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8 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Rats Running Around

8 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Rats Running Around

Rats are controversial animals. Some people hate them and do not want them around as they can bring a plague to the house. Rats have maintained this infamous reputation since the bubonic plague that ravaged Europe several centuries ago.

However, some people find them adorable and keep them as pets. It is increasingly common to find videos of white rats on social networks and see how people raise them like a cat or dogs.

But the spiritual meaning of rats is present in ancient civilizations such as Chinese culture, and these animals even have a space in the Chinese zodiac.

What is the meaning of dreaming of these rodents running around us? Is it a sign of bad omen and bad luck, or are they bearers of good luck and fortune? Find out all its secrets in this article.

The General Meaning of Rats in Dreams


The General Meaning of Rats in Dreams

The most common interpretation of dreams about rats is related to evil, deceit, betrayal, illness, enemies behind your back, mistrust, envy, and dark emotions in general.

But what happens when you specifically dream of running rats? They may be running around you, running from you, or chasing you.

You must understand that each detail symbolizes something different in the dream world and is a very precise message from our subconscious mind for our waking life.

It is also important to note that not all meanings related to rats or mice are bad. Some dream variants can be a good sign for the future.

That is why in this article we will reveal all the variants that dreaming of running rats can mean. We have to take into account the circumstances of the dream and the emotions that we feel in the dream world. In this way, you will be able to better interpret if it is a warning sign or a positive omen for your life.

Spiritual Meanings of Dreaming About Rats Running Around

Spiritual Meanings of Dreaming About Rats Running Around

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1. You feel abandoned

Dreaming of running rats is related to feelings of abandonment by family members or friends whom you considered within your circle of trust.

Perhaps one of them has betrayed you or has disappointed you a lot and did not act as you expected.

But if you suddenly feel abandoned and for no reason to explain it, then the dream is telling you that you probably did something to hurt them. You may not have realized or may not be very aware of your actions.

Therefore, take this dream as an alert message and examine yourself to see where you have been failing.

2. Fear of not being up to the task

Dreaming of these creatures running around you symbolizes your fear of future responsibilities. You may feel anxiety and nervousness about a new position or a new job and you believe that you are not up to this new responsibility.

Be aware that we always seek to be comfortable in our comfort zone and not all of us react well to challenges. Do not get carried away by fear and negative thoughts.

Remember that if you were chosen for new challenges it is because others consider that you have the skills to achieve them. And if others trust you, it is absurd that you are doubting your abilities.

Real life is hard and it will always bring us tests. Don’t be afraid of failure, you learn from everything. It is better to fail trying than not to try and let yourself be carried away by fear. You can do it!

3. The end of a loving relationship

If your surroundings are full of rats running away from you, the dream refers to a romance that is about to end.

But you shouldn’t worry, because rats refer to a selfish and toxic love that didn’t suit you. So this dream should not be taken as something negative, quite the contrary.

You are getting rid of a person who did not love you selflessly and, likely, you did not dare to end the relationship, but your partner has realized that there is nothing more to get out of this bond and will soon leave you.

Don’t be sad. Remember that when one door closes, another opens. And maybe this time it’s a healthier and less selfish love.

4. Fear of losing your job

Fear of losing your job

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You may also dream of a rat running away from you if you are afraid of losing your job or having professional difficulties.

Remember that rats also symbolize enemies behind your back, so be careful in your work environment, because you may be the victim of gossip or bad intentions.

Someone may be discrediting you or taking away your credits. It is also important to be aware of our actions and be sure that we have given 100% to our obligations. Since we have been lazy at work, our superiors will likely discover this attitude and take action on the matter.

If that is the scenario, your concerns are well founded and you should do something to remedy it. Put effort and do your best, always watch your back and try to surround yourself with people with positive energy and a good heart.

5. Manage your money well

Dreaming of rats moving away from you refers to the poor judgment that you are having in your finances. It is a warning for you to learn how to manage your money because difficult times will soon come and if you do not learn to ration your income, you will soon have worries about financial liquidity.

Remember that these messages are addressed to dreamers so that they are alert and can change their actions or solve problems before they happen.

So you already know! Take care of your money and spend only what is essential, without wasting large amounts on things that are not practical or urgent.

6. Dishonest people in your life

If in your dreams, rats are running toward you, it means that you should be careful because someone dishonest and with bad intentions has just entered or is about to enter your life.

Be wary of new friends who are very open and generous. Don’t give all your trust until you know people really well. It is important to be open and friendly, but at the same time reserved and discreet when it comes to trusting someone 100%.

Getting to know people takes time, so don’t open the doors to anyone without first having established a meaningful relationship. Keep your circle of friends close to you, they can also give you a better picture and a better idea of the new people that will enter your life.

7. You are avoiding your problems

You are avoiding your problems

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In spirituality, rats represent problems or problematic people. The image of rats running after you refers to how little courage you have to face your problems.

You are avoiding confronting your problems and for a long time you have been escaping from complicated situations that need your presence, but you prefer to flee.

These problems are piling up and something easy to solve now seems impossible to solve. If you continue to evade your responsibilities, difficulties will drown you and soon you will enter a state of despair and lack of control.

This dream is coming just in time for you to solve the problems you have been running away from. It is an ultimatum for you to face your fears and end all those problems that you have been dragging on in your life.

8. You feel like an impostor

This dream appears when feelings of guilt and shame are unbearable. You have been acting very badly in your life, creating a false image of yourself and you no longer know how to continue maintaining the lie.

Due to some complicated situation that you have not been able to face, you preferred to tell a lie or give a false image of who you are. You have kept this lie for a long time but now the remorse and guilt are manifesting through your dreams.

Living lying is a brutal waste of energy for anyone. It doesn’t let us be free or give us space to discover ourselves as we are.

If you have been lying or deceiving people in your life and they think that you are someone who does not exist, you must be honest once and for all.

Take advantage of this dream as a sign to cut once and for all those lies that you have been holding in your life and free yourself once and for all from the chains that lie put on you, without letting you live a full and free life.


Dreaming of running rats has specific messages for us. They represent our fears of new challenges or of being abandoned by the people around us. They are also a manifestation of bad people who will enter your life or of a love relationship that is about to end.

And it gives us a message of introspection about ourselves, about our attitudes towards others and exhorts us to always live by telling the truth and being honest with ourselves.

With this article, we hope that your understanding of dream interpretation has grown and you can better identify the benefits your subconscious has for you.

8 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Rats Running Around