritual journey and done a lot of healing. You are now ready to move forward and you are open to new opportunities.

If you have been having issues with your health, then this dream can also be a sign of physical healing and good health in the future.

Blue Sea

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3. Blue Sea

When you see crystal-clear blue water in your dream, it is a sign that you need a break. You have been working hard, probably juggling many responsibilities. Your subconscious is sending you a message to slow down.

If you can, take a holiday. If that is not an option for you at the moment, take time out of your day to do activities that calm you and help you switch off.

4. Blue Dress

A dream about a blue dress can mean that you hide your emotions. This is not good as it can affect your mental well-being. It can also end up with things being blown out of proportion with you overreacting to minor issues when you cannot address the bigger issues that cause you sadness or anxiety.

5. Blue Furniture

Dreaming about a house with blue furniture is a sign that you are on the right path. You may have made little progress recently and questioned if you are on the right track. Take this dream as confirmation that you will meet your goals. Just have patience and keep listening to your inner wisdom.

6. Blue Gems

A dream that features blue gems has a negative connotation and warns you about potential financial issues. You should evaluate your spending and make sure you are saving some of your money. You can avoid serious financial issues if you act quickly.

7. Blue Rose

This dream is a message to have boundaries to protect your energy and your time. You probably say yes to people too often when they ask you for a favor or give you a new task at work. You don’t have to help everyone out and take on every project. Learn to prioritize and to say no.

Blue Flowers

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8. Blue Flowers

What this dream means depends on the shade of the flowers. Light blue flowers are symbolic of you feeling very calm and on top of everything in your waking life. Dark blue flowers can represent sadness and you going through a difficult phase in your life.

9. Blue Bird

A dream about a bluebird is symbolic of your spiritual journey. You have focused on your connection with the spiritual realm and opened the channel for continued guidance. You are looking for in-depth answers that will help you understand your soul mission.

10. Blue Room

Unfortunately, a dream where you are in a blue room is an omen of future misfortune. Something you have worked on will not succeed so make sure you have a plan B ready. Remember that failure is not a problem and does not reflect on your overall abilities.

For other dreamers, a blue room can represent unhappiness in their life. It is a sign that you feel trapped and unhappy with your current circumstances. You need to address whatever is making you feel this way as undealt issues can lead to serious mental issues, including depression.

11. Different Shades of Blue

  • Navy Blue: This is a common color in a dream that centers on commitment. It is also associated with solemnity and strength.
  • Royal Blue: This shade of blue is a metaphor for trust, loyalty, and glory. Seeing someone wear navy blue in your dream can be a sign of your trust in them.
  • Baby Blue: Because baby blue is a soothing color, a dream with this shade of blue is a sign of peaceful times ahead of you.
  • Aquamarine: This is the color of relaxation and tranquillity. So dreaming about it can be a symbol of your desire to live a more peaceful and calm life.


When you dream about the color blue, pay close attention to the dream. Work out what message your subconscious is sending you and then take appropriate action. What you do following the dream can have a significant impact on your future and help you achieve your full potential and leave you with nothing to regret.

Hopefully, you now have a clear understanding of your dream about the color blue. If you have any remaining questions about such dreams, you can write them in the comments section.

19 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Color Blue


DAsia Davine Jewel

Monday 27th of March 2023

I dreamt I came home with my kids and a few of my landlord’s handymen were painting my kitchen and living room walls royal, like electric blue, I was like okay, nobody told me about this, then I walked further in to see if bedrooms and all the rooms were made out of glass 🤷🏽‍♀️