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17 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream Pulling Hair Out of Mouth

17 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream Pulling Hair Out of Mouth

Dreaming about hair has many possible interpretations, which vary depending on the exact details, like who has the dream. For example, if a male is dreaming about hairy legs or a hairy chest, it’s a representation of a man’s virility, while a female dreaming about hair pieces and wigs is likely suffering from insecurities.

Interpretations also vary by what kind of hair the dream is about. For example, dreaming about eyelashes can be a warning about a tragedy, while dreams about eyebrows can be a sign that you should be more focused.

However, what does it mean to dream of pulling hair out of your mouth?

Dream Meanings By Hair Type


Dream Meanings By Hair Type

A dream about pulling hair out of your mouth might not be the most, common thing, but it can be an incredibly significant sign from the universe. It’s important to know that in general, the less hair you pull out of your mouth in a dream the less spiritual significance it carries.

There are many possible meanings, which depend on the type of hair that you dream of:

1. Bad Omen

Having a dream where you pull long strands of straight hair is usually a sign that bad luck is coming your way. You should be especially wary if you dreamt of very long hair, and the strands of hair kept coming out of your mouth infinitely regardless of how hard you kept pulling.

2. Prepare For Changes

If you dream about pulling strands of wavy hair out of your mouth, it’s likely that you’ll experience major changes in your life. You could be pulled into all sorts of new endeavors.

For example, one of my friends told me a story about him having such a dream right before an unexpected growth of his business, which turned his entire life upside down.

But the change can be anything, ranging from being invited to join someone on a long journey, to getting promoted at your current job. Whatever it will be, brace yourself for it to significantly alter the way you live.

3. A Warning of Deceit

Dreaming about pulling or coughing up curls can be a warning about something deceitful happening in your life. Curls are full of unpredictable twists, representing you being taken advantage of.

If you don’t suspect that your livelihood is in danger, you could look for guidance from someone else to get more clarity. Ask your best friend whether they don’t have any bad feelings regarding your life.

Chances are, they suspect that someone is manipulating you, be it your lover or business partner. Naturally, don’t make rash decisions based on your dreams and someone else’s intuition, but try becoming more aware of what’s actually going on in your life.

4. Keep Going

Having a dream about pulling strands of short hair out of your mouth is a sign from the universe that you’re on the right path. You might’ve found your life’s purpose, and are working towards achieving your ambitions.

There are plenty of ways that you could be acting right, but whatever you do, such a dream is encouragement that you should keep going and continue doing whatever you’re doing.

A Sign of Commitment


5. A Sign of Commitment

Dreaming about pulling braids out of your mouth is a symbol of commitment and loyalty. If you’ve just started a new romantic relationship, such a dream might be a good omen indicating that your new partner is “the one”.

6. You Have Subconscious Fears

A dream where you cough up clumps of hair could represent your subconscious fears which are inhibiting your personal development. If you don’t look straight at your fears and deal with them, but instead are ignoring them, all of them can “clump up” and become something ambiguous.

Given enough time, the clump will grow into the feeling of dread which can overtake your life. That’s why such a dream should make you spend some time in deep contemplation. Try identifying every single fear you have, and plan how can you take care of them.

7. Health Problems

Dreaming about frizzed hair coming out of your mouth might indicate some undiagnosed illness, ranging from respiratory problems to infection. Even if you don’t think that some sickness could take a toll on you, it’s always recommended to schedule a general health check-up.

8. Financial Problems

If the hairs that you’re pulling out of your mouth are dirty or covered in mucus, it could be a representation of your financial situation. Maybe you’re incredibly wasteful with your resources and splurge on items that you need while struggling to cover your basic needs.

It could also be a bad omen indicating a financial disaster that could result in immense loss of money or even poverty. However, if you’re financially responsible, don’t worry too much about such a dream, because it’s just one of many possible interpretations.


Dream Meanings By Hair Color


Dream Meanings By Hair Color

Each color carries spiritual significance. That’s why remembering what was the color of the hair you were pulling out of your mouth can help you decipher the dream’s meaning.

1. Brown Hair – a Sign of Stability

If you dream about pulling brown hair out of your mouth, it’s a sign that things in your life are stable and secure. If it was an incredibly long strand of hair, chances are that you aren’t going to experience any major changes in your life any time soon.

2. Blond Hair – a Sign of Innocence

Blond hair represents innocence, so a dream about pulling such hair out of your mouth could indicate your innocence. Maybe you’re not a strong personality who’s too naive for this world, and it results in you being hurt or taken advantage of.

3. Black Hair – a Sign of Worry

Black hair is related to sorrows, feelings of distress, and fear of wrongdoing. Dreams about pulling dark hair out of your mouth usually come during periods that bring a lot of stress, especially if you have the inability to deal with it on your own.

4. Red Hair – a Sign of Passion

If you’re in a relationship, pulling red hair out of your mouth represents the passion and lust that you feel toward your partner. Dreaming of red hair is the most common for men who have found a new partner, and it’s usually a strand of a woman’s hair.

5. Gray Hair – a Sign of Wisdom

Dreams where you’re pulling hair that is gray out of your mouth symbolize your maturity and wisdom. Such dreams are specifically significant for young people, who are already living their lives with care and diligence and aren’t bothered by complications in life.

Gray hair could also represent longevity because it’s mostly elderly people that have naturally gray hair.

6. Dyed Hair – a Sign of Creativity

Dreaming about pulling hair that is colored with bright dye out of your mouth, means that art and creativity exhibit a strong influence on your life. If it’s not the case, it could be the thing which you lack. Maybe picking up a pen or writing a poem is all you need to feel better.

Dream Meanings By Scenarios


Dream Meanings By Scenarios

1. Someone Else is Pulling Hair Out of Your Mouth

Having a dream where someone else is pulling hair out of your mouth is related to feelings of humiliation, depression, and loss of honor and dignity. For example, many people have such a dream after being blamed at work by their supervisors in front of everyone.

In most workplaces, workers simply can’t snap back at their superiors, which leads to inner turmoil. If that’s the case, consider changing jobs, because no one deserves to be put in such a position.

2. You’re a Bald or Beardless Man

If you are a bald person and are dreaming about pulling hair out of your mouth, chances are you have some repressed desires that are torturing you for a while. You desire something that you can’t have, and it’s troubling you.

The same applies to men who can’t grow a beard. If you have a dream of facial hair coming out of your mouth, including a mustache, or a luscious black beard, you might be tortured by some repressed urges that you can’t fulfill.

3. An Important Person Pulling Hair Out of Your Mouth

Having a dream about an important person pulling hair out of their mouth is a sign from the universe that you aren’t realizing your potential. Most likely, the figure in your dream is a rich person, a person of good character, or a spiritually strong man that you admire.

The person represents what you could be if you did your best at working towards your goals. Maybe you’ve experienced many failures which made you believe that you can’t achieve what you want to.

If that’s the case, this dream serves as a reminder of the immense potential that’s looming deep inside of you, just waiting to be actualized.

Dream Meanings By Hair Type



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