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10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Someone You Love

10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Someone You Love

Dreams of people we have strong feelings for are some of the most common dreams out there. And it’s not really a difficult dream interpretation that if you often dream of someone in romantic circumstances often enough, then you might be feeling love or intense passion for them in your real life.

But what exactly do these love dreams mean? Love can take many forms and dreams of it can mean many different things, not all of which are pleasant or good. As usual, the clues are in the details, and it helps if you remember and write down as much of the dream as you can after you wake up.

So, while we can’t go over all the countless possible interpretations, let’s look at the 10 most likely interpretations of what does it mean when you dream about someone you love.

10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Someone You Love


What does it mean when you dream about someone you love?

First things first, here we’ll be talking about romantic love exclusively. Feeling platonic love for a family member is great, as is dreaming about them lovingly, but here we’ll explore what exactly is our subconscious mind telling us when we have dreams about people we’re romantically interested in.

1. You are excited about your feelings for the person you dream about

The most simple and clear-cut explanations for why you dream about someone you have strong emotions for is that you are excited about them, to be with them, and even just to think about them. For a lot of people, this type of dream is what makes them realize that they are, in fact, in love with the person in question.

So, if you ever dream about hugging, kissing, or going further with a particular person, that’d indicate that you feel strongly enough about them for them to make it into your dreams. Of course, that doesn’t always indicate “love” – it could just be passion. Still, that’s pretty note-worthy too, as long as you can differentiate between love and passion once you wake up.

2. You may be a little obsessed with them too

This type of dream can feel and seem very much like the one above. However, there is a difference between a celebration of love and a full-blown obsession, and it’s important to realize that difference during your waking hours so that you don’t do something stupid “out of love”.

The one big way to differentiate between a love dream and an obsession-based dream is the frequency with which you have it. It’s normal to dream about someone you love from time to time, especially in the early stages of a relationship or while you’re away.

But dreaming over and over again about someone you’re not even dating yet, such as co-workers or acquaintances can indicate that you have some type of unhealthy obsession.

The context of the dream can also contain hints toward that but those can be way too varied and dependent on your personal life to list in a quick and simple article. In essence – if you have frequent and repeated dreams about someone you have feelings for, it’s important to try and examine those feelings to make sure that they are healthy and appropriate before you act on them.

3. You’ve been contemplating your feelings and relationship with the person you love

Dreaming of someone you love or you’re in a relationship with doesn’t always have a positive connotation, unfortunately. Sometimes, such dreams can have a more somber tone because we’re not quite as happy with that person at the moment.

That could be because the relationship isn’t going well or it could be because something else in your life isn’t as it should be and is casting its shadow over you. Either way, such contemplative dreams are common, especially in long-term relationships as every couple has its rocky period.

Thinking of such dreams doesn’t have to make you sad, however, nor does it mean that you need to break up with your partner. It takes a lot of courage to take a deeper look into such contemplative dreams but it’s important as it can give you a lot of insight into what’s wrong or just not quite right, and how to make it work better.

4. You’re dreaming of a new love

You’re dreaming of a new love


Other times, when we talk about dreaming of someone you love, we mean new love or passion for something you’re not in a relationship with yet. Assuming that such dreams aren’t unhealthily obsessive, it’s perfectly normal for us to have a romantic dream about our crush.

Now, should you go ahead and ask them out the very next day after having the dream? Maybe, maybe not, we don’t know your circumstances. It’s probably best to first figure out if it’s indeed new love or whether it’s just a momentary crush that will quickly pass.

5. You are yearning for closure

A very different type of dream of a loved one is the dream of someone you’ve already broken up with but that you still have feelings for. The bond with an ex-lover can be incredibly stubborn, regardless of who broke up with who, especially if you’d been together for a while.

Dreaming about them doesn’t mean that you secretly want to get back together, though – it usually just means that you still have unresolved issues about the time you’d spent with that person and you need closure. The way you should go ahead and get it is entirely up to you, of course.

6. You worry about people’s perception of you and your lover

Often, when you’re in a new relationship or when you’ve taken new steps into it with your romantic partner, you can start to worry about the reflections the two of you are casting around you.

Such insecurities about how others perceive your relationship can weigh heavily upon new couples, especially if you live in a tad more conservative environment where the two of you don’t fit perfectly in. Dreams caused by this can be uneasy and hard to deal with, as well as highly specific to every particular situation.

7. You dream about the impressions a past love has left on you

Dreaming of someone you’d been with a long time ago is quite common. A lot of people tend to think that this indicates some residual feelings for the person or even regret that you didn’t stay with them.

While this is technically possible, more often than not, a dream about a past flame simply indicates that the subconscious mind remembers and notes the effects this past love has had on the dreamer.

Maybe it was your first, maybe it was your longest relationship, or maybe it was the most disastrous one. In any case, merely dreaming about them is usually just the subconscious bringing up an old memory because something minor has reminded you about them in your waking life.

You dream about the impressions a past love has left on you


8. You feel torn between two or more lovers

If you find yourself in that very tricky situation of juggling between multiple partners, you can expect to be visited by plenty of dreams about all of them. The exact connotation of those dreams can differ – maybe you’re happy with the situation, maybe you’re frustrated about it – but the impression most people get with such dreams is that of a feeling that your life is a bit too chaotic at the moment.

Does this mean that you should just pick one girlfriend or boyfriend to settle down with? Maybe. Or maybe you’d rather stew in the chaos for a little bit longer.

9. You need stability and consistency in your relationship and in your life

You don’t need a degree in psychology to figure out that the deeper meaning of dreams about someone you live with is often about more than just passion and love. Sometimes, they are about your need for a more stable and secure companionship, and your desire to settle down and start a family.

10. You mistrust your loved one

And then there are the unfortunate cases where we dream of a loved one being unfaithful. A lot of people take those nightmares from the dream world as prophecies that your partner is indeed cheating on you or keeping secrets.

While it is, indeed, possible that you’re being cheated on, it’s good to remember that your dreams reflect your emotions and fears, rather than objective reality itself. So, you may want to take a closer look at what your partner has been up to but try not to overdo it either – lots of relationships have been ruined out of unjustified jealousy rather than an actual affair.

In conclusion – what does it mean when you dream about someone you love?

Dreams have lots to say about our experiences during our waking life and they hold a lot of insight. Deciphering it all can be tricky at times, however, and requires quite a bit of context and contemplation.

So, while all of the 10 interpretations above are pretty common and likely, it’s important not to jump to conclusions too quickly – the last thing we want to do is accidentally get you to ruin a perfectly fine relationship because we “told you” that’s what you dream meant.

Instead, the proper thing to do when trying to interpret a dream is to write down all the details you can remember, and try to spend as much time as you can looking at them from every possible angle. Ideally, if you have more dreams about that person in the near future, you’ll be able to examine them with even more context and eventually arrive at the most accurate interpretation.

What does it mean when you dream about someone you love?