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9 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream Of Driving Off A Bridge

9 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream Of Driving Off A Bridge

The conscious mind holds many secrets but not nearly as many as those held in our subconscious. One of the many good cases in point is the very common dream of driving off a bridge – why would your brain make you dream such a thing, what could its meaning possibly be?

As you’d imagine, such a dream really signifies good things or a happy emotional state. However, that in and of itself can be a good thing as the dream of driving off a bridge can serve as a good wake-up call for you to make some changes in your waking life. So, here are the 9 most common interpretations of this dream.

9 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream Of Driving Off A Bridge


What does it mean if you dream of driving off a bridge?

To get a precise interpretation of this dream’s meaning you’ll need to look at the specifics of the scenario you dreamed about. This means looking at questions such as “Did you drive off the bridge intentionally or accidentally?”, “Were you the one driving or were you just a passenger?”, “What kind of bridge was it and where did you fall?”, “Did the dream feel like a nightmare or as a relief?”, and so on.

Answering these questions is important because the answers are the key to what the dream’s true meaning and symbolism were. So, we can’t really give you a singular answer for what a dream of driving off a bridge means but we can give you quite a few possible interpretations. From there, it’s up to you to figure out which applies best to your dream and situation.

1. You may have depression

By far the most common interpretation of a dream of driving off a bridge is, sadly, that it’s a sign of depression – likely a severe one at that. Dreams of car accidents, in general, mean that things aren’t going too well in your real life but if the car accident includes driving off a cliff, it should serve as a major warning that the “negative thoughts” you’ve been having lately are more than just that.

Of all 9 dream interpretations we’ll be listing here, driving off a bridge dream is especially urgent if was accompanied by a rather calm and relieved emotion instead of a terrified and nightmarish one. If you wake up after such a dream and you don’t feel like you’ve just had a nightmare – but, for example, you’re sad to have woken up – we’d urge you to contact a good psychologist as soon as possible.

2. You’re thinking about cutting someone or something of your life

You’re thinking about cutting someone or something of your life


A less worrying but still important interpretation of driving or falling off a bridge dream is that of a disappointment with someone or something in your life. In such a case, the dream can indicate your subconscious desire to remove someone or something from your life – to end a friendship or a business venture for a while.

In such dreams, falling off the bridge can even be seen as a good sign toward a positive change, a transition of sorts. This type of dream can be recognized if it felt positive in an uplifting sense (not just relieving as in the above interpretation). The major change implied by this dream can be anything but you may need to do some soul-searching to pinpoint exactly what your subconscious is trying to tell you.

3. You’re severely burnt out

Probably the second most common symbol of this dream after depression is that of severe burnout. This case can be easily recognized if the dream included speeding on a highway before flying off the bridge and possibly a car chase. Such scenarios indicate that you feel pressured to rush through some aspects of your life and you don’t have the freedom to slow down and live your life at your own pace.

While not as major of a problem as depression, severe burnout is still a pretty unfortunate mental issue that also needs to be taken seriously. In fact, it itself is often a prerequisite to depression as well as to other mental crises or even addiction problems. So, the wise thing to do after such a dream is to take measures to fix the issues in your life that is driving you off a metaphorical bridge.

4. You’re afraid something might derail your plans

You’re afraid something might derail your plans


A dream of driving off a bridge can also indicate a fear of something getting in your way and ruining your plans. Such a dream will usually have you fall off the side of the bridge and may include problems on the road such as a barricade or another obstruction, including cars driving in the opposite direction in your lane.

A fear of someone getting in the way of your plans may or may not be justified – that’s up to you to figure out in your waking life. However, if you’re having dreams of someone driving you off a bridge, the fear itself is apparently quite significant so you might want to take the appropriate actions to deal with it.

5. You may have self-esteem issues

Another possible reason for having a dream of driving off a bridge is a fear of failure or an inability to deal with your self-esteem issues. While not as bad as a mental illness such as chronic depression, low self-esteem can still be a pretty significant issue to have, especially if it’s bad enough to lead to dreams of falling off a bridge.

The way to recognize such a dream would be If the driving off the bridge seemed like it was your fault, as the driver, as well as if there were other people (and other cars) falling with you and because of you. Such a dream should lead to the realization that your self-esteem needs some care and is likely way lower than it should be.

6. You don’t trust someone close to you

The exact opposite of the above interpretation would be a dream in which you’re the passenger during a car accident. In that case, the likely correct interpretation would be that you don’t trust someone in your life and you’re not comfortable taking the back seat while they are “driving you” somewhere.

Such a dream is common if you’ve recently been made a promise you distrust or if your personal success and prosperity are in someone else’s hands at the moment. Again, such distrust may or may not be justified – we can’t know that for you – but if you’re having dreams about it, it’s obviously quite significant.

7. You’re yearning for freedom

You’re yearning for freedom


A somewhat “positive” interpretation – or at least not as disastrously negative as some of the above – would be that you feel constrained in your life and you yearn for freedom. As with symbolism #2 above, this dream indicates that you’re not happy with your current situation but you have a strong desire to change course and get to a better place.

In this type of dream, the driving off a bridge isn’t – or doesn’t seem – fatal, and instead feels freeing and positive. The drop off the bridge can be in clear water or a bright ocean and it represents you escaping from your constraints.

8. You’re afraid something in your real-life environment isn’t as it should be

Back to the unfortunate interpretations, a dream of falling off a bridge can also mean you don’t feel your current environment is safe for you – often in a literal and physical sense. A dream like that can include a bridge collapse or a shaking and half-broken type of bridge be it a wooden bridge, rope bridge, suspension bridge, or a really old stone bridge.

Roads on dams can also indicate such fears as the dam itself symbolizes the building pressure and risk of disaster on the road ahead. So, a bridge collapse or a falling car can indicate that you feel the need to make some major changes in your life and environment.

9. Maybe you’re just afraid of driving

Maybe you’re just afraid of driving


Last but not least, a nightmare about driving off a bridge can simply mean that you’re afraid of driving in your real life but you have to do it against your will.

This type of nightmare is very common for young drivers who’ve been peer pressured by their parents or friends to get a driver’s license even though they didn’t want one. Another common cause for such dreams is people who’ve been asked to drive as part of their job and they don’t feel comfortable with It.

In conclusion

Our subconscious mind is always speaking to us but the language it uses is often difficult to decipher. Most dreams can have multiple different interpretations and the dreamers need to be very careful when remembering the dream’s many details if they want to get its meaning and symbolism right.

That’s especially the case with a dream of driving off a bridge as it can signify anything from the yearning for freedom to a deep and severe depression. In either of those or the rest of the 9 interpretations above, swift action is usually required too as such dreams serve as key warnings about our life and emotional state.

9 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream Of Driving Off A Bridge