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9 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Angels

9 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Angels

People naturally see angels as a good sign because they represent divine protection, good luck, and guidance. It can be quite comforting to dream about angels especially when you are going through a rough phase.

When the universe wants to send you a clear message, you’ll most likely see angels in your dream. Note that this is not a regular occurrence, and not everyone will get to experience it.

If you are at a point in your life where you are at peace, you have a high chance of dreaming about angels because they signify harmony and happiness.

When people use the term “guardian angel” it’s because they recognize a divine and higher authority is protecting and guiding your path. Angels are symbols of purity, and they are sent from above to guide us toward the right path.

When it comes to interpreting the dreams of angels, you need to take into consideration the full context of the dream.

Unfortunately, there are good and bad angels, and you don’t want be having a dream about the death angel.

Angels can also represent spiritual growth; but in case you are looking for an interpretation of angels’ dreams, read on!

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Angels?


What Does It Mean When You Dream About Angels?

1. Positive In-depth Angel Dreams Interpretation

If you are feeling downcast and an angel with a happy expression shows up in your dream, it’s a sign of something exciting. It means that your time for imminent good news has arrived, and a positive achievement is waiting for you. So, it’s time for you to get up and feel confident about yourself.

Female angels represent love and fertility, and when they show up in your dream, you need to understand the context, so you can interpret the message they carry.

For people who see three or in their dream, it’s a signal of wholeness, harmony, and divinity. You need to take the message carried by these three angels with all important, as it relates to your mind, body, and soul. Sometimes, if you are among the angels in your dream, it implies that God’s calling you to embark on an important journey for His Kingdom’s sake.

When angels offer you food in the dream, it means that you need spiritual nourishment. You’ve focused too much on the negatives of life and your strength has depleted. So, it’s heaven’s way of telling you to relax and pay more attention to your well-being and spiritual self.

2. Negative In-depth Angel Dreams Interpretation  

Not all angel dreams come with positive meanings, some are warnings that you need to be mindful of.

Remember that you need to pay attention to what the angels were doing, as it’s all important in interpreting the message they are conveying.

Negative In-depth Angel Dreams Interpretation  


If dream of an angel putting on black clothes, then that’s an ominous sign. It’s possible that you are burdened with sin and it feels overwhelming. In all honesty, if you don’t do something about it, the feeling won’t go away, and you’ll definitely keep seeing your angel in black clothes. Same thing when you see an angel with an angry expression. It implies you have made a mistake and you need to act better next time, or there might be serious repercussions.

Male angels stand for war, masculinity, and savagery. The actions surrounding male angel dreams make the difference.

3. Dream Interpretation of the Angel of Death

Death angel symbolizes trials and tribulations. When this angel appears in your dream, it means that you are about to go through a tough phase in life, and if you are not spiritually sound, your faith will go with the tide.

You might face health challenges that you have no idea how came about, but this period is only for a while. it won’t last, as it’s just a passage you must enter to get into your period of peace and rest.

4. Dream Interpretation of a Smiling Angel

When you dream of a smiling angel or joyful angel, it’s a sign that your love life is about to take a positive turn; the true love you desire and crave is about to find you. So, if you have been feeling lonely, and you see an angel smiling at you, then your relationship life is about to get beautiful.

For some, it’s an indication that their broken relationship/marriage is about to be fixed. Sometimes, relationships go sour not because both parties aren’t interested in each other anymore, but because of circumstances out of their control. However, the universe is telling you that if you are ready to put in the work, your relationship/marriage will be a happy one again.

Dream Interpretation of a Smiling Angel


5. Dream Interpretation of Seeing a Crying Angel

Angels are meant to be your guardians and keep you safe, but when you have seen an angel crying in your dream, that means your relationship with God has weakened, and He’s unhappy about it.

Your guardian angel is sad because your faith is shaky, and you are moving in the direction of destruction. You need to evaluate all of your actions and correct them before you live a life of regret.

6. Dream Interpretation of an Angel Calling Out to You

When you see an angel calling you in the dream, it implies that your days of suffering are over. If you’ve been praying to come out of a tight situation or an illness; rest assured that your prayers are answered, and a positive outcome awaits you.

You must take heed to what the angel is saying to you in the dream, so you can understand the meaning better. If a warning is being issued, you should take it seriously, as that’s a direct message from the Divine.

Oftentimes, when an angel is talking to you in the dream, it signifies that you are in touch with your spirit man, and you are about to begin your new life journey that’ll transform your life positively.

7. Dream Interpretation of an Angel with Black Wings

Seeing the black angel wings in your dream is an indication that you’ve compromised your salvation. It’s a sign that you need guidance from external forces that are trying to ruin your life.

When you’ve had a huge fallout with God, or you’ve made a mistake that has affected your moral values, an angel with black wings may appear in your dream.

Black-winged angels also mean that you have some negativity and guilt all up in your chest. It could be that you have committed a crime and you are not proud of it and your conscious is actively judging you for it. this is the time to open up and seek forgiveness so you don’t end up missing out on your righteousness journey.

“If the edge breaks, the serpent will bite” and that’s why you need to do away with worldly indulgence so you don’t taint your spirituality.

Dream Interpretation of Flying with Angels


8. Dream Interpretation of Flying with Angels

When you see yourself flying with other angels in a dream, it means you have attained a great level of spirituality. This is not the time to relent in your spiritual race, but get even closer to God, so He can perfect your ways.

Flying with the angels is a very positive sign because it’s time for people to recognize all of your hard work and skills. It implies that you are about to get recognized for your distinguished skills and you’ll earn great respect among your colleagues, friends, and family.

All you need to do is keep up your effort, and you’ll be praised and admired by people even in your absence.

9. Dream Interpretation of a Fallen Angel

Surprising as it may sound; seeing a fallen angel in your dream is an indication that you are on the verge of new beginnings and perspectives. It’s time to open your inner mind and see the world from a different angle.

If a fallen angel appears in your dreams, it’s a wake-up call to re-evaluate your priorities and set them right.

However, it can sometimes mean that you are deviating from the will of God, and your Christianity is wavering.

On the other hand, if your fallen angel is without wings, then it means your relationship with those you love will be tested, and you need to act with wisdom so you don’t lose everything you have labored hard for.


What comes to the mind of so many people when they hear angel is “purity, holiness, and protection,” and they are not far from the truth.

Angels are sent to guide and protect you and to also make your spiritual journey an easier one.

Anyone can dream of angel wings; it has nothing to do with your spirituality. However, how you choose to interpret it is all up to you. Angels in white clothes bring good fortune and inner peace; the presence of an angel is a good omen and a symbol of guardianship.

Everyone has a different spiritual definition, but one thing is common; angels are divine beings. To interpret any angel dream, you must not miss out on any details, the color of the angel wings and clothes, facial expressions, gender, and of course their number. All of these factors play an important role in the message they convey.

But in the end, angels are messengers from God; a higher force watching over our lives.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Angels