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15 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Heaven

15 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Heaven

When someone says the word ‘heaven’, most of us think of clouds, angels, beautiful choirs, golden wings, and white robes. But any place that gives you peace and joy can feel like heaven to you. In this article, we’re defining heaven as the place where your chosen deity lives, whether that’s Jehovah or Buddha. So what does it mean to dream about heaven?

What Does it Mean to Dream About Heaven?

1. You’re About to Experience Immense Peace

Lots of people who have near-death experiences say they saw a white light. The idea is if you go into the light, you cross over to the other side. So if you have a dream of seeing heaven – or if you followed the light in your dream, you might wake up terrified, thinking you’re going to die. Don’t worry though – your heavenly guides are gentle and subtle most of the time.

So dreaming of ascending into heaven doesn’t necessarily mean you’re leaving earth. Instead, think of what you felt during the dream. It was probably a sense of calm, overwhelming joy, peace, excitement, maybe a touch of curiosity. That’s what the dream is about. You’ll soon face something in your waking life that will feel like being in heaven. Lean into it and enjoy.

2. You’re Terrified of Succeeding #ImpostorSyndrome

On the other hand, you may have seen scenes in movies where people were heading toward heaven but one person was running the opposite way. In the film, the dialogue will soon confirm that person isn’t ready to die. Does it have the same meaning in your dream? Not quite. In the dream, you’re running away from heaven, and you may be panicky and nervous.

In the previous dream interpretation, we mentioned something that will bring you joy. This could be a successful business deal, passing an exam or interview, or even settling into a new love. So if you dream of trying to escape paradise, you’re dealing with a fear of success in your waking life. You’re scared your blessings are too good to be true. Accept nice things!

3. Your Guilty Secret is Wearing You Down

Here’s a different angle, and you may have seen memes about this too. There’s the one about a cat at heaven’s gate. The caption reads ‘Why cats have 9 lives’. It mocks that weird habit cats have of meowing to be let into the house, and as soon as you shut the door, they meow to be let out again! So the joke is they keep walking in and out of heaven, hence they live 9 lives!

But what does it mean when you dream of yourself banging the gates of heaven because you got locked out? This shows a hidden sense of inadequacy. You’ve done something you’re ashamed of, and even though nobody knows it, you no longer feel worthy of heaven. You may not even realize you’ve done wrong, and your angels are asking you to introspect and repent.

4. You’re Feeling Abandoned and Unwanted

Humans have different cultures and beliefs, so why is our image of heaven so similar? It might be because Christianity is the world’s largest religion, so we’ve all unconsciously absorbed its elements and emblems, including that famous golden entrance and angelic harmonies. So what does it mean if you dream of seeing heaven’s gates open before you?

Think of how you felt during the dream. It was probably a warm, comforting feeling. The gates may have opened for you as you approached them. This could mean you’re feeling isolated and alone. Maybe you’ve been rejected by someone you value, or you weren’t invited to an important event. You’re longing for the love and acceptance that heaven promises.

5. Your Chosen Family is Coming to Find You

What if the dream was slightly different? In many pop culture depictions of heaven, the angel or saint in charge has a big book and they look through it to see if your name is on the list. So your dream might go through that whole rigmarole. Or you may get to heaven and see a huge imposing padlock, only for a kind, smiling angel to produce the key and let you into paradise.

The twist in this dream is the locked entrance. It means in your waking life, you’re feeling othered. Maybe your friends think your hobbies are weird. Or the people at work are leaving you out of social functions. You feel like you don’t belong, and it hurts. Your angels are reminding you that your chosen tribe is out there somewhere, and you’ll soon feel accepted.

6. You Have Enemies – and Friends – in High Places

The context of a dream is the key to its interpretation. So while the dream above expresses a social need, it can also communicate something about your career. Maybe you’ve been trying for a promotion and it never quite comes. You might be feeling inadequate in your job choice because you can’t seem to get ahead. The padlock implies some kind of corporate saboteur.

Someone might be backbiting you to the boss, or messing up your projects. Maybe a person in the C-Suite has a grudge against you. Or you could simply be a pawn in the corporate office chess game. In the dream, an angel comes by and lets you in. So the dream suggests that while someone up there is against you, someone else up there is rooting for your success.

7. You’re Having Issues in the Bedroom

The peak of sensual interaction is often described as heaven. At your highest point of pleasure, you can often see a golden glow and hear angels singing. Your whole being may pulse and shudder with satisfaction. So what does it mean if you dream of constantly trying to get into heaven but never quite making it? This could indicate dissatisfaction with intimacy.

Think about your feelings in the dream. Did you feel sad or guilty? This could mean you blame yourself for your inability to please your partner, even though it may not be your fault. But if the dominant dream emotion was anger, chances are you blame your partner for your frustration in the bedroom. Maybe you have a medical condition that you could check out…

8. Your Loved Ones are Not Getting Along

In an ideal world, your significant other and your closest friends like each other. Or at least they tolerate each other for your sake. And while some self-centered people have no problem telling you exactly what they dislike about your partner, most people are decent and will keep it to themselves. This is fine if it’s a minor conflict, but it can get pretty intense in some cases.

So what does it mean if you dream of angels fighting? It means two important influencers in your life aren’t getting along. It could be – as we hinted – your partner and your friends. Or it could be your parents. Or even your bosses. Your instinct is to mediate, but your angels are telling you to stay out of battles that could crush you. Ask them for a less dangerous option.

9. You Badly Want to Escape from Your Life

Your therapist or doctor may assume if you’re dreaming of heaven, it means you want to die. And if you’re not currently unwell, they may think your will to live is low, and they may put you on a medical watchlist. But heaven isn’t just about shedding your mortal coil. Heaven represents eternal life and everlasting peace. It’s a place where everything works out right.

So you might dream that you’re watching the gates of heaven and looking for a way to sneak in. Or maybe you’re just sitting on the steps and looking at the lovely things behind the gate. This doesn’t necessarily mean you want to die, but it could mean you’re longing to escape. Ask your angels to show you which area of your life you’re running away from. They know.

10. You Need Time to Process Your Grief

When someone we love dies, we go through various stages of grief. You may have heard them defined as denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. But it’s never a linear process and there’s a lot of overlap. You might start off with the blues, jump to acceptance, then feel a surge of rage when you achieve a milestone and they’re not with you to celebrate.

So what does it mean when you dream of fighting with your loved one in heaven? We like to think all our deceased loved ones end up there, but surely, it’s a place of harmony, not bickering! Your dream probably means you need closure from the passing of your loved one. Ask your spirit guides to help you. Maybe you can visit the grave or do a ceremonial send-off.

11. You’re Being a Little Selfish

Do you dream in color? Most people do, though you’ve probably never thought about it. And some people dream in sepia – their dreams have that hazy sunset filter from 70s movies. So what would it mean if you dream of heaven in black-and-white or in muted tones? This is a warning from your angels about the dangers of jealousy and pettiness towards loved ones.

It’s easy to be jealous when someone at work gets the promotion you want. Or if your crush starts dating someone else. But this dream is more specific. It means you’re secretly envious of someone you support. Maybe your spouse got a promotion or your brother got engaged. They’re excited to share their piece of heaven with you, but you resent them. Work on that.

12. Your Happiness Begins With You

Holistic healers and new age gurus are all about positivity and loving yourself. They’ll say no one can love you unless you do it first, and they’ll remind you that someone else’s affection can’t fill the hole of self-hate. This can be frustrating when you’ve lived through a lifetime of abuse and low self-esteem, especially if it started in childhood and you’re anxiously attached.

But suppose you have a dream where you’re holding the keys to heaven. Try to recall the details – who gave them to you? Did you steal them? It’s a dream, so you may not know where you found them. You just know you have them. Your angels want you to stop blaming others for your misery. You have all the tools you need to enter your version of paradise.

13. You’re Blocking Somebody’s Precious Target

In a similar dream, you may be holding heaven’s keys, but instead of letting anyone in, you hide them. Again, see if you can pin down your emotions during the dream. Was it a playful prank, a power move, or the absent-minded reflex of putting keys in your pocket? These feelings will explain the motivation for your dreams, though the action remains the same.

The dream means you’re standing in the way of someone’s success. You might be actively blocking their path out of malice. Or you may unknowingly be doing something that’s hampering their heavenly achievement. If you’re not sure, ask your angels where you stand. They can help you stop your accidental sabotage, or they can melt that mean heart for you.

14. You May Be Dating the Wrong Person

Another dream that could rattle you is looking for someone in heaven and not finding them. It can be jarring because – as we said – we want to think all our loved ones are up there. The alternative is … less pleasant. So what does it mean if you dream that you finally got to heaven and your loved one isn’t there? This could be a message about your earthly partner.

It could be a sign from your angels that one, this isn’t your forever person, and two, they’re already planning on leaving you. It could also be a dream of comfort as you regret your lost love. Your angels are saying that person wasn’t the one, and your soul mate is still here on earth, looking for you. Your spirit guides can help you let go, heal, and find your true love.

15. You’re Seeking Pleasure in the Wrong Places

In the previous dream, you were in heaven looking for a specific person, but you just couldn’t find them. But what if the dream is broader? You’re still in heaven and you’re frantically searching for someone or something. But you don’t know who or what you’re looking for, so of course, you can’t find it! This could be a message about discovering what brings you joy.

You may know you’re unhappy, but you don’t know what’s missing in your life. Or maybe you’re going through a phase where you’re being self-destructive in the name of having fun. So you think you’re in the best place for you, but you still feel lost, confused, and absent. Talk to your heavenly helpers. They’ll draw you away from the toxicity of pain and false pleasure.

When was the last time you had a dream about heaven? Tell us about it in the comments!