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17 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Ghost

17 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Ghost

So, you settle into your bed for a good night’s sleep after a long day, then shortly after, you dream about a ghost and wake up trembling with fear and sweat trickling all over your body.

When you see ghosts in your dream, it means you must deal with an unresolved business, and the longer it takes, the more it haunts you. You may also dream about ghosts if you have nostalgia over a particular period; your sudden flashback to it instantly digs up bad memories you’ve been trying to forget, and it may even spur hatred for that person.

This article will help you understand everything about ghostly dreams, why they happen, and what they really mean.

Ghost Dreams and Their Interpretations


17 Ghost Dreams and Their Interpretations

We’ll help make sense of all the variations of your dreams about ghosts. This will not only allay your fears about them but also equip you to help others in the same situation.

1. Dreams of a Ghost Attacking You

If a ghost attacks you in a dream and it’s incessant, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re under a spiritual attack or dark influence. Instead, it symbolizes a deep-rooted fear of the unknown, a sign of anxiety and serious worry, especially if you’re the type that panics easily.

A ghost attacking you in your dream means it’s time to grab the bull by the horn and deal with the negative emotions like a champ so you can be more in sync and in control of your life’s affairs.

2. Dreams of Becoming a Ghost

So, you’re a ghost in your dream (yes, you’re the spooky thing scaring people away). It means you’re feeling very guilty or afraid of a particular thing in your past. Your inner voice is charging you to face your fears, address your emotions and deal with underlying issues causing this fearful dream.

3. Dreams of a Loved One Or Close Friends Ghost

If you see the ghost of a loved one in your dream, don’t start panicking, as it doesn’t necessarily mean the person is going to die or is already dead. It just means you have unresolved issues with that individual in your waking life.

Others believe that the dream is a sign that the person having the dream is in imminent danger of some friend’s malice or deception, and our advice is that you keep your cards close to your chest and be watchful of who you release information to.

4. Dreams of a Ghost Attacking You With Sharp Objects

Dreams of a Ghost Attacking You With Sharp Objects


If you dream of a ghost attacking you with sharp objects and it’s recurrent, it may mean you have issues from the past that still bother you a great deal, and the throwing of sharp tools indicates the destructive nature of the unresolved business.

It shows your anger, disappointment, and displeasure in somebody, and you’ve been coy about it because you don’t want it to have negative impacts on your relationship. Your frustrated mind is the ghost attacking you in your sleep.

5. Dreams of a Ghost-Wearing Black Robe

When you dream of ghosts in black robes, it means your subconscious mind is trying to advise you to be conscious of deceit and treachery among your close friends.

6. A Ghost Drowning In Your Dream

If this happens in your dream, it means you have overwhelming romantic feelings for someone or something, and you’re trying to remove yourself from the situation. You love your partner too much, and even when you’re broken up, it’s still difficult for you to move on from them.

7. Strangling a Ghost In Your Dream

When you strangle a ghost in your dream, you’ve successfully exposed a cunning and hypocritical personality masked as a friend in your life. But unfortunately, ghost dreams are also closely associated with deceit and hypocrisy.

And when a ghost strangles you, it means someone close to you is making attempts to manipulate you against your will.

8. Abducted By Ghosts In Your Dream

If ghosts catch you in your sleep, it may mean you have sleep paralysis, especially if you can’t move or lift your hand in the room. But hold that thought; sleep paralysis is not as scary as it sounds.

Sleep paralysis is simply a total relaxation of your muscles in sleep which may cause you to wake up with the feeling that someone is sitting on your chest or lurking nearby; you may also feel an unfamiliar presence in your room; in this state, you really can’t control anything or fight back in your dream.

9. Seeing a Ghost At a Distance In Your Dream

Seeing a Ghost At a Distance In Your Dream


Dreams are warnings, and when you see a ghost at a distance in it, it means you’re being warned to be careful of pretensions and scams. But, unfortunately, your close relations usually attempt to play you, and if you take a careless step, you’ll get in trouble.

A ghost at a distance also means that you’re about to discover a strange happening right under your nose that you’ve not known for a long time.

10. Dreaming of a Ghost Walking By

A ghost passing by in your dream indicates your fears of failure at achieving your goals, meeting up with someone, or even speaking at an event. You’re concerned about your future and whether you’ll make it.

11. Dreaming That You’re Not Scared of a Ghost

So, you see a ghost in your dream, but you’re not visibly shaken. This heroic display means you’ll hear some good news in no time, and it’ll come as a complete surprise. That piece of unexpected information will help add to your joy and happiness.

This dream also shows the possibility of an amicable relationship with love, respect, perfect understanding, and reciprocated love.

12. Befriending a Ghost In Your Dream

Making friends with a ghost in your dream tells you of an auspicious period of your life that you should expect. You should look forward to positive things like matters working out in your favor, the smooth outcome of cases, and ease in scaling obstacles.

13. Making Friends With A Female Ghost In A Dream

This dream is as straightforward as they come. Befriending a female ghost in a dream means you’re going through a challenging time involving your emotions in the waking world, and these thoughts are overwhelming, so they come to play in the dream world.

14. A Ghost Helping You In A Dream

When a ghost helps you in your dream, it indicates increasing fortune and good luck, so if you’re in a fix at this period or going through a pretty rough time, you should be filled with optimism and hope that it won’t last for long, and it’ll soon be washed away.

15. Kissing A Ghost In Your Dream

Kissing A Ghost In Your Dream


Sharing a kiss with a ghost in your dream means you’re living in a fantasy world and expecting too much from people in your life and life itself. To prevent complete disappointment and dashed hope, we encourage you to lower your expectations to realistic outcomes, so you don’t intentionally dampen your spirit.

16. Dreams of a Faceless Ghost

When you dream of faceless ghosts, it means you’re deeply angered by something, and you have no clue what it is since you can’t see the face. Your emotions are not coordinated and in sync.

17. Dreams of a Ghost Following You

A ghost following you continuously in your dream indicates major issues in your romantic relationship, especially trust issues. You can’t seem to get past suspecting your significant other about their past lover, which bothers you.

You shouldn’t let this matter stay for long without talking with your partner about where you currently stand and how things are going. It may just be your fear taking center stage, and it may destroy your happy romance.

Visitation Dreams and How To Identify Them

As stated earlier, some ghostly dream experiences are too real to be true and very vivid. This could mean an actual ghost has just visited you in your dreams, and clinical psychologists have described it as ‘striking emotionally intense dreams in which a recently deceased loved one returns to provide guidance, reassurance, and warning.”

Patrick McNamara, an associate professor at Boston University School of Medicine has stated that visitations dreams are vivid, intense, and experienced as real visits when the dreamer wakes up.

These dreams are clear and very specific, and the experience in the waking world forever changes the dreamers.

We’ll be checking 6 ways to help you determine if your ghost dream is a visitation dream and how to make sense of them. Check them out below.

  • If the dream is intense and almost real-life experience
  • The memory of the dream sticks, and you can’t seem to forget a detail
  • The dream contained crystal-clear messages
  • You wake up with intense emotions that may either be bad or good.
  • The dream helps you get closure, directly or indirectly.
  • You must pay attention to the details of this dream to get what it’s trying to convey and if it’s relevant to your current predicament.

Final Thoughts

Dreams are not one-way traffic, so don’t overthink things just yet. However, if a ghost appears in your dream and it feels more like a vision than an actual dream, they may be trying to visit you in the astral planes of dreams to convey a message.

So, whether you’re making actual contact with these beings or getting the dreams because of your hyperactive imagination, dreams about ghosts can be very helpful and healing, pointing you in the right direction to handle current situations and circumstances.

Your incessant night visions want you to be aware of jealous people around you and let go of those resentments and feelings of guilt.

Final Thoughts