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12 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Peeing Blood

12 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Peeing Blood

To modern humans, urine, blood, and other bodily fluids seem disgusting, but they have deep-rooted importance in cultures all around the world. For example, Romans used urine as a universal cleaning product, even suitable to brush teeth with. They also drank the blood of fallen gladiators thinking it carried their vitality.

In this article, we’re going to present you with some of the most likely meanings of urinating blood in the dream world.

Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming About Peeing Blood


Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming About Peeing Blood

1. You’re Losing Passion and Ambition

Blood can symbolize passion, be it for someone or something. Having a dream about urinating blood could indicate that you’re losing your ambition to achieve your dreams. Maybe you’re suffering from anhedonia and depression, and there’s nothing that excites you anymore.

You may feel like you’re not good enough or that you’re not reaching your full potential. Dreaming about peeing blood can be a sign that you need to make some changes in your life in order to feel more fulfilled.

The worst-case scenario is if you’re not even bothered by it. It’s incredibly difficult to escape such a state of mind because every change requires effort and intention. This dream could be a significant signal from your subconscious, inspiring the spark for change.

2. You’re Experiencing Relationship Issues

If you’re in a relationship, dreaming about urinating blood could symbolize some underlying issues. Maybe you’re feeling unappreciated or unsupported. Perhaps you’re worried about your partner being unfaithful to you.

It could also be a sign that you’re not communicating your needs properly, which in turn causes issues in your relationship. Your partner can’t read your mind, and if you’re feeling bothered by something they do or do not do, you must express your feelings in an objective manner.

Remember, it’s not you against your partner, but rather you and your partner against the problem. There are a few relationship problems that cannot be solved by the honest and combined effort of the couple. That said if you feel that you were wronged too much, maintain your self-worth and don’t be afraid to walk away.

Having such a dream when your relationship is going well could be a warning sign of future problems. If you feel that there’s something looming, be sure to deal with it before it can manifest in full form and wreak havoc on your relationship.

3. Repressed Anger or Resentment

A dream about peeing blood could also signal that you’re carrying repressed negative emotions, like anger or resentment. It’s even possible that you’re holding a grudge against someone without even realizing it.

Unaddressed negative feelings grow as time goes on, so it’s important to deal with them as soon as you identify them.

You Have Solved a Dilemma


4. You Have Solved a Dilemma

Biologically, one of the purposes of urination is to get rid of toxins and waste from your body. As a result, the release of urine with blood in your dreams could represent that you just got rid of some spiritual toxin or waste in your personal life. Maybe you quit a dead-end job or ended a toxic relationship.

If that’s the case, a dream about peeing blood is a sign that you made the right decision. You might not feel that way yet, but it’s natural to not feel great even after making the right choice.

5. Issues in Your Work Life

A dream about blood in someone else’s urine can indicate that there are some problems going on in your work life, specifically regarding your relationship with your coworkers. Maybe you’re getting harassed by a fellow colleague, or your work is always underappreciated.

If something like that applies to you, make sure to seek out help and contact your supervisor or HR. There’s no reason to suffer silently, and everyone deserves to work in a job environment that encourages and inspires, instead of the opposite.

6. Your Privacy Is Breached

Dreaming of urinating blood in strange places outside the restroom could indicate your feelings about a lack of privacy in your life. Maybe your ex is stalking your online profiles, or you’re literally lacking privacy while living in a shared house.

Whatever it is, privacy is one of the human rights, and you should be adamant about protecting it. If someone is continuously invading your privacy, don’t shy away from addressing the issue with that person. Don’t be aggressive or angry, but also don’t be too lenient.

7. You’re Trying Too Much

A dream of urinating blood in front of others is a representation of you marking your territory. Unlike animals, humans do so by achieving high status in society. As a result, such a dream could indicate that you’re trying too hard and doing too much.

It can lead to burnout which can have devastating consequences for your health, both mental and physical. While it might seem counterintuitive, taking a break and resting can help you be more productive and achieve more, especially in the long term.

Alternatively, such a dream could also mean that you might be putting too much effort into being in the spotlight. Perhaps you’re too concerned with being seen, rather than working hard to make your work worthy of recognition.

Sexual Frustration


8. Sexual Frustration

For males, having a dream about female urinating blood could indicate your repressed sexual desires. Maybe you’re not getting enough action in your love life, or you feel like your current sex life is monotonous.

Repressing our desires (as long as they are legal and do not involve harming others) is spiritually damaging and stops us from achieving fulfillment. If that’s the case, it’s important to identify the source of your frustration so you can address it and find a way to deal with it.

9. Get In Touch With Your Feminine Side

If you’re a man, dreaming about female urinating blood could also be a sign from your subconscious encouraging you to not ignore your feminine side. You can only become the best version of yourself after you accept your feminine qualities.

Contrary to what most men believe, true masculinity can only emerge from a fully developed individual, who doesn’t ignore undesired parts of his personality. For example, it’s possible that you’re too stern and strict, and becoming more compassionate and loving would make you a much more fleshed-out person.

10. Rebirth and Healing

Having a dream of urinating blood could indicate that you’re successfully dealing with some sort of traumatic experience that you’ve gone through in the past. It’s a sign of rebirth and healing, as you’re finally able to let go of the negativity that’s been holding you back.

It’s important to remember that everything that you have experienced in your life has made you the person that you are today. As difficult as it could’ve been, it was essential to building your character and helping you become a fully developed individual.

11. Damaged Ego and Pride

A dream about urinating blood in a dirty toilet could indicate that you feel humiliated in your waking life. Maybe you’ve achieved something incredible but didn’t receive the praise you expected to get. Such situations can damage our self-confidence, and make us doubt ourselves.

However, it could also signal that you need to let go of your pride and be more humble. Maybe lately you’ve gotten too carried away with how great of a person you are, which limits your spiritual and personal growth.

12. Misfortune

In ancient times, dreams about urinating blood were almost always a bad omen. For example, it was believed that a pregnant woman who had such a dream will go through a miscarriage.

On the other hand, it was thought that a single woman who had a dream about peeing blood will find a husband in near future. That said, such dream interpretations are highly dependent on your culture, and might not apply to you.

Medical Reasons for Urinating Blood


Medical Reasons for Urinating Blood

Sometimes we dream about what is actually happening in our waking lives. If that’s the case and you’ve noticed blood in your urine, here are some of the most likely medical reasons for that (it’s not a substitution for professional medical advice):

1. Urinary Tract Infections

UTIs can be caused by harmful bacteria entering your urinary tract, consisting of the urethra, bladder, kidneys, and ureters. There are many possible symptoms of UTI, including inflammation, pain while urinating, having to urinate much more frequently than usual, and having blood in your urine.

As with all medical conditions, it’s always best to get a health checkup if you suspect that something is up with your body.

2. Problem With Your Kidneys

Blood in the urine can also be caused by a wide array of kidney problems, including kidney stones. Common symptoms associated with kidney problems are pain in your belly or groin and persistently high blood pressure.

If that’s the case, you should contact your GP as soon as possible.

3. Anemia

It’s also likely that urinating blood is caused by anemia, which can have many causes, but most relate to low red blood cell count. Anemia can be diagnosed with blood tests, specifically complete blood count (CBC).

Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming About Peeing Blood