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14 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About A Dog Chasing You

14 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About A Dog Chasing You

A dog is man’s best friend. While dogs dream, we don’t know exactly what their dreams are made of. Could our fur babies be dreaming about their humans? But what about if we’re the ones dreaming about our canine buddies? One circumstance is being chased by dogs in dreams.

Being chased in a dream by a dog can be a frightening experience, more so if it’s an angry dog. The chase could represent people, things, or circumstances that are about to rock your world.

Sometimes, it’s the people around you or the events that are happening in your waking life that are posing a threat to you. Or you could be afraid of yourself!

Here are a few interpretations of when you have a dog chasing you in a dream.

14 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Dog Chasing Me


What does it mean when dream about a dog chasing you?

1. Echo feelings about a particular situation

If you dream of a dog chasing you, it may symbolize certain present-day situations in your life in which you feel angry or powerless. It may even be a situation in which you feel victimized and helpless.

Perhaps the dog that’s chasing you in your dream has something important to tell you. It can be good news or a warning for something bad that might happen in the future.

2. A new relationship

If it’s a happy dog running toward you in a non-threatening way, it could mean the start of something wonderful, such as a new relationship, companionship, good fortune, or love life.

Also, if the dog running toward you is friendly, this may be a reflection of your good interpersonal relationships. Getting along well with people around you attracts good vibes which can give your life a positive boost.

3. Offering help

Dogs are loyal and offer only unconditional love, so even if they’re chasing you in your dream, it should not always bring on feelings of fright and fear. Your friendly dog may be chasing you to get your attention. It may be a dog’s way of conveying a message because they want to help you with something you may be experiencing in your waking life.

4. Distrust in yourself and your abilities

If you’re such a trusting person but have been through something that has degraded your trust in people, dreaming of a dog chasing you could symbolize your apprehensions in trusting yourself and your instincts. There could be an opportunity in real life that’s presented to you but you’re afraid of committing yourself. It could be a new idea for a business, a new job, or a new romance. The dream could be prodding you to take a leap of faith.

5. Psychological pressure

Are you going through something in your life that’s putting a lot of psychological pressure on you? An upcoming test, moving to a new home, or a promotion can be mentally draining.

Carrying too many emotional burdens in your life can put too much pressure on your psychological and emotional well-being.

Getting enough rest and focusing on the positive side of your life can help you a lot in overcoming these negative feelings. You might be surprised that sharing your problems and burdens with other people can be freeing. It will give you some slack and you will be able to deal with these issues rationally.

Dogs are easy-go-lucky creatures. Being chased by a dog can be a sign for you to slow down and smell the flowers.

6. Betrayal

Dogs are ultrasensitive to what’s happening around them. They can feel the vibes, negative or positive, from people. Your hound could be your canine version of a friend who may be betraying you or plotting something against you. Or the betrayal may have happened already. Dreaming of a dog chasing you can be a warning to be careful of a trap and to keep your cards close.

7. Guilt



Dogs are such honest creatures and you can completely see through them. Perhaps you’re hiding something and you’re carrying around guilt feelings. The dream may be your subconscious mind asking you to come clean so you would be free.

It could also represent your guilt because you have failed to address your responsibilities. You may have neglected somebody who needs your help or you have chosen not to help. The dog chasing you could symbolize your guilt or the disapproval of the people around you.

8. Neglecting responsibilities

Do you have certain responsibilities in your personal or professional life that you’re neglecting? Sometimes, neglecting some aspects of your life may be triggering the dream about being chased by aggressive dogs. This could be a subconscious way to “jolt” you back into reality so you can attend to your responsibilities in life.

Dreaming about being chased by a dog may symbolize your anxiety about something that you are running away from. There might be something in your life that needs your dire attention but you keep on postponing and setting it aside.  The dream can be an expression of uneasiness and fear. It may reflect trouble and pressure in your heart.

9. Quarrel with somebody

If you dream of a ferocious-looking dog looking at you but did not attack, this could mean that you got into a conflict with somebody–family, relatives, friends, or colleagues. Controlling your emotions and being more accepting of others will enable you to live harmoniously with others and have peace in your life.

10. You have hurt others

Your wayward ways and promiscuity may have hurt people and put a strain on your relationships. The dog chasing you in your dream may symbolize your conscience prodding that you clean up your ways. Or the dog may represent the people that were hurt by your actions.

The chasing dog could also be the truth about the consequences of your bad actions being out in the open. This can be the green light telling you to get rid of your wild ways and walk the high road.

11. Inner conflict

Inner conflict


Dogs are dependent and loyal creatures. Perhaps you have associated yourself closely with the traits of dogs. Unfortunately, these traits may have gotten you into trouble in the past.

It could also be that you are afraid of commitment since you are fully aware of your being too trusting of people to the point that they take advantage of your generosity and eventually betray you.

12. Other people’s burdens are pulling you down

When you are carrying other people’s burdens, it will drain your energy until such time that you would experience burnout. If you don’t talk to people whose burdens you’re carrying and turn over the weight of their burdens to them, you can suffer physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Being free of the burdens of other people can be liberating for you and you can surely sleep soundly through the night without any dog chasing you in your dreams.

13. Overwhelming feelings

If you’re taking care of somebody for a while, you may feel overwhelmed and drained of positive energy. Running away from a dog attacking and chasing you in your dream could represent your shirking away from the responsibility of taking care of those who are dependent on you.

This could also be your hidden desire to put a distance between you and overly dependent friends, family members, business partners, etc. If you’re being chased by a pack of dogs, it may echo the overwhelming feelings that you have because of the burdens of having people depending on your generosity. If it’s a recurring dream, it might actually be your unconscious desire to flee away from responsibility.

14. Differences in opinion

If the dog that’s chasing you appears to be fierce, roaring and pouncing on you, it may symbolize a conflict that you have with your friends because of something that you don’t see eye to eye. These differences of opinion should not be allowed to fester like a wound. Talking to your friend/s and ironing out your differences can do a world of wonder so you can have a good night’s rest.

Take Away

Dogs symbolize loyalty, friendship, and protection. Dogs in dreams may signify lifelong friendships, loyal companions, and guardians. Dogs are non-judgemental creatures and when they’re in your dream, they can symbolize something positive.

Considering that there are several possible meanings when a dog is chasing you in a dream, you should take into consideration what you feel when you had that kind of dream. The events and circumstances in your waking life can also be an important fuel for the dream.

When you have recurring dreams about a dog chasing you in a dream, take time to sit down and write down every detail that you can remember about your dream, including the surroundings and the events that might also be happening in your dream. Since being chased by your pet dog could symbolize you’re attempting to run away from yourself, face your fears, guilt, and anxiety so you will be free and happy.

Take Away



Friday 30th of June 2023

I was walking when I saw two big dogs fighting. One was brown the other was black. The brown one angrily left the fight. When it saw me, it's eyes softened and it became happy. I had to walk towards the black dog but I didn't because it was wild. I ran the other way. Then I remembered dogs run after you when you run. I turned around and saw the brown dog running after me but it changed into a white husky. When I stopped It stopped too. I made funny faces just to make it go away but it didn't so I just laughed. I didn't have feelings of anxiety or fear in my dream.