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11 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Your Crush

11 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Your Crush

You know that boy or girl that gives you instant butterflies in your tummy when you lay your eyes on them, but you can’t really bring yourself to tell them, so you wallow in that unrequited love and hope that one day, something leads to a conversation, and you can finally open up to them or never?

To give a short and straight answer to your question, dreaming about your crush is a way your subconscious mind works up different possibilities of you two becoming an item in waking life. Right at that moment, they occupy your mind the most and they’re all you think of.

According to Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, dreams are culled from our experiences in waking life and influenced by our physical health and mental gymnastics while we sleep. This article will help you make sense of it all and interpret this dream in whatever form.

Interpretations of Dreams About Your Crush


11 Interpretations of Dreams About Your Crush

Your crush can be a classmate, co-worker, or gym member, you can’t control these things, and one thing we know for sure is that crushes are not limited to a particular age bracket. Enough of real-life scenarios, some of us take that affection to the dream world and have interesting dreams about our crushes.

This section will help you address different scenarios in which you may dream about your crush so that the next time or the first this happens to you; you’ll be well-equipped for the situation.

1. Spending Time With Your Childhood Crush in a Dream

Hold up on that mail you’re about to send to a childhood crush as a teenager. Dreaming about them may not mean a reconnection. It may just mean you’re connecting with a forgotten wish, or there’s some unexpected, good news.

This intense fire burns inside you and fuels your deep desire at a young age which helps you pursue your goals with zeal and precision. Now that you’re much grown and maybe relaxed, the dream may mean your younger self is trying to get you back on track to finding that desire in your life.

It may be an escape for your long-lost personality to finally come to the surface, working towards a big milestone, and expressing a new part of your being. So, dreaming about your old crush may not be literal after all. It may just be about you and who you were back in the day or currently expecting good luck.

2. Kissing Your Crush in a Dream

Sharing a kiss with your crush in a dream may indicate self-confidence or that you lack intimacy, passion, and affection in the waking world. It may also indicate a passive waiting period in your life, where you’re expecting something to happen, but not necessarily making any major moves to see it come to manifestation.

So, don’t completely embrace the idea that locking lips with your soul mate in the dream means you should do so in real life. The twisted thing is you may not even want to kiss them at all, but your dream may say something different.

3. Dreaming About Being in a Relationship With Your Crush

Dreaming About Being in a Relationship With Your Crush


You eventually become an item with your crush but in dreamland. Well, most dream experts affirmed that dreaming about being in a serious relationship with your crush is a positive dream and a sign that you have positive feelings about yourself, you’ve built a solid self-image, and you’re sure you deserve the goodies of life.

If your crush asks you out on a date in your dream, it means you’re aware of your desires and emotions, and you desire to take the front seat in affairs of your life and your interactions with people. You’re craving to be with your crush, but in the waking world, you’re too scared to make a move, so you do it where you feel the safest- in your dreams.

4. Arguing With Your Crush In Your Dream

Oh yes, there’s that too, and we can help interpret it in one of two ways. It may mean the feeling of incompatibility between the both of you is strong and overwhelming with little chance of you ever making it to the altar but because you can’t accept this fact in real life, it makes its way into your dreams.

Another meaning may represent your innermost desire to resolve an internal conflict/issue you have with yourself, and it’s eating you deep inside.

5. Dreaming About Your Crush Rejecting You Sexually

Sexual rejection in a dream means holding yourself back from what you desire the most in life. When your crush denies you that in the dream, it is a reflection that you expect shame, trauma, and disappointment by going after high-value things and projects. Your heart is in your mouth, and your nerves are at an all-time high.

6. Having A Crush On A Different Gender Than You’re Attracted To In Your Dream

Having A Crush On A Different Gender Than You're Attracted To In Your Dream


Don’t start questioning your sexuality just yet; dreaming about a crush of same-sex has nothing to do with who you are but discloses some qualities that tickle your fancy. If you’re a female who dreams about having a crush on a fellow female, it represents sensitivity, creativity, and wit, while males represent activeness and boldness.

This may mean you look for those qualities in your romantic partner or appreciate them in your own life. For a woman to dream of having a crush on another woman means she’s deeply admiring some unique or sensitive traits she has.

7. Dreaming About your Celebrity Crush

No one is innocent of this, and it’s totally fine. Occasionally or all the time, we dream about having a huge crush on our screen darlings like Michael B Jordan, Tom Cruise, or Angelina Jolie. While you can translate this dream as directly having a crush, it may also mean something deeper.

If you dream about a certain celebrity, it may mean there’s a particular trait in them that you identify with (if you dream about Angelina Jolie, it means you want to be a badass, just like her) or want to emulate them the waking world.

8. Dreaming About Your Crush Dating Someone Else

If you have a dream about your beloved crush dating someone else, it’s an expression of deep loss and longing for something or someone. Dreams are usually triggered by abandonment issues, anxieties, or worries of childhood neglect, making you think you’re not worthy of having genuine people around you.

Abandonment issues can disrupt your life and hold you back from exploring new opportunities, so address it as fast as possible in the waking world.

9. Dreaming About Losing A Tooth In Front Of Your Crush

Dreaming About Losing A Tooth In Front Of Your Crush


Dreams about losing a tooth reflect a lack of confidence, anxiety, and insecurity you feel in real life. When you do that in front of your crush, it means you don’t feel at peace with yourself, and you find it hard to express how you truly feel to your crush because you dread rejection.

10. Dreaming About Your Crush Dying

When you dream about death, it literally means the end of something, nothing removed, nothing added. So, dreaming about your crush dying is not a pleasant situation as it may signal the end of your attraction to that person.

It may also mean the end of a tumultuous phase in your life that’s necessary for your transformation to become a brand new being, welcome new beginnings, and make a better choice in general.

11. Dreaming About Your Crush Ignoring You

This dream can be upsetting and can mean a dream of you fighting with your crush, and sometimes, this ‘crush’ can be yourself, a hobby, or a habit that you exhibit and don’t really like (a sign of frustration).

Dreaming of your crush ignoring you may mean you’re fighting with yourself to change this trait and habit, but you’re doing it subconsciously. If you’re reading this and this happens to you regularly, consider doing some deep soul-searching to nip the issue in the bud and discover what you’re really fighting against.

Final Thoughts

According to a clinical Psychologist, dreaming about your crush may mean the unconscious desire to emulate the person in your dream. So, one thing we ask our dreamers to confirm is if the crush is confident, honest, or charismatic, as these are the common admirable traits in someone which may appeal to you in a certain way.

It also may just be a harmless fantasy, and you wish things went a certain way with a particular person either way; this has both positive and negative sides. The next time you see that crush in a dream, quickly consult this guide for swift interpretation.

Final Thoughts