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9 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Making Love With A Stranger

9 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Making Love With A Stranger

We cannot deny it but when we dream about sex, especially together with someone we truly desire to be with in real life, we get excited.

Perhaps, these dreams are only fantasies being fulfilled by our subconscious mind or dreaming mind because we cannot do it with some people, for example, the celebrities we idolize.

They may sometimes give us awkward feelings but did you know that these dreams are trying to tell us something? In this article, we will discuss what it means when we dream about sex with a stranger.

9 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Making Love With A Stranger


The Symbolisms of Sex With A Stranger

Sometimes, when we dream about sex and we get confused, we cannot express it to other people because we feel shame.

But, we should not feel this way because these dreams are not just about literal sex. Instead, they serve as an encouragement to focus more on your own life.

1. Passion

Sex dreams are associated with passion. They may speak about sexual obsessions but they also relay your desire to seek more, explore more, and move more.

They are messages about personal growth and nourishment.

2. Isolation

When you dream about having sex with a stranger, this can also represent isolation. Generally, you are disconnected from the people you cling to in your waking life.

Moreover, this connection you are trying to get is not just about physical sexuality but is also about emotional and intellectual intimacy.

3. Sociality

To have sex is a hard decision because once you give in, you can no longer bring back your virginity. However, when you are brave enough to do it, you are highly sociable and you accept the consequences after.

This is the reason why a dream of having sexual intercourse with a stranger is associated with sociality. Meeting new people allows you to expand your circle of finding a companion.

9 Messages When You Dream About Having Sex With A Stranger

Be attentive to your sexual desire


This wet dream about having sexual intercourse with a stranger gives you many clues about what is missing and what is too much not just in your sex life but in your overall life.

Sometimes, these also speak about your characteristics that you should change for the betterment of yourself, your current relationship status, and other areas of life, such as your career.

1. Be attentive to your sexual desire

When you dream about making love with a stranger even though you are currently in a relationship, this is a message for you to be attentive to your sexual needs.

You can take this as a warning sign if you feel that your partner is no longer interested in making love with you.

You have to pay attention to your libido because the tendency is that you might be looking for another person who can fulfill your physical needs, and this could be the start of infidelity.

If you are single, sexual intercourse with a stranger in your dream represents your search for a love life.

2. You seek intimacy

One of the most common dreams includes sexual dreams and these represent your emotions. When you dream about a stranger who is making love with you, and in real life, you are single, this means that your life is filled with sadness and dissatisfaction.

When you experience such dreams, it may not be about the physical union but also about the psychological union that confirms that you might be looking for a companion, perhaps a best friend, who can help you find the desires in your life so you can feel complete.

3. Improve your professional career

When you dream about sex with a stranger, and this person is one of your colleagues or co-worker, this dream is a message for you to focus on your professional career.

You are encouraged to upskill your abilities, improve your characteristics, and get rid of your bad behaviors such as sensitivity to increase your chance of being promoted.

If the person you are having sex with is your superior, you are encouraged to follow a trait that can please this person.

Moreover, when you dream about having sex, and this person is your boss, this is associated with your decisions. If you dream about it, ask yourself if you want to stay in the same company or seek new opportunities to level up your career.

Improve your professional career


4. Strengthen your relationship with your spouse

If you are married and you dream about sex with a stranger, take this as a sign to take care of your relationship with your spouse.

Generally, this dream is not about infidelity but is also about strengthening your relationship by seeking new things, taking breaks together, and going for new adventures.

For married couples, arguments will always be there. However, if the foundation of your relationship is weak, this can only make your relationship worse.

When you dream about this event, you are encouraged to make time with your partner. If you see that your relationship is drifting apart and you are always worrying about it, this is the right time to communicate.

Perhaps, dreaming of sex with a stranger even when you are already married is also a message for you to know your partner better. Keep the excitement, spark, chemistry, fire, and fluttery feelings, always!

5. You wish to be acknowledged

If you dream about making love with a stranger, and this person is a celebrity, this can signify your ambitions in life. You want to reach the top like others because being recognized makes you feel fulfilled.

Generally, having sex with a celebrity, specifically your crush celebrity, in your dream is exciting and you need no dream expert to tell you the meaning of this dream because you get to do coitus (sexual activity) which you cannot do in real life.

But, this dream is more about your talents and skills which you want other people to know.

6. Be brave enough to get out of your comfort zone

Lauri Loewenberg, a dream analyst, states that sex dreams do not sometimes mean emotions. Instead, they are representations of new opportunities.

When you dream about having sex with a stranger who used to be your partner, this dream signifies your zeal to try new things and enhance your creativity.

The stagnant life you have, represented by the vagina or penis of your ex in your dream, has already caged you long enough.

Thus, you are encouraged to be courageous to get out of your safe place, meet new people, and try new things. This dream may be one of the uncomfortable scenarios but you can use it positively.

 7. You are indecisive

You are indecisive


If you dream about having sex with a stranger with a gender you do not prefer, this is a sign that you are lost. You cannot decide about your sexuality.

You wish to go out but your homosexuality sometimes breaks your principles. You are ambiguous because you think about how your decisions will affect others, especially your loved ones.

8. You cannot control your anger

Anger can reduce your sexual craving. When you dream about having sex with a stranger, and in your dream, you experienced bondage and sadism, this can signify your inability to control your anger.

You feel that in real life, you are being haunted by your past traumas and this makes your attitude go bad. Instead of being kind, you tend to become angrier, especially when you see the people around you not experiencing your bad encounters.

Moreover, if in your dreams, you experienced masochism, intense orgasms, and masturbation, this represents your enjoyment of being angry all the time because this is how you reduce your pain.

Compared to males and females, the latter is more linked with masochistic dreams. Usually, in their dreams, different types of sex positions are also seen.

9. You feel deprived and unaccepted in the society

When you dream about having sex with a stranger and you become a victim of rape, this can represent your feelings of deprivation, low self-confidence, and your yes-person attitude.

Because of your feelings of being cast out, you tend to please other people just to fit in and be accepted by society.

Generally, compassion is one of your wonderful personality traits but, because of deprivation, you tend to forget your value. Eventually, this can only cause you to be deceived by other people.

When you dream about this event, this is a message for you to stay who you are. Find people who can accept you without having to risk your happiness.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, the dream interpretation of making love gives us different feelings. For others, these dreams can be intimidating, shameful, and provide guilt. However, for others, these dreams can give feelings of excitement!

Still, it is important to understand that sex dreams represent some things you fail to do when you wake up. They speak about what you need to improve in your personal life, relationship, and career.

9 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Making Love With A Stranger