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18 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Pooping

18 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Pooping

The act of pooping in a dream is associated with you letting go of something having a psychological value, like burdensome thoughts, memories, or emotions. Peeing in a dream has the same psychological meaning.

However, there can be several interpretations of these dreams about defecating, and interpretations might even surprise you. Let’s review these poop dreams, their meaning, and their symbolism according to dream interpreters.

The Symbolism and Meaning of Dreams of Pooping


The Symbolism and Meaning of Dreams of Pooping

Dreaming of pooping is an expression that you’re letting go of something from your life. It can be an emotion, a repressed feeling, bad habits, a problem, or a difficult situation. Likewise, dreaming about bowel movements is linked with financial problems or health issues.

Seeing yourself in the act means throwing away the burden and freeing yourself from problems to make radical life changes.

Dream Interpretations About Pooping

1. Dream About Pooping

These dreams are often seen as signs from our body’s early warning system. This act can halt your sleep and make you rush to the toilet. However, if you put in a little effort, you’ll eventually fall back asleep.

If you cannot digest your meal, have a bowel infection, or consume natural laxatives like a pumpkin, you will most likely have this dream.

2. Dream About Public Pooping

This dream plot is associated with your embarrassment, vulnerability, and self-consciousness when dealing with specific situations in life. The dream signifies that you are feeling vulnerable, and you must take active measures to address this issue, as it will only increase your anxiety.

Most dream interpreters see the location of the dream as the root cause of your stress and anxiety. This location can be your workplace, home, or public place.

3. Dream of Being Uneasy When Using Communal Bathrooms

Many people feel uneasy and take time to finish when someone walks into a communal restroom. While this situation can occur in your waking life, a dream about using a public toilet symbolizes your inner insecurities and vulnerabilities. You don’t believe in your abilities and are invested in comparing yourself to others.

Take the dream as a message from your subconscious and stop comparing yourself. Every human has different life experiences, levels of emotions, and lifestyles. You’ll only fall short if you focus too much on these comparisons rather than personal growth.

4. Dream of Suffering From Constipation

Dream of Suffering From Constipation


Spiritually, the issue of constipation indicates a spiritual blockage. The dream signifies that your spiritual energy is being blocked by ethereal toxins, including destructive emotions, unpleasant experiences in life, or bad habits like an addiction. If you’re an artsy person, the dream could mean your creativity is being blocked by distress and problems in your real life.

The dream about constipation also indicates that you are holding back too much. You must vent these emotions, thoughts, and feelings piling up in the subconscious mind. You might hold back sentiments or want to express certain feelings for a person, but now is the right time to execute.

5. Dream of Poop Overflowing the Toilet

Dreams carry powerful warnings and let you see your inner self in a different light. These dreams familiarize you with your unknown desires, fears, and ambitions. Seeing the toilet overflow in a dream is linked with your inner fears and distress that is acting like a toxin.

Think over your inner thoughts and identify the feelings and emotions you see as distressing. Slowly work your way and remove these toxic energies from your life. The dream can also mean you are in a toxic relationship, filling your life with negative energy. Ending these relationships will be a wise move.

6. Dream of Cleaning Poop

Seeing yourself changing your baby’s diaper or cleaning the excrement of your pets, like chicken droppings, horse poop, or animal dung, is a positive sign linked to financial prosperity. Most people find these activities unpleasant. Whether it’s your pet’s litter box or a communal restroom.

Cleaning up the filth means you care about your child, pet, or someone close to you. The dream depicts that your efforts will become fruitful, and you may receive monetary gains, a promotion, or a salary raise soon. You will soon be rewarded for diligence and hard work.

7. Feeling Unpleasant When Defecating in a Dream

People generally link defecation to a nasty experience that often comes with a bad smell. This uneasy and distressing feeling of your experience in the dream means that a challenging situation or a problem is on its way. There’s no way around it other than gearing up and facing the particular situation.

Think of the situation as an upcoming mandatory trial that can’t be avoided. The dream interpreters emphasize being prepared for the trial and believing in yourself and your abilities to handle the situation flawlessly.

8. Dream About Animal Poop Around the Office or at Home

People running a business mostly face corporate problems. While some of the issues are legit, there are corporate problems solely created by competitors to sabotage the company. If you see poop lying around your house or the workplace, it suggests you need to dig into your professional circle.

A competitor, a co-worker, or someone close to you is trying to compromise your professional progress, and you must address these problems immediately.

9. Dream of Bird Poop Falling on Your Feet

Dream of Bird Poop Falling on Your Feet


Whether you see an animal poop near you or dream about getting manure or other excrements on your feet, all these dreams are a good omen. These dreams are harbingers of abundance in health, financial gain, and good fortune. Invest in a business or buy a lottery as you achieve financial stability.

10. Dream About Cleaning Excrement From Objects

While getting your shoes dirty translates to good fortune,  a dream where you are wiping excrement from carpets, clothes, or some other object implies that you are facing financial instability. It can also mean you are currently broke and struggling to meet ends.

Another interpretation of this dream is that you’ll receive financial aid soon. Still, you will only be able to manage the expenses if an unexpectedly large bill appears afterward.

11. Dream of Having Diarrhea

Dreaming of a running stomach suggests you will soon face several situations forcing you to spend a lot of money. You might even run out of finances after resolving these situations.

If you see other people in the dream, it also suggests the expenses you pay will be communal. This can be a failed investment, a joint venture, or a lawsuit.

12. Seeing Feces Being Thrown at You in a Dream

Someone throwing poo, dirt, or dung at you indicates that people around you are jealous of your success, feel threatened, and will go to any extent to create obstacles and slow down your progress. The dream could also mean someone is trying to deceive you, taking advantage, and always talking behind your back.

Instead of clouding your mind with negative emotions, identify these people, and be extra cautious when dealing with them.

13. Dream of Poop on Bed

If you find yourself on a poopy bed with your partner, it’s not a good dream if you are already invested in a relationship. It’s a sign from higher powers that your romantic relationships are no good. They are only there for the money and will leave you as soon as you cannot manage your finances.

14. Dream of Flushing the Toilet

Dream of Flushing the Toilet


This dream plot of pooping here signifies that your psyche is in a state of unrest. However, flushing the toilet means your negative emotions are leaving the mind. You might have been keeping these thoughts to yourself and stopping them from coming out, but now it’s time to let go of your worries and dump these feelings.

15. Carrying Dung in the Office

This poop dream meaning is quite the opposite of what you might think. If you see yourself carrying a pile of excrement to the workplace, your office space, or a press conference, it means good luck and getting rewarded for your hard work.

16. Seeing Pile of Excrement in a Dream

Dream of feces present on a conference table or the office chair suggests that your investments and endeavors will be profitable and prosper soon. Any financial endeavors you undertake will be fruitful and result in financial gain.

17. Dream of Baby Poop

Having a poop dream where you see baby poop means you desire to have kids and are seeking to settle in with your significant other. Some also interpret this dream as a sign of fertility and motherhood. Similar dreams of seeing children poop in their underwear or pants carry the same meaning.

18. Dream of Pooping in a Clogged Toilet

The dreamer in this plot might see themselves being forced to pass their stools in a clogged bathroom. You have nowhere to go in the dream, and using this lavatory is the last resort. The blocked toilet shows your negative habits and stubborn emotions that you are struggling with in real life.

The message from your subconscious mind here is that these issues should be addressed immediately.

Bottom Line

Most dreams relate to poop, signify financial matters, act as a warning, and let you know that difficult situations are around the corner. We are programmed to achieve anything, but it depends on how we tackle these difficult situations.

Besides reviewing the interpretations we shared with you, it’s crucial to tap into different interpretations and see how well they fit in your life to understand the exact meaning behind your dream.

Dream of pooping in a Clogged Toilet