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9 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream Of Planets

9 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream Of Planets

Dreaming about space and the planets represents something you are thinking about or something that is on your mind. In many cases, the planets symbolize our desires and aspirations in life. As well as representing good luck and fortune, they can also express your potential in life.

9 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream Of Planets


The Symbolism Of Solar System

What does it mean to dream of planets, the moon, and space? Humankind has been fascinated by the stars, planets, and the universe since ancient times.

Religion vs. Rationality

Our fascination was partly driven by the desire to understand our existence, origins, and place in the universe. In many ancient civilizations and religious creation stories, gods or other powerful beings were present at the beginning of time.

In Roman and Greek mythology, Mars was depicted as the god of war, while the planet Mercury was said to protect travelers and bring good fortune to merchants.

Planet Symbolism

Planets and stars have always been interpreted to symbolize greatness in your actions and behavior. The planets represent the different aspects of your personality and life.

  • Mercury signifies intellect, self-worth, and self-awareness.
  • Venus shows your love for the people around you and represents femininity.
  • Earth represents your feelings about yourself.
  • Mars is the symbol of masculinity, aggression, ambition, and urgency.
  • Jupiter rules over hope, faith, and bounty.
  • Saturn is a mirror reflecting your intuition, instincts, and fears.
  • Uranus brings lightning into your life to awaken you from stagnation or routine.
  • Neptune stills you to contemplate the meaning of your existence.
  • The dwarf planet Pluto pushes you to explore your inner self and unearth old habits, emotions, or beliefs that no longer serve a purpose in your life.

Earth Symbolism

The planet earth symbolizes the physical world and can represent our connection to Mother Nature. If you dream about the earth as a green planet, it may be that you are looking for ways to balance your life with nature and the cycle of life.

In general, the earth symbolizes security, strength, and stability. Suppose you dream about living in a world where an earthquake or other natural disaster has destroyed everything. In that case, this could indicate that you feel the ground beneath your feet is unstable and crumbling away from under you.

Different Meanings Of Planet Dreams

Different Meanings Of Planet Dreams


1. Increase in knowledge

Planets represent the unknown, and dreaming of them means that you are increasing your knowledge about something you don’t know a lot about. If there are multiple planets in your dream, there is much to learn, and you will find it challenging to decide which path to take.

To dream of seeing planets orbiting around each other in space, or one planet orbiting around another world, is often seen as an omen that you will increase in knowledge about spirituality and religion.

2. Magic and the unknown

The planets themselves are a representation of forces more significant than ourselves. Because of their many secrets, they have often been seen as mythical and magical.

Dreaming of seeing multiple planets in your dreams symbolizes that there is an energy shift happening within your life and around the world. This energy shift will bring a lot of change and growth within yourself and others around you.

Dreaming about planets can also symbolize magic and mystery in your life.

For example, if you dreamed about Jupiter being destroyed but then saw another planet appear and take its place, this may mean that an old relationship has been replaced with a new one.

If you dreamed about Neptune changing into Saturn by moving around each other and eventually coming together as one planet, this could represent how you feel about an issue happening in real life where two people come together even though they are from different worlds.

3. Reaching for the stars.

The dream that you are a planet is like a dream about being a star. It’s about feeling important and influential, but it can also be about your need to grow and develop spiritually.

It’s not just about your ego, though; there’s also an element of spirituality here too. Dreams of planets are often related to your inner self and how well you connect with your higher selves or spiritual guides.

When we dream of being planets, it can be because we want to reach out beyond ourselves and explore what lies beyond our own horizons. It could also suggest that we need to expand our minds and learn more about life so we can become better people overall.

4. Urge for a change of environment

Urge for a change of environment


Such dreams could be a reflection of your subconscious mind’s desire to get in touch with the universe. Perhaps you’re feeling a sense of loneliness, or maybe you feel like you’re missing out on something.

Planets represent your goals and aspirations. If you dream that you’re on a planet, it might mean that you’re feeling stuck in your current situation and want more out of life.

Planets also represent your identity and personality. If you dream that you’re on a planet, it could mean that you’re trying to figure out who you are or what kind of person you want to be.

5. Inner peace and tranquility

You may be feeling at peace with yourself, your life, and other people around you. These dreams can also signify that you need to spend more time relaxing and enjoying life as it is right now instead of worrying about the future or dwelling on past mistakes.

This could mean that you are doing well in life and have learned to achieve a balance between your personal and professional lives, but it may also represent a desire to escape from reality or your everyday life.

6. Change in emotions

Planets can represent change, transformation, and movement in our lives. They are symbols of desire and the dreamer’s ability to make changes. To dream of planets may signify a change in your emotions or how you feel about someone or something.

For example, dreaming of Mars can represent conscious or subconscious aggression and anger towards others. This could also mean that someone close to you might be angry with someone else, or some situation may make them mad too.

Venus represents love, beauty, and relationships. In dreams, it can describe feelings or desires that you have not been able to express out loud yet — perhaps because they are too intense or intimate — but they are very real in your mind.

7. Revolution or radical change in your life

Revolution or radical change in your life


Dreaming about planets can represent some of the most significant changes in your life. The planets represent different parts of your personality and when one appears in your dream, it means that this part is being emphasized or developed at the moment.

For example: If you dreamed about Jupiter being bigger than expected, then this is a sign of good luck coming your way. It means that things will start working out for you after a long time of hardships.

If you dreamed about Jupiter being smaller than usual, then this is a sign of bad luck coming your way. Your luck will turn around, and all the hard work you have done will go down the drain.

To dream of seeing an eclipse where one planet covers up all light from another planet or star could signify a bad omen that someone who has been close to you for many years will leave you or pass away.

8. New beginnings or rebirth of hope

Dreaming about the moon is the most common planet dream, and it symbolizes change, rebirth, and renewal. If you’re feeling stuck or stagnant in your current situation, dreaming about the moon can help you recognize that it’s time for a substantial change.

Often dreams of the sun and moon are regarded as good omens.

  • To dream of the moon is a sign that you will be blessed with a happy and prosperous life.
  • To dream of seeing the sun rise over the horizon is a sign that you will be blessed with many children and other blessings in your life.

9. Understanding your hidden aspects

The universe is a vast and ever-expanding place that holds a lot of mystery and will do so for eternity, and depending on the dreamers’ vision of space, this can affect the way we interpret these dreams.

If you have dreams where you’re floating around in a spaceship in outer space or being chased by aliens or meteorites, it could mean that you feel like your life is out of control.

Dreams about planets may also be related to astrology or numerology. Some people believe that dreams about planets and the stars can help predict the future or reveal essential information about yourself.

Even your Zodiac sign can have an influence on the meaning you attribute to your dreams.

Final Words

Planets can have many different meanings in a dream depending on their location, number, and the surrounding dream symbols. Planets are mainly thought to represent people and events in our lives.

This is only a general description of planets in your dreams and their meanings. Many other factors will likely come into play when interpreting your specific dreams, including the situation you find yourself in when you see these planets, as well as your more immediate feelings about them.

In the end, it’s hard to provide a definitive answer for this interpretation since it depends so much on worries, sorrows, and vision in your waking life. But hopefully, the list above will provide you with a good starting point for exploring this dream further.

9 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream Of Planets



Thursday 13th of April 2023

I had a dream bout all the planets were losing gravity. All of them were falling in space as well. Almost as if the area of everything that we knew bout space was collapsing. Somehow I think me and my family got to Mars. What it looked like was just a strange red small planet in space. The only thing u cloud see was the area that u were standing in. The area was seven or eight small buildings. They were the size of a little hut you use to sell lemonade in. There was a small building with helmets for your head. U could see two other planets in the sky. One of them almost looked the same size of the moon. The other one was farther away than the other. This scared me I almost felt like I was drifting away while i was sleeping.