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8 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Elevators

Elevators or lifts are common parts of any corporate worker’s routine, often bringing you to your workplace before your shift starts and back down to your reality after your shift ends. So it’s not uncommon to dream about elevator scenarios every now and then. As a staple in your daily life, it can hint at something in your life, too.

The most common dream interpretation for elevators is, identical to that of a tangible elevator’s purpose, in reality, they often signify a change in one’s general standing in life, or more commonly in a professional setting. It can either mean, but is not limited to, an advancement or degradation in your personal career or maybe even in some matters in life in general.

These dreams usually occur when there’s an upcoming change or modification in one’s routine in order to fulfill their aspirations in waking life. This makes the little nuances in your dream important for it may fully change the interpretation of your dream.

The little variations that you can notice in your dream of an elevator are significant for they may bring a whole new context to your dream and bring a new interpretation to your reality. Make sure to remember as many details as possible in your dreams to appropriately understand the meaning behind them.

What Does It Mean To Dream About Elevators


What Does It Mean To Dream About Elevators?

1. You Will Experience Regression

If you noticed that your elevator is taking you to a lower floor level, it may indicate a potential declining direction in your life. It can be a sign that you are heading towards a not-so-pleasant place, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually, in real life.

A common interpretation for something going down usually involves something negative. This could indicate multiple aspects of our reality. This kind of dream could come as a warning for you to be ready for whatever is coming your way for it may not offer a positive result.

2. You Will Have Significant Progress

An elevator going up to a higher floor usually stands for a good sign: that is to have progress, success, and abundance in different aspects of your everyday life. This suggests that you are on the right path and is moving in an upward direction generally.

When you have this dream, you can expect an improved relationship with your family, friends, and romantic partner. Maybe you are working on making better progress in your life by improving your relationships. This can also mean that you are about to experience spiritual abundance and is heading to a secure place in your life.

In a professional setting, this means a promotion in your professional standing or increased financial compensation. In whatever aspect it may be, this dream appears to tell you that you are heading toward your goals and aspirations in life, and will experience happiness.

3. You Are In A State Of Stagnation

You Are In A State Of Stagnation


When your dream scenario involves you being in a stuck elevator without any way out or any other indicators, it may mean that you are currently in a state of being trapped and are not heading anywhere in life. This also applies when you are stuck on a certain floor level and can’t seem to get out of that particular floor.

The typical purpose of a tangible elevator is to deliver you to a different place, whether higher or lower, which insinuates that a stuck elevator isn’t doing its intended function. Your subconscious mind might be showing this dream as a reflection of your current state, which means you could be currently bored, or don’t feel any kind of hope and aren’t making any more important things to make any kind of movement in your life, or maybe what you are doing right now is not working out well for you.

You might want to consider taking any kind of risk or even just doing remotely something when you have this dream. You may also consider letting go of certain toxicities in your life that may be holding you back.

4. You Are Not In Control Of Your Life

Riding an elevator without knowing where you are headed or what direction you are heading to could imply that you are having a loss of control over whatever direction your life is heading. There is no certainty as to what kind of ride you are about to have or even the destination of your ride. It is crucial for an individual to be aware of the course of their own journey.

This kind of dream may give you an insight that you are currently in conflict with something, resulting in you having anxiety and worries and slowly losing authority over your life because of indecisiveness. Maybe this is a message from your subconscious telling you to make a decision soon or soon enough you’ll see yourself in a stuck elevator.

5. You Are Making The Wrong Decisions

You Are Making The Wrong Decisions


When you ride an elevator, yet it brings you to the wrong floor or an unknown place, this may indicate hesitations and lack of conviction on your part. It indicates a delay in your progress, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

The purpose of an elevator is pretty straightforward, yet when it still can’t seem to deliver you to the right place, this can only mean that the rider itself doesn’t know the destination or the rider is subconsciously sabotaging the ride. This is your mind’s way of telling you to get yourself together and reconsider the decisions you’re making. Maybe this is your wake-up call.

6. You Are Broken

Perhaps the elevator crashes and breaks, and therefore isn’t moving. Perhaps this elevator is synonymous with your current state. This could be an indication of your current mental health state: depression creeping into your mind and hopelessness eating you alive.

A broken elevator holds no obligation to deliver people somewhere. You may see yourself as identical to the elevator that you are riding. You don’t feel any obligation to anyone or serve any function to society. This may be a way of your subconsciousness warning and showing you a glimpse of what is going on inside your mind.

Hopefully, you won’t deprive yourself of care and proper medication once you ascertained that you need it.

7. You Will Experience Hurdles

You Will Experience Hurdles


Riding an elevator, though its objective is pretty straightforward, has many variations. The door may not open immediately for you or there may be a lot of people riding with you in a single elevator. These little nuances may express concerns about an approaching hurdle coming your way.

You may not think much about these negative experiences but be careful for they may be the bearer of a bad omen. A door that is not opening immediately may symbolize unpreparedness on your part. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to find another door or another path when faced with adversity.

Hopefully, you won’t let such little disturbances distract you from reaching your intended destination. Be more patient and you shall overcome whatever hurdle with little effort.

8. You Are Asking For Help

Although dreams regarding stairs and elevators are synonymous, one usually gets a better name than the other. It is believed that, even though both mediums do share a common purpose, stairs are far better because it only requires individual labor to get out of a risky situation.

However, the other suggests the opposite. Elevators, when stuck, need external help. Elevators are far more complicated because it is more modern and is therefore powered in a more complex way.

When you dream of being in an elevator, without any distinctive happenings occurring, this may be an indication that you need help from other people. You may be defensive towards it or you may completely reject the idea of it, despite your stability being threatened.

However, one should at least consider it as a possible interpretation of this dream. Perhaps you need to reflect more on what is going on with your present life. Try to find hints as to why you may be having these kinds of dreams.


Dreaming about elevators may come as confusing to people. It is hard to find meaning in something that we do every day, something so trivial. However, this is the essence of all dreams. We interpret and recognize what it may possibly mean in our individual reality, as it may help in our spiritual growth.

Your experience of a pleasant elevator ride may be a horrible one for another. Different situations extract different emotions from different people. You may also see yourself in different unusual situations in an elevator but don’t let the distinctness of it scare you.

Try to find a meaning and interpretation that best suits you and your situation. Don’t let bad interpretations ruin a perfectly fine reality. On the other hand, don’t mindlessly trust good interpretations. Try to remember that nothing is definite in dreams. They are possibly just a window of our subconscious, a sneak peek into a higher level of consciousness.

8 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Elevators