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11 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Peeing

11 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Peeing

Dreaming about peeing is a very common dream, which is not restricted to only small children, toddlers, and infants. Interestingly, adults also experience this dream, and it reveals some attention-grabbing details about their emotional and mental state.

Generally, dreams are a mirror of our subconscious mind, revealing our deepest secrets, needs, emotions, aspirations, motivations, traumas, and fears.

Although some tend to dismiss dreams, their message, and their importance, many psychologists posit that dreams have a role in helping us examine our suppressed feeling and states of mind.

Therefore, even though this dream sounds funny to some people, decoding the meaning of it can serve as a self-awareness resource, a portal, or a tool to discover our unconscious wishes.

Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Peeing


Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Peeing

Dream of peeing has numerous interpretations related to your lack of privacy or control, self-confidence, pride, self-worth, and financial affairs, among others.

1. You Have a Full Bladder

Many psychoanalysts, including Sigmund Freud, believed that the dream about peeing means that you need to pee in your waking life. Many people (if not all) have experienced the scenario of being awakened by their need to use a toilet.

This dream is why many tend to wet their bed because the need present in the dream is actual, and in that state, we cannot discern what is real and what is not.

2. You Need to ‘Cleanse’ Yourself

When you think about peeing or release of urine, that is one of the primary needs and a way for us to dispose of our body waste. In the spiritual sense, this translates to an act of self-cleansing of negative energy, disturbing thoughts, self-imposed restrictions, and burdens.

If this dream resurfaces very often, you are most likely emotionally overwhelmed or suffering from an emotional or job burn-out. Think about your daily obligations and how you feel about them. Is there something that you can change or upgrade?

Your romantic life can also cause you to feel overwhelmed and burdened if your partner asks too much of you emotionally and you cannot cope with those needs, which causes anxiety, stress, and discontent.

That is why people tend to see dirty toilets in their dreams overflowing with urine; they do not feel safe and comfortable expressing their emotions, which they subconsciously want to do.

3. You Lack Control

The dream of urine or peeing also suggests that, just like in your dream, you cannot control yourself and your needs, affecting your professional and personal life.

It usually refers to an emotional lack of control, meaning you have a short fuse and get easily upset.

For example, a dream about peeing blood or seeing bloody urine is related to the loss of control, and many dream experts believe that the urine in the dream can be a representative of our emotions.

In real life, peeing or having blood in your urine is most likely a sign of UTI, an infection, anemia, or a kidney stone.

Maybe you feel that life has turned out differently than you imagined, and your current reality is coursed by other forces out of your control, which stresses you deeply. It can also refer to your relationship with family, friends, and significant others.

4. You Need Privacy

You Need Privacy


When you think about peeing, it is something that we perform alone, privately, between four walls.

Therefore, when you dream about peeing, especially in front of other people, that might signal that you need privacy and do not feel comfortable in your current stage of life. The dream about urinating in public spaces and areas has a similar interpretation.

These dreams are related to emotions of intrusion and relentlessness; you feel that others are pushing your boundaries and constantly testing and watching you. The eyes on you and the pressure only contribute to this feeling of being overwhelmed, insecure, and ‘attacked’.

That is why you see yourself peeing; you are trying to make your territory and repulse others. This may be a good moment to isolate yourself from others, ponder your life choices, and get yourself in line with the spiritual self.

5. You Might Have Health issues

Some people dream about having pain in their urinary tract, which is an odd and uncomfortable dream. However, many dream experts agree that it might infer a health issue related to your urinary tract or bladder in the waking world.

Although many tend to joke about dreams and their ability to predict anything in the near future, our brain is a predictive machine that gathers and processes emotions and experiences and then delivers predictions and potential outcomes.

This does not mean that our brain is a crystal ball, but it can provide prediction by evaluating circumstances and then determining an outcome. For example, you cannot pass an exam you have not studied for!

6. You Have an Attitude Problem

Dreaming of seeing red pee or urine can signify that you have an attitude problem affecting the quality of your life and your personal relations.

This dream is usually an attempt of your subconscious to alert you to your behavior, habits, and interpersonal relationships. You may be destroying your relationships with your colleagues, friends, and relatives without even noticing it.

You may be too intrusive, impolite, or insensitive to other people’s emotions. This dream can also relate to your self-destructive behavior in the sense of being lazy, inactive, and dependent.

7. You Will Gain Something

You Will Gain Something


Many interpret peeing in a dream as a good sign connected to prosperity, success, and wealth, especially if you dream about peeing in unusual places and everywhere. Most dream experts agree that this dream might signal your future financial gain,

Similar interpretations and meanings are connected to the dream of seeing someone pee their pants or peeing in a toilet. Again, it signals some sort of successful conquest or project.

Another spiritual meaning of this dream is related to your manner of overcoming problems; you might encounter a big obstacle, but regardless of its importance and complexity, you will come on top as a true winner.

8. You Need to Listen To Your Intuition

People who dream about wanting to pee but cannot reach or find a bathroom or restroom usually disregard their intuition, basic needs, and gut feeling. Essentially this dream is related to the ignorance of your wishes, goals, and ambitions.

You need to pay more attention to your intrinsic needs; maybe you are unhappy in your current relationship and yearn for passion, romance, and excitement.

On the other hand, a pee dream tells you that you are diminishing your potential and abilities because you do not have a high opinion of yourself and your worth.

9. You are Misguided by Your Ego

Seeing urinals in your dreams is connected to your ego and pride, usually negatively, but it can have different scenarios and, therefore, different meanings.

Having an ego does not necessarily have to be seen as unfavorable because the ego protects us and can perpetuate healthy habits. However, it can quickly become your worst enemy, ruining your relationships with colleagues, relatives, and even your husband or wife.

Maybe you are experiencing this dream because someone recently challenged your ego, and you feel threatened, exposed, and pressured.

10. You Have Unresolved Issues

You Have Unresolved Issues


When you think about your childhood, you probably remember the awkward and unpleasant phase of ‘wetting your bed,’ which is also typical for children.

However, some dream interpreters connected this dream of wetting yourself in bed with a past traumatic experience and negative emotions.

It might be a childhood trauma you suppressed and ignored, but unfortunately, the subconscious mind keeps these memories, usually triggered by a smell, an image, or even a scent.

Although these memories are deeply buried within your mind, they still exist and continue to bother you. You need to do a little self-reflection session or try to share your feelings with a close friend or family member.

11. You Will Enter a New Chapter

Although it might sound illogical, urination dreams can signify that a new beginning awaits you. This can be related to your professional life or personal matters, meaning you might get or find a new job.

It can also mean that you will find the man or woman you have been searching for years. However, most interpretations of dreams are a two-way street. Although it signals a new chapter, that does not mean you will initially be happy about the changes.

Sometimes, we are coursed to do things that do not resonate with our goals, such as enrolling in a faculty of college that we do not like but our parents think is a good idea. This new chapter, beginning, or change may be dreadful initially.

However, often in life, we come to the realization that some changes, although painful and uncomfortable, are necessary for future growth and development.


Dreaming about peeing can be interpreted in several ways; it can be seen as a positive and negative sign depending on the context.

Therefore, it can symbolize cleansing, lack of privacy and control, financial gain, suppressed negative emotions, and a new beginning.

It is important to note that when you try to decode and interpret a dream, you need to consider your current mental-emotional state. This is because dreams reflect our unique past and present experiences, emotions, and goals and, therefore, can have different interpretations.

Have you experienced this dream? How did it make you feel? Could you share your experience with us? If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!




Monday 27th of November 2023

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