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15 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Full Moon

15 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Full Moon

You’ll hear a lot of stories about full moons and werewolves. And while you may think it’s all superstitious nonsense, just ask any cop or medic. They’ll tell you it’s their busiest night of the month! Spiritual types believe in the power of the full moon too, harnessing it for spells and rituals. But what does it mean to dream about a full moon? Let’s explore interpretations.

What Does it Mean to Dream of About a Full Moon?

1. You’re Struggling Between Two Crucial Forces

Have you heard the phrase ‘once in a blue moon’? It means something really rare because the moon is never blue. But meteorologically speaking, a blue moon is the second full moon of the month. Remember, the moon goes around the earth every 28 days or so, and once in a while, you might see a full moon on the 3rd of the month then see it reappearing on the 31st.

But what does it mean when you dream of two full moons in the same sky at the same time? The moon gives us light at night, and its gravity affects tides and weather patterns. If you see two of them, it means two important influences are struggling to win you over. It could be a career choice, two homes, or two partners you love equally. Your angels can help you decide.

2. Things Are Going Really Well Right Now!

When we look up at the sky, the moon (and the sun) looks like a perfect circle. But in reality, these celestial objects – and all the planets too – are elliptical. That means they’re oval or egg-like, with a bulging midsection. The orbits of these objects are elliptical too. It’s why the crescent moon looks smaller than the full moon – it’s often slightly further away at that time.

Because the moon is closest to the earth when it’s full, its gravity is stronger and it pulls the tides higher. In essence, a full moon has more energy and power than at any other time. So when you dream about a full moon, it means you’re at your peak. Your endeavors, whether it’s a work project, a family reconciliation, or a budding romance, will be highly successful.

3. You’re Going to Find Success in Unexpected Places

Have you ever spotted the moon during the day? In reality, it’s always up there, and so are the stars. But the sunshine is so bright that you can’t always see those other heavenly bodies. So what does it mean when you dream of seeing a full moon during the day? We said earlier that a full moon dream is a promise of success in your endeavors. The fact is still true here.

But because you expect to see the moon at night, not during the day, your dream means your good fortune will come as a surprise. You might meet someone that’s totally not your type and suddenly discover they’re your soul mate. You might get a dream job offer out of the blue. Or you might do alarmingly well on a test or project you had zero confidence in. Enjoy!

4. You’re Struggling to Make Your Talents Visible

Scientifically speaking, when the moon is full, it’s at a 180° angle from the sun. So the moon will rise just as the sun is setting and vice versa. This means if you’re at the right spot, you can see them both at dusk or dawn. But what does it mean when you see the full moon and the sun simultaneously, and they’re both high in the sky? Let’s look at the scientific facts first.

The moon doesn’t give off its own light. Instead, it reflects rays from the sun. So when the sun is shining in all its glory, the moon gets overshadowed. Dreaming of these two objects means you’re feeling unseen. You have talents or gifts that are powerful and strong, but a nearby ‘co-star’ is crowding you out. Ask your angels how you can remain visible despite this.

5. A New Life is Growing Inside You (or Your Lover)

In the past, people didn’t fully understand where babies came from. They knew sex was involved, but the mechanics didn’t get clear until science advanced enough to study gonads and reproduction. So back then, people thought a woman’s menstrual cycle and fertility were controlled by the moon. Given this context, what does it mean to dream about a full moon?

It could be a sign that you – or your partner – are pregnant. The double symbolism of bulging curves and virility tie into this message. And it can be a useful hint because most pregnancy tests can’t detect a growing fetus until it’s two to six weeks along in the womb. If you’re not planning on having a baby, the dream may be full of fear and anxiety. Prepare yourself for it.

6. Your Negative Aspects are Trying to Take Charge

Ever wonder where the werewolf myth came from? In spiritual spaces, many see the sun as a symbol of your conscious mind while the moon represents your unconscious. Note that we’re using unconscious, not subconscious. It’s not the same thing. Your subconscious holds the things you know, but you’re choosing not to acknowledge. Your unconscious knows nothing.

In this context, the idea was that the full moon brings out your dark, hidden side, sometimes in the form of a werewolf. So even if you don’t morph, your undesirable traits might come out when the moon does. Dreaming about a full moon, therefore, could be a warning from your angels that your dark side is about to make an appearance. Ask the angels to help you.

7. You Work Better in the Dark

People who experience SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) will sometimes joke about being photosynthetic. They get their energy and cheer from the sun, so during wintry months with little to no daylight, they feel lethargic and sub-par. Suppose you see this sentiment echoed in a dream. Maybe you’re suffering in a desert at sunset and get suddenly energized at night.

Or maybe you feel exhausted in traffic as the sun goes down but once the moon comes up, you’re rearing and ready to go! This means you’re a light worker of sorts, bringing people out of the darkness. It could be a calling to work with people at their darkest times, maybe as a counselor for addicts or depressives. Or you should simply switch to the graveyard shift.

8. Lean Into Your Artistic Side

Have you noticed how many poems talk about the moon? The sun may give us power and life, but it’s the moon that offers inspiration. So if you keep seeing the full moon in your dreams, it may mean your muse is calling. Maybe you have a creative talent you’ve been ignoring. Your dream could mean you should resume writing, sculpting, painting, or music.

But what if you’ve never tried any artistic activity? Your spirit guides know what you’re capable of, so you could ask them to point you in the right direction. Follow their guidance. This could mean buying a sketchpad or easel and signing up for a class. Or it could mean finding a musical instrument and letting the notes come through. Bring out your latent skills!

9. Take Up the Relevant Light Craft

We’ve talked about being a light worker, which means you want to use your abilities to raise the consciousness of humanity. But this concept might be a little woo-woo if you consider yourself practical and sober. So what does it mean if you dream about a full moon ritual? You may see yourself as a witch in a coven, a Celtic druid, or a yogi or guru in ceremonial robes.

Maybe you fell asleep reading a fantasy novel or watching a trilogy. But your guides might also be shining a spotlight on the career they want you to pursue. Try to recall the exact ritual you were performing. Was it a healing thing? Maybe you’re called to be a doctor, nurse, or paramedic. Was it a love spell? You could be a marriage counselor or a wedding officiant.

10. You’re Becoming Someone Better – Embrace It!

These days, vampires and werewolves are big in fictional spaces. So you may not find it weird if you dream of turning into a werewolf on a full moon. You’ll probably dismiss the dream and assume you’ve been watching too much TV. But this dream may not be as Hollywood-oriented as you think. The moon has long been a symbol of transition and transformation.

Your higher helpers want the best for you. So while they won’t judge you for doing bad, they’ll try to help you avoid it. And when you do go astray, they’ll use the misfortune, turning it into something good. If you let them. So if your angels send you a werewolf dream, it’s not a negative thing. The transformation may hurt and seem harmful, but your angels are on it!

11. You Have Angels All Around You

You would think the best view of the sun – or the full moon – is in a clear, cloudless sky. But if you’ve watched these celestial objects rise or set, you’ll notice something. When the dusk or dawn is foggy or hazy, that’s when the phenomenon is prettiest. Those wisps of clouds and cold air cause endless refractions and reflections that fill the sky with purples and fuchsias.

You may also notice that on misty nights, the full moon looks brighter and redder. So if you dream of a full moon being crowded by clouds, your angels are saying they’re all around are protecting you. Negativity is trying to choke you and get you down. Your heavenly helpers are on the case. Whatever darts your detractors throw at you, you’ll still come out shining.

12. Lean on Your Team, They’re Here to Help

We’ve mentioned that the sun, moon, and stars are always in the sky. Or rather, out in space. But we can’t see them during the day because the sun overpowers them. (If you’ve watched an eclipse or heard it described, there’s a magical moment when the sky goes black and the stars suddenly pop out!) And the full moon does the same thing – it outshines the stars!

But because the full moon doesn’t rise at the same time every month, you might see a sky full of stars for a few hours before the moon blinds them. What does this kind of a dream mean? Well, the moon represents you at your brightest moment. It’s your crowning achievement. But you didn’t do it alone. Your angels want you to recognize and reward your support staff.

13. This is What You Should Wear Today!

You’re reading an article about the meaning of moon dreams. That probably means you’re open to spiritual knowledge and unconventional lifestyles. You’re more accepting of outliers and non-conformers. So it’s not a reach that you could be fluid in your presentation. Some non-binary people know they’re neither male more female, so they present as a cool blend.

Others gender-bend, presenting as femme on certain days and masc on others, depending on how they wake up. And sometimes, your spirit guides can be just as fun and playful. So your wardrobe choices may be driven by your dreams, and you may often see the sun and moon sharing your dream. If the moon is bigger, go feminine. If the sun is bigger, it’s a masc day.

14. You’re Battling Between Logic and Instinct

Similarly, while the moon holds space for feminine energy and intuition, the sun stands in for masculinity and logic. On a good day, these aspects of your personality are balanced. But you’ll find scenarios where one or the other would serve you better. Suppose you’re trying to make an important decision. Maybe you’re trying to resolve a conflict at work or home.

If the dilemma is bugging you, it’s sure to pop up in your dreams. And if your two paths seem equally valid, you may see the sun and the moon having a battle of the glow. If the sun shines brighter, take a practical approach to the issue. But if the moon glimmers brighter in your dream, follow your heart and tap into your intuition as you find a solution for the challenge.

15. You’re Trying to Find Your Tribe

These days, you’ll hear a lot about tribes. Not in the ethnic community sense, but in the context of discovering like-minded people who share your vision and see the world in similar ways. Once you’ve found your tribe, you can collaborate and do amazing things! So what does it mean if you dream of a wolf howling at the full moon? Especially if the wolf is you?

Research tells us wolves howl to communicate with their pack. They’re not necessarily talking to the moon – they’re just playing an extremely serious game of marco-polo. And so are you! You’re standing in the spotlight (of the moon) so your people can see and hear you clearly. Ask your spirit guides for the best techniques to reach out and find your chosen tribe.

When was the last time you had a dream about a full moon? Tell us in the comments section!


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