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15 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Pool

15 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Pool

Dreams about a pool are very common and are hardly ever a cause for concern.

Water is often a symbol of cleansing and renewal, as well as peace and tranquility. So dreaming about a pool is often our subconscious, signaling us to our inner emotions and emotional states that we may be hiding.

So what does a dream about a pool mean for you? Keep reading to find out.

What Does It Mean To Dream About A Pool


What Does It Mean To Dream About A Pool?

There are many interpretations of a dream about a pool. Sometimes it can be a sign that you need to gain emotional clarity, while other times, it could mean someone important will come into your life.

Make sure you pay attention to the scenarios surrounding your dream and other details that may be important to decode what this dream means for you. Here are 15 common meanings of dreams about a pool.

1. You Are Growing Up

To dream of an empty pool can be a sign of maturity. You are beginning to put your childish behavior and habits behind you and begin the process of growing up.

While this may be a scary time, remember growing up is necessary to tap into your true potential and be the person you were meant to become.

2. You Are Gaining Wisdom

If you dream about clear water in the pool, this means that you are starting to grow wise. You have recently changed your mindset and have been enlightened about things you were previously in the dark about.

This enlightenment is allowing you to grow and gain infinite wisdom so you may help others do the same.

Alternatively, if you dream about a boy in a swimming pool, this means someone will seek your counsel on an important issue. This could either be a stranger or someone close to you. Be sure to give this person nonbias advice and use your wisdom to help them the best you can.

3. You Need To Prepare For Bad Luck

If you dream about the bottom of the pool, this may indicate that you need to prepare yourself for bad luck. This bad luck will likely be in the form of emotional distress. You may be the center of a scandal or vicious rumors in the near future so keep your eyes and ears open.

Alternatively, this type of dream could signify bad luck in your endeavors. You may be about to embark on a business journey that will end up being unsuccessful.

4. You Need To See Things More Clearly

You Need To See Things More Clearly

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If you dream of a swimming pool with crystal clear waters, this means you need to see things more clearly. You may be looking at a situation from the wrong perspective, and you need to self-reflect to discover new insights and find a good perspective that will help you gain clarity.

Alternatively, this dream could mean your judgment is cloudy and will result in bad decisions if you do not regain clarity.

5. You Are Suppressing Your Inner Feelings

Dreaming about a swimming pool in your backyard if you do not have a pool means you could be suppressing your inner feelings.

Maybe you have feelings for someone, and you are afraid to admit it, or you are afraid to let someone know how you really feel about a situation.

It is important to let these feelings come to light before they start to interfere with your daily life.

6. You Need To Clean Up Emotionally

If you dream about a dirty swimming pool, this means you need to clean up emotionally. You are carrying baggage that is weighing you down, and you are emotionally filthy. You are letting bitterness consume you, and you have hardened your heart.

This dream is a sign you need to go through an emotional cleansing in order to move on. Remember, dirty pools are not only an eye-sore, but they are also unhealthy,

7. You Need To Relax

If You have a dream about a swimming pool party, this means you need some relaxation in your life. You have been wound up tight as of late, and you will not allow yourself to cut loose and have some fun.

Even though you may have some big projects you need to finish, this dream is a reminder that you need to relax. Taking the time to let your hair down may even help you see your projects from a different point of view and help you accomplish them more quickly.

8. You Need To Go With The Flow

You Need To Go With The Flow

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Swimming pool dreams can also mean we need to learn to go with the flow with a situation we have been uptight about. You have been stubborn and unwilling to accept any way other than your way.

This may be while planning a vacation or a project with your business partners. It could also be a disagreement with your partner about what color to paint the living room.

You need to learn to let go and compromise and not be so consumed with how you had things planned in your head.

9. You Are Nervous

A swimming pool dream in which you are swimming with naked people could mean you are nervous about something.

It is likely you are nervous about a big test, a speech, or a job interview that will make or break your future.

It is important to calm your nerves and prepare accordingly. Being nervous will only make things worse.

10. You Are About To See A Change

If you dream that you are at a public outdoor swimming pool, this is directly correlated with change. A big change could be coming your way very soon.

Either a job opportunity that will land you in a different state or even country or a new family member will require you to turn your life upside down to accommodate.

Whatever the case, you must remember to embrace the change. This change will change your path, but it is a positive change for certain.

11. You Are About To Meet Your Soul Mate

If you dream of swimming in a pool with warm water, this could mean you are about to meet your soul mate in the near future, and likely unexpectedly.

This romance will likely come out of nowhere and develop quickly and intensely. Remember not to get scared or run away from your feelings because this will probably be the person you will spend the rest of your life with.

12. You Will Make A Friend

You Will Make A Friend

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If you dream of swimming in a swimming pool with new people, this means you may make a new friend soon that will be an important part of your life.

This person will help you overcome obstacles and will be a rock for you to lean on in times of your deepest sorrow. If you treat them well and don’t take advantage of their extreme kindness, this person will be your best friend forever.

13. You Will Experience Renewal

A dream of a swimming pool under construction is a sign of renewal in your life. You are tired of the way you have been living, and you do not like the person you are becoming.

Just like the swimming pool is under construction, so are you! You are ready to change for the better, and it’s time to undergo renewal so you can have a fresh start and a new beginning.

14. You Are Afraid To Face Your Fears

If you dream about an indoor pool, this could mean you are afraid to face your fears. You want to accomplish big things in life, but you are being held back by your fear of something.

Maybe you want to move across the country but are afraid to fly. Or, you want to be a public speaker, but you are terrified of big crowds.

Whatever your fear may be, this dream is a sign that it is time to overcome it before you miss your big chance at success.

15. You Are Overwhelmed

If you dream that you are drowning in a pool, this signifies that you feel like you are drowning in waking life. It is likely you have too much piled up on your task list, and you are feeling overwhelmed.

Take some time to delegate some of these tasks or find another way to no longer be responsible. If they are your own tasks you have set for yourself, try putting a few things off until you have accomplished the most important things.


When decoding your dream about a pool, it is wise to take plenty of time to self-reflect and practice total self-awareness to make sure you are being completely transparent with yourself.

Have you recently had a dream about a pool? What meaning did it hold for you? We would love to hear about your experience! If you have any questions, let us know in the comments! We love to hear from our readers.

15 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Pool


Judith Friend

Tuesday 6th of June 2023

I had a dream about an above ground pool. I pushed against the side and the water started rushing out and up the side of a house. It looked like a tsunami


Thursday 6th of July 2023

@Judith Friend, friend what are you struggling with emotionally? This is a Huge indicator that you have to make some emotional decisions. Would it be ok if I pray for clarity for you? This dream is saying that if you don't face this with resolve, it could spill over and begin to affect others in your life if it hasn't already.