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11 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Feces

11 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Feces

Dreams transcend the physical plane, giving us insight into our subconscious mind and connecting us to the spiritual realm. While some dreams are blissful, scary, or romantic, others bring good luck. So, when you dream of feces, you’re bound to have many questions.

In the spiritual world, feces or poop represent the energy and emotions we need to let go of. These could be negative emotions, limiting beliefs, or unhealthy relationships. But does this removal of negativities also apply when we see poop in our dreams? Well, keep reading to find out.

In this post, we are going to discuss what it means to dream of poop.

Spiritual Meanings When Dream About Feces


Spiritual Meanings When Dream About Feces

1. You’re Ashamed of a Past Occurrence

Dreaming of feces may be a sign that you’re ashamed of something you did in the past. Feces dreams can often occur after an embarrassing experience or when we’ve done something wrong and feel guilty about it. Dreams are the brain’s way of processing these intense emotions, so don’t beat yourself up too much.

While it’s difficult to overcome shame, remember that everyone makes mistakes. It’s important to forgive yourself and move on. Give it some time, and you’ll feel better.

If there was no feeling of fright in your dream, it could mean a totally different thing. This is your subconscious mind telling you it’s time to invest in whatever you’ve always wanted to start. It could be a business opportunity, a hobby, or even a YouTube Channel. Your dream is giving you the green light to take that first step and kickstart your dreams.

Whatever you decide, don’t be afraid of failure or embarrassment. Take a deep breath and remind yourself that mistakes are part of the journey.

2. Problems Are Imminent

Seeing human stool in the bathroom, specifically, the toilet, is never a good sign. It means that you or someone close to you will face problems in the near future. It could be something related to your health, finances, relationships, or self-esteem.

While this dream isn’t the most pleasant, it does serve as a warning for us to take better care of ourselves and those around us. Make sure you’re getting enough rest and eating healthy foods. You should also try to avoid arguments and conflict, so take a step back if you think an issue is getting out of control.

Feces overflowing beyond the toilet bowl or tub is a warning sign. You’re about to encounter a very embarrassing situation, and you should do your best to avoid social gatherings.

3. Something Great Is on the Horizon

Waking up to cat poop on the floor in real life is enough to ruin your entire day. But in the dream world, seeing cat poop is a good omen. It means that something great is coming your ways, such as a marriage proposal, a job promotion, or other positive life-changing events.

However, this doesn’t mean that these things will just magically happen. It’s up to you to make them come true by taking action and following through with the necessary steps. Put in the effort, commitment, and dedication, and the rewards are yours.

4. You Need to Invest More in Your Friends

You Need to Invest More in Your Friends


Dogs are man’s best friend, and although cleaning up after their shit is annoying, dreaming about it is an entirely different situation. Any dream involving dog poop means it’s time to invest more in your friends. Spend time with them, listen to them, and try to understand their perspective before making new friends.

It could also mean that you need to take better care of yourself. Dogs rely on us for protection, shelter, food, and health care. So if you’re not taking good care of yourself, how do you expect to care for yourself or anyone else?

5. You’ll Get Your Money Back

Does someone owe you money, or is there a refund that never got to you? If so, dreaming of smelling feces means you’re about to get the money back. This also serves as a reminder that you should always persevere and never give up on getting the compensation you deserve.

So, stay patient and keep your hopes up. A financial surprise is on the way.

6. Someone is Attempting to Harm You or Cause You to Fail

Dreaming of feces splashing on your face or body is not a good sign. It means someone is very jealous of you and willing to do anything to see you fail. In most cases, it’s a business rival or your coworker.

The person in question is looking to harm you or ruin your chances of success. If you don’t stay vigilant and keep your guard up, they’ll likely succeed. So, stay alert and look out for fake smiles and suspicious moves, especially from people you trust half-heartedly.

7. Your Financial Problems Are Coming to an End

Your Financial Problems Are Coming to an End


Unlike animals, humans have learned to discharge their fecal matter in enclosed spaces like the bathroom or a public restroom. If you’ve ever dreamt about pooping in nature, you understand how awkward and embarrassing it feels.

However, this is a good sign that your finances are on the right track. Pooping in nature means you’re about to rid yourself of all your financial woes. Whether you’ve been struggling to pay your bills or rent or simply need an injection of cash, this dream is a sign that you’re soon getting the funds you desperately need.

Covering the fecal matter with dirt means you’re getting rid of these financial issues for a long time. You could even give the lottery a try. Your financial windfall awaits.

8. You Need to Work on Your Focus

Unwavering focus is imperative to a fruitful and successful life. However, when you dream of baby poop or a baby pooping, it’s a sign that you lack focus. This lack of focus is evident in your career, relationships, and health.

It’s time to re-evaluate your goals and the people you surround yourself with. Let go of any distractions and prioritize tasks that will help you reach your ultimate life goal. Keep track of your progress towards achieving these goals to ensure you stay on track and never forget what matters most.

However, when you dream of baby poo but the baby is happy and well-dressed, then it’s a sign of good fortune. It means that whatever you’re striving for is within reach and will soon be yours. All you need to do is stay focused, work hard, and never give up.

9. You’re Cleaning Your Soul

When you dream about cleaning up excrement, your inner spirit tells you it’s time for some soul cleansing. This dream can also mean that you need to rid yourself of bad habits, negative thoughts, or toxic elements in your life, whether it be a friend, job, or daily routine.

Toxicity manifests in our lives in different ways and is inevitable for the most part. However, it’s important to identify and let go of these negative feelings that leave you emotionally drained or take away your enthusiasm for life.

It could also mean it’s time to start developing better habits and putting more effort into self-care. Developing a positive outlook on life and living with purpose will help you achieve true inner peace. Your soul deserves to be squeaky clean.

10. It’s Time to Take Risks

It's Time to Take Risks


Are you a risk-averse person? Preferring to stay in your comfort zone rather than venture out? If so, dreaming of touching or holding human feces is a sign that the time has come to take risks.

Gathering the courage to do so won’t be easy, but it’s essential for your overall well-being. Taking risks is the key to unlocking different opportunities in life and living a more fulfilling and exciting life.

Maybe it’s making a huge investment or quitting your job and starting a business. Whatever the case, don’t be afraid to take the leap of faith. Although risky decisions can have adverse effects, they’re also likely to bring out the best in you.

11. You’re on the Verge of Prosperity

Everyone can relate to the feeling of disgust that overcomes us whenever we step on a pile of poop. However, in the dream world, stepping on poop, even animal feces like dung or rabbit poop, is a good omen.

When you dream about stepping on poop, it means that you’re about to experience a period of prosperity in your life. All the hard work and effort you’ve been putting into achieving your goals will finally pay off.

It’s likely career success or anything else that leads to a better quality of life. Despite the success, don’t forget to stay humble and never forget the people who have been with you throughout this journey.


Dreaming of feces is not as negative as it may seem. It can have various meanings, from needing to take risks to get rid of toxicity in your life or even nearing the finish line and achieving prosperity.

It’s important to note that dream interpretation isn’t an exact science and that every dream has its own meaning. What matters most is staying aware and mindful of your dreams and striving for greatness. Always remember, dreams are the universe’s way of communicating with you, so pay close attention!

Are you a poop dreamer yourself? Tell us about your feces dreams and their implications for your waking life in the comments below.

11 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Feces


Musirya peter

Friday 12th of January 2024

I dreamed when I was selling commodities and even sold feces and everything was moving well,

I would like to know the meaning of that dream