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19 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Sex

19 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Sex

Having a dream about sex doesn’t mean you have a raging sex drive or are weird. Seeing sexual dreams is perfectly normal. According to the renowned dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg, these sex dreams are the most common type of dream seen among humans and carry valuable insights about your inner self and relationships.

Let’s explore what these sex dreams mean and the message they carry.

Sex Dream Scenarios and Their Interpretations


Sex Dream Scenarios and Their Interpretations

Most people associate these dreams with a physical union. Still, according to dream experts, sex dreams is more linked to psychological union and are a way to express emotions. According to most dream interpreters, the symbolism associates the dream meaning with your desire to connect with the other person’s behavior or a personality attribute rather than accepting the literal interpretation of the dream as it unfolded.

1. Sex Dream About Your Coworker or Boss

While an average person might perceive the dream as a sign of sexual attraction for the other person, the dream plot here signifies that you are longing for authority and want to be in control. The dream is all about office power dynamics. It also means you want to connect with the person professionally by doing something so they can recognize your abilities and treat you respectfully.

2. Dream of Having Sex With Your Ex-Lover

According to a dream psychologist, these dreams where you see yourself having sex with your ex-partner can occur because you have been in a relationship with them and might be missing them deep in your heart. These dreams can increase, especially when your current relationship is not going well or you don’t have a partner at the time.

Even if you hate your partner and have ended the relationship, seeing your ex-partner here indicates that you are finally letting go and putting an end to the relationship.

3. Having Sex With a Stranger in a Dream

Getting involved in sexual activities with someone you barely know implies that you find the person’s personality traits or characteristics admirable. For example, if the person has a muscular build and these muscles are prominent in the dream, it signifies that you desire to be strong enough to handle difficult situations and be in charge of your own life.

4. Sex With a Celebrity in a Dream

Sex With a Celebrity in a Dream


Most people idolize a celeb to the point where they become obsessive, resulting in celebrities being a part of their dream. However, most dream analysts suggest that seeing a celebrity in your dream shows you are impressed by certain qualities of the celebrity and want to have similar attributes.

5. Dream of Sex in the Bathroom

having sex in the bathroom implies an area of your life s cluttered with negative emotions and guilt that needs to be addressed. It’s a message from your subconscious that you need cleansing. If you see having sex with your partner in the restroom, it indicates that you must learn from your partner’s behavior and adopt the good qualities they possess. Gaining these qualities can aid you in warding off negativity and destructive emotions from your real life.

6. Dream of Sex in a Public Place

The location holds significance in dreams related to sex. The place you see the dream occurring can represent the current phase of your life or let you know the place has great value in your heart. The dream also depicts your preoccupation with recognition.

7. Having Sex in the Kitchen in a Dream

The kitchen you see in the dream is associated with nourishment. Dreaming of sex in the kitchen shows you are working on a project or fostering an idea to nourish you emotionally, psychologically, and financially. Your partner in this dream scenario is linked to the type of behavior or qualities you must adopt to make the project excel further.

8. Dream of Sex With a Friend

This dream plot shows you are connecting with a friend you met recently. It can also mean you are on the same psychological and emotional levels, share similar life experiences, and have the same perspective on dealing with issues in life.

9. Dream of Sexual Fantasies

Dream of Sexual Fantasies


Bondage, sadism, and other sexual fantasies might appear in your dreams. If you have seen this dream, the dream suggests you have been too harsh on yourself recently. The dream could also mean you wish to be dominant in certain aspects of life and take control or desire someone else to take control of your life decisions.

10. Dream of Having Sex With Someone you Hate

Everyone has people in their life whom they hate. Seeing yourself having sex with the person you hate and despise represents power dynamics. You become uneasy in their presence and desire to assert domination.

11. Feeling Embarrassed in a Sex Dream

These dreams include seeing yourself having sex in places or situations you would never have thought of committing in your waking life. These are primarily extreme fantasies like incest, rape, gang bang, etc. While it might be expected for some people to dream of these sexual fantasies, most wake up terrified, in shame, and embarrassed by the act. Dream psychologists suggest not stressing out or being embarrassed as this type of sex dream carries no meaning.

12. Sex With a Gender you are Not Interested in

Straight females might find themselves indulging in sexual activities with a lesbian woman, or a male might see having sex with another man in a dream. Dream psychologists interpret this dream as a sign to embrace your feelings for other genders that turn you on. The dream also suggests that you might have issues in your existing sex life and are repressing your sexual fantasies.

13. Dream of Orgasmic Sex

It’s one of the most common sex dreams associated with puberty and fertility. These sex dreams involve ejaculation while in a dream state and mark the start of puberty. Males and females both experience this type of dream.

14. Dream of your Partner Cheating

Seeing your partner cheat on you triggers an unpleasant vibe, even if you experience it in a dream. The dream here implies not worrying but improving your communication with your partner. You must enhance your love life by talking more, trusting them with their actions, and avoiding overthinking.

Talking to your partner and having an open conversation where you can share your dream experience can help you overcome the worries you are experiencing after the dream.

15. Having Sex With your Crush in a Dream

Having Sex With your Crush in a Dream


It seems like a no-brainer to see your crush in your sex dreams. The dream plot suggests you are being attracted or impressed by that person’s qualities and connect on a spiritual level.

16. Sex With Multiple Partners in a Dream

This dream plot signifies you have a lot on your plate. There are too many issues and situations in your life that you must deal with, but you need help dealing with them at a time. This dream shows you are building stress in real life due to these issues piling up.

17. Dream About Sex in New Places

Being in an unfamiliar but pleasant location and having sex while dreaming shows your desire to experience new things in life. The dream implies you find your freedom and push your boundaries in your sex life.

18. PTSD Dreams

Survivors of sexual assault or people who had a rough childhood mostly see these PTSD dreams. These dreams are no less than a nightmare. If you are experiencing these dreams or have a past life still haunting you in the dorm of these PTSD dreams, always remember that you are not alone. Never hesitate to seek professional help to manage your PTSD better and decrease the incidence of these horrific dreams.

19. Dreams Leading to Sleep Sex

In certain situations, people might act out while in a dream state. Similar to sleepwalking, sleep sex can be experienced by people while you are totally unaware. This mostly happens during the R.E.M. sleep cycle.

Your partner might welcome this experience or open up about issues like having consent before having sex with your partner. If you have experienced this scenario, your sleep cycle is not up to the mark. Make a schedule and follow it religiously. Furthermore, ensure you are getting enough sleep.

Bottom Line

While reviewing the interpretations we shared can aid in decoding your dreams in a better way, the dream meaning will change if the details don’t match. Therefore, the best way to interpret your dreams is to recall the details of your dream. These details or specifics are linked to the dreamer’s real life and could carry a message or a warning for the dreamer.

In the dream world, sex symbolizes unity between people and your wish to express love. Depending on the type of sex dream you see, the interpretations change. Rest assured, never take these dreams literally. Instead, focus on the details you remember and try finding the symbolism behind the act for a clear perspective.

Dreams Leading to Sleep Sex