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15 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Toilet

15 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Toilet

Have you ever dreamed that you were peeing in the bathroom, but when you woke up, you had wet your bed instead? It’s pretty common. Your bladder was full so your brain said ‘let’s go to the toilet’. But somehow, the message didn’t translate loudly enough to wake you up!

Luckily, this rarely happens with Number Twos, though it does result in a lot of salty sheets. But what does it mean when you dream about a toilet? It could be your mind’s way of pinging your subconscious. Or it could be angels. Let’s look at a few potential interpretations.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Toilet?

1. You’re Feeling Crowded

Toilet humor is the quickest way to get a gag. It could be that scene from Fools Rush In where Salma insists on s******g with the door open because “People in love should do everything together!” Or it could be a moment of dark humor in your own life when you run to the toilet to escape needy toddlers and nosy in-laws. It might even be public toilet graffiti.

Maybe you’ve seen the one that says, “If you’re not ashamed of what you’re doing, why is the door closed?” All these scenarios hint at the meaning of your toilet dream. See, whether it’s a fancy Japanese bidet or a squat behind the bush, you don’t want your toilet activities to be seen. Your dream could mean you’re feeling crowded in your waking life. You need privacy.

2. Big Brother is Watching

During the Covid Years (2020 to 2022), lots of people worked from home. And one of their biggest complaints was corporate surveillance. Lots of bosses introduced spyware that would monitor their employee’s screens, pun intended. Others insisted on a video-on policy during Zoom meetings. These terms were intended to boost productivity and soothe lonely staffers.

Your boss could still look over your shoulder, and you could squash all your colleagues into that tiny box, even as they sat in their own homes. But it left many workers feeling policed and micro-managed. If you’re the type of person that doesn’t like being watched while you work, toilets may invade your dreams, with the door constantly swinging open as you s(h)it.

3. Your Partner is Crossing Boundaries

Couples have a million ways to handle phone privacy. Some have shared accounts and open policies about passwords. Others are so particular that they have five-factor authentication and take their phones into the shower! But what does this have to do with phone etiquette? It may mean your partner has been fishing around in your phone and you’re feeling violated…

Maybe you had a recent change in regime and your partner decided they should have access to your phone. You don’t like it, but you can’t say no without getting dumped, so you grin and bear it while toilets clog your dreams. Or maybe they’re being sneaky, but you can tell by the position of your phone, so you’re festering in your sleep instead of confronting their actions.

4. It’s Time for Closure … or Detox

Toilets used to be called water closets because of their water content – and the fact they were often installed in refurbished cloakrooms. And we know water in the spirit world is a portal. In this sense, the toilet dream has both a practical and metaphysical meaning. You flush to get rid of the toxins in your body. The swirling water gets rid of the smell as well as the waste.

So if you dream about flushing a toilet, it could mean you need – or are going through – a period of psychological cleansing. You may be healing from an infection, a disappointment, or a heartbreak, so while you sleep, your spiritual helpers are pushing the poison out of your body and washing the pain away. It might also be a hint that you need to detoxify your space.

5. You’re Repressing Things You Shouldn’t

Floaters are some of the most annoying things on the planet … or at least in the bathroom. And even if you haven’t experienced one in the middle of a party, you can imagine how stressful it is to be fighting a floater as someone bangs on the door outside. So what does it mean when you flush and flush and flush but it just won’t go away? It means you’re choking.

In the spirit realm, water forms a door between dimensions, but it also represents your emotions. So you’re wearing down the toilet handle trying to force your feelings away. Except it’s not working! Your spirit guides are always with you, so they know what sentiments you’re trying to suppress, even if you’re not aware of it yourself. And they’re telling you to stop hiding.

6. You’re Transitioning to a New Phase

Depending on your bathroom etiquette, your dream can give you career advice. Some people have a rigid routine. They visit the toilet at pre-set times and can set a clock off their bowels. So if your dream involves the actual act of … elimination … it could be a sign that you’re exiting one phase of your life and embarking on a new journey. Try to remember the dream.

Could you identify the specific toilet you were using? It might be a school toilet that you can recognize or the bathroom from your childhood home. It could even be the washroom at the office. These are all hints about the ending era and what comes next. The school bathroom could mean you’re graduating soon. The office toilet could hint at a new job in your future.

7. You’re Overstretched and Overwhelmed

Nobody likes dealing with dirty toilets. Not the janitors that earn minimum wage to clean them, or even the plumbers that get paid a premium to unblock them! So what does it mean when you dream about dirty, smelly, or clogged toilets? Think about the context. Maybe you’re hosting for the holidays and you’re crying and panicking as you try to fix the toilet.

Or maybe you’re in the middle of a meeting and you have to rush to the bathroom to solve the problem before the clients go in there. Both these scenarios suggest you see yourself as a fixer. You’re the one that solves everything for everyone, and your dream shows you you’re feeling overwhelmed. You need a break. Ask your angels what and where you can delegate.

8. You Feel Trapped and Taken for Granted

Our bowels are a lot like our noses – we ignore them until they get blocked. The moment you catch a cold, a UTI, or bowel infection, you notice all the things you took for granted. Like the taste of food. Or the pleasure of peeing. Or even, you know, effortless breathing. So what does it mean when you dream of urgently needing a toilet and not finding one you can use?

This isn’t a dream about locked doors or tour buses. This is a dream where the toilets are available in plenty, and they’re all empty, but they’re too dirty to use. This means you feel stuck. It’s like you have no options, and every possibility you consider turns to sh-. You’re trapped between a rock and a hard place. Your angels are warning you. You’re about to blow!

9. You Require Introspection for a Bit

We love to put people in boxes. It makes them easier to deal with. And one of the most common boxes is the introvert/extrovert one. Oddly, while humans like to put other people in neat little categories, they don’t like to be pigeon-holed themselves. So you’ll see variants like outgoing introvert, shy-loud, mesovert, or ambivert for the people in-between.

If you see yourself as an extrovert, you probably love being in the thick of things. But even the biggest party people need time to themselves. You need to check into your inner world so you can rest, relax, and grow. But if you’re neck-deep in chronic #FOMO, you may not recognize this. So your heavenly helpers are sending you toilet dreams. You need a time out!

10. Make Some Space to Grieve

Did you ever lose a pet growing up? If it was a turtle, a goldfish, a frog, or a small reptile, your parents may have flushed it and subbed it with an identical one. They were trying to protect your feelings, and you may never know what they did until you become a parent and have to do the same for your own child. So what does it mean to flush a pet in a dream?

We replace pets this way to spare our kids the pain. We don’t want to crush their innocence with the idea of death … or the knowledge that they accidentally killed it. So if you experience this dream, it may mean you’re rushing to get over the loss of a loved one, whether they died, dumped you, or moved away. It could even be a failed project. Give yourself time to mourn.

11. Try Loosening Up a Little

Pause for a moment and think about your overall personality. Are you a rigid person who’s always being told to get that stick out of you’re a- … your rear end? Or maybe you’re a rebel that proudly breaks every rule you can. You might be a goody-goody who can’t even curse in private or a people-pleaser that does what everybody else wants but secretly seethes about it.

If you’re too constricted, you might dream of impossibly clogged toilets because your spirit wants to break free. You might be so anxious that your system is literally backed up and you need a clean, safe outlet. Your energy is jammed up and you urgently require a spiritual colonoscopy. Maybe even an enema. Your angels are reminding you to relax and live a little.

12. Or Maybe You Need to Follow More Rules …

On the other hand, you may have recently read Sinead O’Connor’s memoir. Or watched that episode of Sex Education. (#SpoilerAlert!) In both cases, they mention a fact you might already know – that tour buses aren’t built to handle solids. In the dream, you may have ignored that crucial rule, and you’re trying to resolve the mess before someone else comes in!

This dream is letting you know that while your angels accept your counter-cultural leanings, they can sometimes land you into trouble. They’re reminding you that your unconventional approach works for you, but it causes issues for others. Ask your higher helpers for clarity and guidance. They’ll tell you how to be less antagonistic without quashing your personality.

13. Something … or Someone … is Working Against You

You know that feeling when you hear a strange sound or detect an odd smell in your house or office? You might spend the next hour trying to figure out where it’s from. So suppose you have one of these dreams about a toilet. You’ve checked everywhere, planted aromatic herbs, bought a diffuser, opened the windows, changed your detergent … the smell won’t go away!

Or the dream might involve a stain that won’t budge, no matter how much you scrub or bleach it. You’ve even tried industrial cleaners! This dream means you – or someone close to you – is messing with you. It could be a bad habit that’s holding you back or a person that’s consciously sabotaging you. Ask your angels to show you the source of that stubborn stink.

14. You Need Healthier People in Your Life

Suppose you have a dream where you’re shopping for toilets. It doesn’t mean as much if your current one is broken. Or if you’re renovating the bathroom. Or building a new house. But if it’s just a regular night and you dream of toilet hunting, think about your circumstances. Did you recently break away from a toxic partner, family member, employer, or close associate?

If you did, your esteem is probably damaged and you assume you don’t deserve any better. You’re subconsciously on the lookout for a new ‘toilet’ to treat you the same way. Your spirit guides are letting you know you have options. You can find a fancy bidet that will flush those bad feelings while warming your bottom and clearing your system. It might even be pink!

15. It’s Messy … But it Needs Doing

A mommy blogger got into a fix when she dismissively described ‘the person who cleans her toilets’. See, it’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it, and it’s not right to look down on the people that clean up after you. Especially your toilets! So what does it mean when you dream of doing it yourself? It could mean you need to build up your empathy and stop being a pain.

It can also be a reminder about some nasty task you’ve been putting off. The longer you leave it, the stinkier it’ll get. Your guardian angels are pushing you to get to it. Stop procrastinating and just do the thing. It’ll be over before you know it, and since your higher helpers are in it with you, it’s unlikely to be as horrible as you expect. It’ll only take a short while to finish!

When was the last time you had a dream about a toilet? Tell us all about it in the comments!