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18 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Your Ex-Boyfriend

18 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Your Ex-Boyfriend

Seeing your ex-boyfriend is a common dream and is mainly associated with the emotional burden you carry in real life. During the dream, you might experience sadness and bittersweet happiness.

However, these feelings change depending on your life dynamics and past relationships. Scroll down to get familiar with the symbolism, reasons, and meaning behind seeing your boyfriend in a dream.

The Symbolic Meaning Behind Dreams about Your Ex-Boyfriend


The Symbolic Meaning Behind Dreams about Your Ex-Boyfriend

These dreams symbolize a lot, ranging from your insecurities in your waking life to your subconscious trying to compare your current relationship with a past one. Dreaming of a breakup with your ex-partner roots in your fear of rejection in your current relationship. Having a distant relationship, lack of intimacy, and jealousy are sometimes the culprit of different dream scenarios.

In a nutshell, the context of the dream and the emotions you feel determine the dream interpretation. Knowing the reasons behind your dream and analyzing different dream scenarios will let you understand your dream’s meaning in a better way.

Reasons You Keep Dreaming About Your Ex-Boyfriend

While these dreams rarely mean you want them back in your life, they are linked to your relationship issues. Here are some reasons you persistently see these dreams.

1. Fighting Between Partners

Arguments between partners are common things. However, if the disagreements are increasing by the day, followed by abusive and ill-tempered behavior, you are struggling with your current relationship. If you often get involved in verbal fights in your new relationship, it might remind you of the care and love of your previous boyfriend.

Your subconscious might even start comparing your past and present, reminding you of the care and affection your ex provided.

2. Being Sad and Heartbroken

Unless you were in an abusive relationship, it’s natural to experience sadness and heartbreak at a certain level. While most females can cope with these emotions, some might have difficulty tackling these negative feelings.

Breaking up unexpectedly can sometimes leave you in mourning. However, if these feelings persist, it becomes the reason behind your dreams related to your Ex-boyfriend.

3. Longing for a Deep Connection

Longing for a Deep Connection


The desire to be close and connect on the same physical and mental level can sometimes trigger these dreams. You desire intimacy, true love, and a shared passion in your relationship but have failed miserably. Furthermore, these unmet needs and the lack of emotional closure keep you in the balance, stuck with dreams of your ex.

4. Unresolved Issues

Challenging and unsettled life issues from the past can trigger stress, anxiety, and trauma in your current life. For example, if you were dealing with a cheating boyfriend in the past, the feelings of distrust can cling to your subconscious and affect your present relationship.

This fear of being cheated once again and past trauma can manifest into these dreams about your ex-partner.

5. Being In Contact

Getting contacted by your past boyfriend out of the blue, thoughts related to old love can surface from your unconscious mind. Without you being in control, these thoughts running in your mind can trigger ex-boyfriend dreams.

6. Fear of Breakup

Getting over a breakup and moving forward might be easy for some, but others struggle, developing a fear that they might have to go through a similar situation again. If you had an abusive ex, seeing them in your dream indicates that your current relationship is missing the spark and is somewhat going on a similar path. In situations like these, being cautious and facing these emotional challenges is the way to avoid agony.

Now that we’ve covered the reasons let’s analyze common dream interpretations and various dream scenarios for a broader understanding.

7. Stalking Your Ex-Boyfriend

Whether it’s real-life events or social media, if you are always curious and genuinely interested in discovering more about your boyfriend’s current life after a breakup, you will think more about them consciously. These deep-rooted interests and curiousness can make their way to your dreams.

Common Dream Scenarios and Their Meaning

1. Having Repeated Dreams About Your Ex-Partner

These recurrent dreams represent your genuine emotions for your previous partner. They indicate your hidden desire to meet them and relive old memories together. Your recent ex might be your first love, and you are missing the intimate connections you shared with them.

Your subconscious mind here indicates your present partner cannot create a similar connection, making you long for the missing charm, happiness, and fulfillment.

2. Dream About Cheating With Your Ex-Partner

Dream About Cheating With Your Ex-Partner


This dream plot indicates you are carrying feelings of resentment and jealousy. You are unhappy in your current life circumstances, and the relationship is not going smoothly with your new partner.

Cheating on your current partner with your ex also signifies your lack of love. Your ex in the dream indicates the repressed feelings you fear bringing out in your waking life.

3. Having a Dream About Your Ex-Boyfriend After Years

The subconscious mind has weird ways of dealing with repressed thoughts, hidden fears, and hurtful feelings. Dreaming about your ex years later means you have moved forward and have no emotional connection to your past.

Renowned dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg and others see this dream as an indication of your doubts about your current love and have developed a fear that you might get hurt again.

4. Dream About Your Ex Marrying Someone

Seeing your ex marry someone in the dream world is linked to the emotional pain you are going through in your current relationship. The dream meaning can change here, depending on the type of relationship you had in the past.

If you had good times with your ex, it suggests you are holding on to the past and are carrying the burden in your subconsciousness. However, if you had a toxic relationship, it tells you you have outgrown your emotional self and past issues and wish to let go.

5. Seeing Your Ex-Boyfriend Dead in a Dream

This dream scenario is a warning about an incoming danger. It can be a difficult situation to handle and might need emotional courage. Another context of the dream refers to the ending of a relationship.

It means your previous relationship is over, and you have forgiven your ex-lover for the mistreatments. Lastly, the dream can also be interpreted as you being on the right path and having begun a journey of inner healing.

6. Having Sex With Your Ex in a Dream

The dream indicates you are missing your ex-lover and secretly wish for them to be back in your life. However, dream analysts and psychologists unanimously agree that following your dream desire might not be wise as these broken bonds are irreparable once broken.

Maintaining a positive attitude towards your current situation and reconciling with the past is the way forward. While the dream symbolizes your desire to regain lost love, being at peace with your past and cutting all ties is the right decision.

7. Seeing your Ex-Boyfriend in Danger

Saving your ex-boyfriend from a dangerous situation in the dream world suggests that you have learned much from your past relationship and become confident in life. On the contrary, if you fail to save them from danger, the dream suggests you still have life lessons to learn and are holding onto the abusive relationship. Not protecting them intentionally highlights your desire to let them feel remorse and guilt for the misdeeds.

8. Dreaming About Your Ex and Their Family

Dreaming About Your Ex and Their Family


Seeing yourself spending time with your previous boyfriend’s family hints you are missing old times spent together and were used to the routine. You have developed a comfort level with everyone and are missing that connection in the present life. The dream also highlights your emotions of grief for your ex-partner.

9. Kissing Your Ex-Boyfriend in a Dream

In this dream plot where you are kissing your ex, you might be inviting new issues in life with your actions. You might face problems when adjusting to your new partner and can experience ongoing issues.

10. Dreaming of Ex-Boyfriend After Marriage

The dream indicates your married life is not going well, and you are unhappy. Your inner desire to be uncomfortable in the current relationship and longing for a patch-up is reflected in the dream. This mostly happens when you have a long-lasting relationship in the past and want to patch it up again.

11. Having a Fight With Your Ex in a Dream

Fighting your ex-partner means you are on the path to personal growth. The dream is a sign of good luck and hints several life-changing events are coming your way that will make you stronger. The scenario also highlights your inner satisfaction, confidence, and joy because you have mastered tackling obstacles and have moved on.

On the other hand, the dream could also signify you are powerless in your current relationship and are unhappy. Your new partner might be too obsessive or wants to stay dominant in life matters and relationship decisions.

12. Dream of Your Ex-Boyfriend’s New Partner

It’s a sign from your subconscious mind to accept reality and t start dealing with the previous breakup. Your subconscious tells you to stop pondering over your past and start a new life. This dream also shows your current insecurities and worries about starting a new relationship as you fear similar issues might arise in this relationship.

Final Thoughts

Seeing your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend can mean plenty of different things. The dreams may indicate an existing relationship issue or have negative emotions entrapping you. Deep inside, you want to break free, but this negative energy is holding you back.

No matter what type of dream you see, dreaming of your past relationships calls for a positive change in life. Try making your past and present relationships strong, avoid making the same mistakes, and apply the lessons learned for a better future.

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