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12 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream Of Drowning Child

12 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream Of Drowning Child

Giving a dream interpretation for a dream of a drowning child is quite a challenge. Such dreams are as distressing as they are multi-faceted. The meaning and symbolism of such a dream can be anything from low self-esteem to crippling guilt for something you’ve done, from fear for the distant future to deep regrets for something that happened decades past, and more.

The difference between such diametrically opposite interpretations lies in the details of the dream and only you know those. What we can do, however, is give you the necessary pointers for what your dream might have meant depending on some key details in it. So, here are the 12 most probable interpretations of a dream of a drowning child.

12 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream Of Drowning Child


What does a dream of a drowning child mean?

The connotations of such a dream will usually lean toward the negatives but there are a few possible positive interpretations we’ll touch on too. Overall, identifying the correct meaning should always lead to some personal changes in your waking life as – positive or negative – the meaning of a dream of a drowning child is never minor and insignificant.

We’ve broken the 12 probable interpretations into several categories based on the details the dream might exhibit:

Are you the child?

A dream of a drowning child is a relatively common dream and nightmare but the possible dream meanings and interpretations of it get more complicated if you dream of yourself as a drowning child. Here are a few ways you can view such a dream:

You feel that your inner self can’t manage the pressure life throws at you


1. You feel that your inner self can’t manage the pressure life throws at you

A drowning dream is typically associated with a feeling of overwhelming sadness and burnout. In fact, we even use it as a phrase in our day-to-day life – “I’m drowning in debt”, “I’m drowning in chores”, and so on. The dream symbol of you drowning as a child adds an extra layer to this symbolism, however, as the child’s image likely represents your inner child and therefore – your inner self and your deepest thoughts, feelings, and self-identification.

2. You’ve had to compromise on some of your deepest held beliefs

An act of drowning as a child can also mean that you perceive the metaphorical “death” of some key aspects of yourself that you’ve held since your childhood. In that sense, what would a dream of a child drowning mean if not the feeling that some deeper and inner part of yourself is going away? This happens very often when we’ve had to make a major compromise on something or when we’ve changed in a very drastic way.

3. You are severely depressed as well as tortured by a major self-confidence crisis

A dream of drowning can be a powerful warning for the dreamer of certain internal issues such as severe depression, torturous guilt, or a major self-esteem drop. All of the above can spell a disaster for your mental health and usually necessitate immediate action, preferably with the help of a professional. In that sense, as horrible as such a dream usually is, it can also be the best thing that’s ever happened to you if you act on it soon enough.

Is the child yours?

Another alternative version of this dream can have you watching your own children drowning instead of yourself. A dream of your child drowning can be even more distressing for most parents but understanding its symbolism is equally important:

You may have anxiety about your abilities as a parent


4. You may have anxiety about your abilities as a parent

Onto some simpler interpretations that are even more directly tied to events in real life, if you dream that your child is drowning, that can indicate that you’re afraid you’re not a good parent. That’s a normal fear, many first-time parents, in particular, are constantly anxious that they are a disappointment to their children.

If you have such fears, it’s best to talk with people close to you and either change something in your behavior as a parent or alleviate the fears if they are incorrect.

5. You may be worried about having children in the future

A similar type of anxiety is that of not knowing if you’d be a good parent once you have your own child. Lots of young couples – especially during the first pregnancy – are terrified that they don’t have the resources or know-how to raise a child properly. As normal as that fear is, however, it shouldn’t dissuade you from doing your best – on the contrary.

Is the child unfamiliar to you?

A more puzzling alternative is a dream in which you see an unfamiliar to you child drowning. The implied distance here doesn’t make the dream any less personal and important for your subconscious, however:

You feel guilty about something you’ve done recently


6. You feel guilty about something you’ve done recently

Lots of things we do on a daily basis affect not just the people immediately around us but people we don’t know around the world too. For anyone with a conscience, it’s perfectly normal to sometimes worry about what your actions might mean to others. Did you accidentally hurt or affect someone you don’t know, did you fail to help someone, did you deprive someone of an opportunity with something you did?

Our inability to know such things for sure doesn’t stop us from worrying about them. It is usually an unjustified fear, however, as it means that you do have a good conscience and you’re at least trying to do good which is all we can really do anyway.

7. You’ve been questioning the morality and/or effectiveness of some of your actions

Everyday life is full of many decisions and actions, each with lots of trickle-down effects that we can never fully foresee. Having the sensitivity to wonder about how your actions affect others is a great trait but there’s usually no need to let it plunge your dreams into nightmares.

Was the child drowning in the ocean, in a river, or in a pool?

Another detail that can bring a lot of clarity to your dream’s interpretation is the environment in which the drowning took place – specifically, in what type of body of water it happened:

Was the child drowning in the ocean, in a river, or in a pool?


8. You may feel lost in the depths of your emotions and your subconscious mind if the child was drowning in an ocean

Oceans in dreams usually represent the depths of our emotions as well as our subconscious minds. Floating in calm ocean water is decisively different from struggling against tall waves and drowning in a lot of water, especially as a child. So, in the latter case, that’d usually indicate that you can’t get a handle on your emotional state.

9. You feel desperate for help if the drowning happened in a river

Rivers in dreams are usually fast-moving and overflowing, often feeling like full-fledged floods. Drowning in the dirty water of a fast river tends to symbolize the helplessness of being pushed around by the events in your life without being able to exert much control.

10. You’re afraid you or someone around you may be acting recklessly and irresponsibly if the dream took place in a swimming pool

A swimming pool is drastically different from the above examples because it’s a body of water made by people and not by nature. So, it usually symbolizes a lack of responsibility on your part or by someone close to you. In essence, if a child is drowning in a pool, this means you made a mistake and it isn’t just a matter of being overwhelmed by life or circumstances.

Did you save the child or did someone else save them?

Successful rescues in such a dream imply a happy ending but that doesn’t mean you should just discard the dream as unimportant – on the contrary.

Did you save the child or did someone else save them?


11. You’re feeling stressed out and nearly burned out recently but you still feel capable or hopeful of handling things

This is a rare positive interpretation of a dream about a drowning child. Yes, the dream is still nightmarish, indicating that you feel like you’re in a difficult situation in your life. However, a happy ending such as you getting the child out or throwing them a life jacket indicates that you still feel at least somewhat capable of doing what’s necessary which is good.

12. You feel inadequate and incapable in your current situation but you’ve received – or hope to receive – help

If the savior in your dream is someone else such as a stranger or a friend, then that shows that you don’t feel like you have what it takes to deal with your current circumstances. Nevertheless, the fact that at least someone managed to throw a line your way and got you out of harm’s way means that you at least hope the odds are in your favor and you’ll get the help you need.

In conclusion

The types of dreams that involve water and drowning are always full of symbolism about our own emotions and the difficulties of taking control of them. Such dreams can and should lead to lots of introspection but deciphering the meaning of the dream often requires professional help.

Hopefully, we’ve given you at least some pointers as to how to interpret your experience and what you can do about it.

12 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream Of Drowning Child