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11 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream Of Child Dying

11 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream Of Child Dying

Dreaming about losing someone to death can be very scary, and many would agree that it is more fitting to call this a nightmare. Dreaming about the death of a child or even dreaming of babies dying can be especially jarring if you have children of your own, or have children in your life that you care about. To dream of child deaths is sometimes connected to grief.

Dreams about death are generally not as scary once they are correctly interpreted, as the true meaning is usually quite different. But the feelings of such a dream can linger with you for hours even after you wake up.

But what does it really mean to dream about a child dying? We have gathered some of the most common dreams and interpretations.

11 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream Of Child Dying


What are dream interpretations?

Interpreting dreams is a practice that’s almost as old as dreams themselves. It stretches across cultures, countries, and religions. Many times, the images displayed to us while we are unconscious, are thought to be our subconscious mind or higher self speaking to us. Others may believe it is the only time our spirit guides and ancestors are able to communicate with us. Regardless of who is trying to do the telling, it is the actual telling itself that causes us to seek out the deeper meaning of our dreams. Many ancient societies depended on dreams to drive them forward in their decision making, or had a designated person like a high priestess or shaman that would advise on different areas of life after having dreamt about them.

Different meanings for dreaming about a child dying

Dreams of a child dying can have many different meanings. In this case, the feelings experienced during the dream and the scenario itself, in general, are all important for interpretation.

1. Unhealthy habits and lifestyle

This dream is usually a sign of making unhealthy choices in regard to yourself and your health. To many people’s surprise, this dream does not warn or predict any danger to your child’s life, but rather is a sign that you have come to ignore making healthy decisions for yourself, and if you continue down this path you can be forced to face some serious consequences.

2. Weakening of your relationship

To dream of your child dying is very scary, however, it is very rarely a sign of something tragic actually happening to them in real life. In this context, death represents the ending of one thing and the beginning of another.

This could be a metaphor for the relationship between the parent and the child. Maybe you have grown apart, or maybe your child has grown to an age where you feel like they no longer need you in the same way.

It is possible that your child is beginning a new chapter of their lives, and thus leaving behind or ending a previous one.

3. No support system

No support system


This dream could be telling of difficult situations that have been endured in private for far too long. If you have been experiencing hardships or difficult life changes without reaching out for help or advice, this dream is a sign that you need to find a good support system that is able to guide you through the harder parts of life and a reminder that you don’t have to carry the burden alone.

4. Death of the inner child

The inner child is a metaphor for your own younger self. The feelings and traumatic events that have been left unhealed. The inner child shows up in the adult as certain behavioral patterns as a result of what you were deprived of or subjected to as a child.

For some people, this is deeply rooted in their trauma. Many of us struggle with a wounded inner child, and dreaming of the death of a child could be connected to the death of your own inner child. Sometimes this can feel alarming, and be a reason for you to try your best to bend the relationship with yourself.

Other times, this can be a sign of having finally fulfilled and healed yourself in all ways possible, thus giving space for your inner child to finally find peace.

5. Loss of innocence

The death of a child can also be synonymous with the death of innocence within ourselves. Perhaps you have reached a certain point in your life where you are being exposed to the realities of life and adulthood, and the childlike wonder and magic that once filled your perception has disappeared.

6. Dream about watching a child die

Dream about watching a child die 


This dream can be incredibly terrifying and stressful. And it is no coincidence that this experience in a dream symbolizes stress, anxiety, and having been forced to deal with a lot of responsibilities by yourself in your daily life. To dream about the loss of a child is a sign of fatigue and a reminder that you need to recover mentally.

7. Dream about the death of an unborn or an unknown child

To dream about the death of an unborn child or unknown child is a sign of being invested in too many things at once, usually resulting in not being able to fully commit yourself to any of them.

This is a common dream to have in relation to work stress, or general stress about your career and experiences in your professional life. a good example of the phrase “biting off more than you can chew”.

Try to focus on one thing at a time so that you can invest your full potential into one project.

8. Dream about a child dying from drowning

This dream can often make parents feel helpless and unable to protect their children, and many parents consider it to be their greatest fear.

The symbolism of a child drowning in your dream is tied to the feelings of the parent during their waking life and is often a sign that they are feeling lost and aimless in their day to day life. Parents need alone time, and spending some time to focus on themselves and regenerate could be well needed.

Having dreams about losing your child to drowning could also be telling of concerns you have regarding someone else’s actions. Perhaps someone around you has been acting recklessly lately, and their behavior concerns you. If you are concerned about their wellbeing, it would be best to talk to them and express this in an open and honest dialogue.

9. Children dreaming about their own death

Children dreaming about their own death


These dreams are fairly common amongst children and can be very scary due to the complex concept of death. A dream death, especially the death of the child itself in a dream is usually a sign of fear in regards to being away from their parents.

In certain cases, it can symbolize a milestone in the child’s development, as they grow older. A child exiting the toddler stage may have a dream like this, as a sign that they are undergoing a significant change in their lives.

Religious meanings of dreaming about child dying

1. Child dying dream meaning in Islam

In Islam, the meaning of having a dream of the death of a child can be synonymous with death in general. This can be a sign of new beginnings, growing up, and the end of innocence.

2. Child dying dream meaning in Christianity

In Christianity, the death of a child symbolizes deep-rooted emotional issues. It is often a sign that you need to look at your issues from a new perspective in order to overcome the feelings of limitation and confusion that you are experiencing. The death of a child does not signify any harm to your child, but more so is a wake-up call for your inner feelings to be heard.

Dreaming about a child dying  general meaning

Dreaming about a child dying  general meaning


Although this dream is scary it is never to be taken in a literal sense when it comes to interpretations. Dreaming about the death of a child is more commonly a sign of the relationship between the parent and the child, the loss of innocence, or feelings of helplessness or despair.

These dreams serve as a wake-up call to our own emotions and guide us to make better decisions about our health and habits.

How your dreams reflect your waking life

Your dreams are a powerful tool and an expert on translating the thoughts, emotions and feelings of your waking life, into your subconscious.

Some of the time these can symbolize feelings of deep fear, worry, and self-doubt in your waking life. Other times they may be signs of joy, contentment and prosperity. There is also a portion of dreams that could come to you as warnings or a premonition, while some dreams may hold visitors from another realm.

It is important to remember that dreams should not be interpreted literally, and are always better received as a metaphor.

11 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream Of Child Dying