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8 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Butterflies

8 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Butterflies

Butterflies are beautiful and mystical creatures that we often associate with beauty and grace. Seeing them in real life is often thought of as a good sign and this also goes the same way for dreams. However, seeing them in our nocturnal visions can be more than just a good sign for us.

Butterflies often signify a significant transformation in your life. It notes your internal transformations, such as your emotional, mental, and spiritual changes. You’ll often have a dream about butterflies when you’re undergoing a major shift in your waking life.

Of course, to fully understand these kinds of dreams, we need more than just the butterflies. More often than not, these butterflies are accompanied by some other details that might completely change the context of the dream. Make sure to note these details once you wake so we can have an accurate dream interpretation.

What Does It Mean To Dream About Butterflies


What Does It Mean To Dream About Butterflies?

1. You Are Undergoing a Transformation

As mentioned before, butterflies in dreams often indicate a major transformation in your life. Spiritually, butterflies have always stood for internal changes and shifts that greatly affect your entire life. Similar to how butterflies in real life start out as caterpillars and enter metamorphosis to become entirely new beings, you might also be undergoing the same process.

When you see butterflies landing on you in your dream, your subconscious mind is telling you that you are well on your way to emotional and mental growth. Embrace this change, and see how this will make you into a better person with a better life ahead of you.

It can also mean that you need to undergo a transformation for you to overcome certain challenges in life. Your current self may not be able to solve the issues you have right now, so listen to the wisdom of your inner self and internalize this wisdom so that you can finally end this challenge.

Part of the symbolism of butterflies around transformation is the phases that they undergo in this transformation. Perhaps seeing a butterfly in your dreams means that you are also going through a phase in your life cycle. It may not be as major a change as indicated above, but a new beginning that will change you nevertheless.

2. You Need to Stay Calm and Take a Break

Butterflies also represent peace and enjoyment, so seeing one in your dreams might mean that you need to take a break and enjoy a bit of peace in your life.

Butterflies only stay in peaceful environments and play around these calm places. Perhaps you also need to be in such an environment. Take a break from all the negativities, and take in the views that you are afforded right now. If they don’t offer spiritual enlightenment, they might offer an opportunity for you to play and enjoy for a while.

3. You Might Be a Bit Too Materialistic

You Might Be a Bit Too Materialistic

Image Credit: hakanigelstrom

However, butterflies don’t always mean that good things are coming your way. When butterflies find themselves perching onto your face, it can be a warning sign from your subconscious mind that you have been way too materialistic in your waking life. You have been ignoring your emotional and spiritual needs and instead have been focusing on material needs.

Although satisfying your materialistic needs is not bad, doing so at the expense of your other internal needs might make your inner self terribly imbalanced. Things like inner peace and spirituality are arguably better things to pursue, and should never be sacrificed in place for material possessions that provide fleeting happiness at best.

4. You Can Rise Above All Adversities

Butterflies fly free with their wings in real life, and if you see them doing the same in your dreams, that means that you are also capable of doing the same. Not quite literally as flying in midway, but in the figurative sense that no matter if you are shackled right now by problems, you can still break free out of these situations.

Your subconscious mind is telling you that you are definitely capable of solving your problems in life. Similar to the meaning above, your dream is telling you to be confident: you have everything you need to break out of this situation. Work your own magic, and see how you can rise above all adversities.

5. You Need to Work to Reach Your Goals

When these beautiful creatures land on your hands, your dream is encouraging you to work hard for your goals. Hands symbolize action and perseverance, while the butterfly signifies your goals in life. Put them together, and you’ll see that your subconscious mind is conveying the message that you are capable of manifesting even your highest aspirations, but only if you work hard for it.

Be confident, since this butterfly dream serves as a reminder to you that everything you want in life is at your fingertips. However, to catch them in your palms, you will have to put in the effort. Persevere even more, and you will definitely have the life you’ve been wanting all this time.

6. You Are Afraid of Change

Butterflies signify transformation and change, but if you are being attacked by butterflies in your dreams, then that might mean that you are unwilling to change. This is an especially distinct event, as butterflies are not naturally hostile. You might have certain fears that make you second-guess major changes in life.

Sure, the thought of change is scary, and it is natural for you to be afraid of change. However, you have to overcome this fear. Transformation is inevitable, and many times necessary for you to improve your life. Do not fear change; things will change, but this time, it will be for the better.

7. You Are Actively Stifling Yourself

Beauty is often accompanied by fragility, so it can be very easy to kill butterflies. If you are doing so in your dreams, then that means that you are severely limiting yourself from opportunities that can transform your life. Fear is one thing, but actively shunning away doors of prosperity that are opening up for you is definitely not good.

Your subconscious mind is telling you that you need to stop sabotaging yourself by looking away from amazing opportunities to better yourself. These opportunities are fragile and short-lived, but they offer you the beauty of a better life, even if it might not be the one that you have envisioned for yourself.

8. You’re in the Process of Healing

We often get happy when we see butterflies come into our house. However, it doesn’t quite carry the same delightful emotion when we see the same scenario in our dreams. Seeing a butterfly flying inside your home in your dream means that you are in the process of healing.

You might have been through some rough times in life, whether it be in your career or your relationships. Some stuff in life will get you down, but the important part is that we move on and grow from those mistakes. The scars and pain will eventually heal, and it will take time. So let it take time.

Dreaming About Specific Colors in Butterflies

Dreaming About Specific Colors in Butterflies

Image Credit: ciel.outside

The colors of the butterflies that you see in your dreams can also mean something. Here are some possible meanings of these colors:

  • Blue butterfly – You are taking a road less taken and traveled by others. Your journey is unique, but don’t fret. You are designing your life as you see fit, and you should aim for your happiness instead of following the crowd.
  • Red butterfly – Your life is pretty much secure right now. You’re happy with your family, you have great friends, and you’re in good health. Take some time to reflect on these things and be thankful for them.
  • Yellow butterfly – Your spirit guides and guardians are sending you good luck and good fortune. Embrace them and utilize them to the fullest with your own effort.
  • White butterfly – You are being beckoned to pursue the great things you’ve always wanted for your life. Set a higher standard for yourself, and strive to attain it.
  • Black butterfly – You should take note of your inner self and the struggles or changes you’re going through internally. Whatever you might find, make sure to embrace them: they are still a part of you, even if they might be ugly.
  • Rainbow butterfly – You might have gone through tough times, but you have gained insights and wisdom from that experience that will surely change your life. Acknowledge and accept this wisdom, and change for the better in the near future


Dreaming about butterflies is a generally nice dream to have, and these creatures have often been associated with many metaphors across time.

We hope that you found something among the dream meanings we have laid out in this article. Let us know if you have other scenarios so that we can also interpret them. Remember, don’t spare any details!

8 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Butterflies