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7 Spiritual Meanings When Being Chased By A Snake In Dream

7 Spiritual Meanings When Being Chased By A Snake In Dream

Snake dreams and nightmares can be frightening at the best of times, but if you have them frequently, they can be a sign of an underlying issue in your life. Snakes are associated with negative connotations and many people have a phobia of these slippery reptiles.

If you have found yourself here because you have been having recurring dreams about snakes chasing you and want to know why then you’ve landed in the right place. Today, we’ll be looking at the various possible meanings of these dreams and how you can stop them from happening.

7 Spiritual Meanings When Being Chased By A Snake In A Dream


The Meaning Of Snakes Chasing You In Dreams

1. Someone in your life is being deceitful towards you

The most likely reason for having recurring dreams about snakes chasing you in your dreams is because someone close to you in your life is being sly behind your back. Snakes in general are symbols of slyness and deception so, unfortunately, them chasing you in your dreams is unlikely to mean anything positive.

If you have been having your doubts over a certain somebody in your waking life and their true intentions then this could be a sign to keep a closer eye on them. However, don’t discount anybody – the sign of a snake should be used to remind you of the evil and sin that all human beings are capable of.

The fact that the snake is chasing you could be a sign that this person is preparing to take action against you imminently. The person who is wronging you, or is planning to wrong you, is likely going to act out of jealousy and envy. This information may help you to figure out who it is.

Regardless, you need to start being more vigilant and start pulling people up on suspicious behavior. Turning a blind eye may have got you to this point, but to stop the dreams (and the deception) you are going to need to be proactive.

2. You are running from responsibilities in your life

In general, dreams about something chasing you are relatively common. They tend to be messages from your subconscious mind that you are running away from certain responsibilities in your life. This may well be personal responsibilities relating to your spouse and/or children, or it may well be that you have projects/tasks at work that you keep putting off.

The fact the snake is chasing you down is a sign that something has to give sooner or later before the snake catches up with you and bites you – physically in your dream and metaphorically in your real life. When this happens, your life could change drastically in a negative way so don’t let it get to that point.

Take this dream as a wake-up call to get your affairs in order and to start taking responsibility for key aspects of your life. If you don’t, then these dreams may continue with the snake getting closer and closer to catching up with you each night.

3. Your anxieties are building

Your anxieties are building


If you dream of snakes chasing you then it could also be a sign that you have intense anxieties and worries in your waking life that are infiltrating your mind. You aren’t on top of these worries and they have the potential to become too much for you if you don’t figure out how to rationalize and overcome them.

In the dream, the snake is a symbol of your anxiety catching up with you and attempting to consume you. You are doing your best to run away but actions in your waking life will determine whether you do escape the snake or not.

As a starting point, you must stop containing these anxieties within your own mind. Speaking to someone about your worries, concerns, and anxieties can be a huge benefit to many people and take a huge weight off your shoulders.

Once you’ve done this with a family member or friend, you’ll be in a better position to decide whether you need to seek professional help or not. A professional should be able to help you get on top of these worries which should stop these dreams from happening.

4. A sign of incoming harm

Unfortunately, dreams about snakes can be a bad omen for something bad that is about to happen in your life. If the snake in your dream is a large one, such as a rattlesnake, a boa constrictor, or a cobra then consider this dream a warning that you may be about to be harmed in some kind of way

This could be physical harm such as an accident, or psychological harm such as a job loss or your partner ending your relationship. Either way, a dream of a large, dangerous snake chasing you is not a good sign.

If you are a believer in dreams foretelling what’s to come then you may be feeling quite panicked right now, but try not to worry. The reason you are having this dream is to give you a chance to either a) prepare for what’s to come or b) change the course of action to prevent anything bad from happening.

In the coming days, weeks and months just be a little bit wary about certain things and increase your concentration levels.

5. Your temptations are catching up with you

Your temptations are catching up with you


One of the most iconic stories featuring a snake comes from the bible and the tale of Adam and Eve. In the story, a snake/serpent tempts Eve to eat the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden. According to Christians, Adam and Eve were the first humans created by God and a serpent was responsible for their downfall.

This is one of the reasons why many people associate snakes with sin and temptation. If you are dreaming about a snake chasing you it could be because you are falling closer and closer to submitting to your temptations in real life. The fact you are running from the snake shows that you know these temptations are bad for you but it may not be enough if the snake is catching up.

These types of dreams should be used as a warning sign that giving in to your temptations will lead to pain and suffering for you and potentially those who you love. If you can resist these desires on your own, then great, but if it’s a serious addiction then it may well be in your best interests to seek professional help. Running from them rarely ends well.

6. You are about to undergo a transformation in your life

Finally, one potential positive reason for these dreams now. It could be a sign that you are about to undergo some kind of transformation in your life in the near future. This could be something minor such as a brand new haircut or it could be something more drastic such as a new job and life abroad.

Snakes shed their skins regularly, unveiling a new layer/coat of skin each time. This kind of act symbolizes transformation and rebirth and this could be your fate shortly as well.

Don’t be fearful of this potential transformation and embrace the chance/opportunity to experience something new in your life. Have the courage to accept any exciting new offers that come your way in the coming days, weeks, or months and the dreams should soon subside.

7. A sign that you aren’t ready to accept a particular truth

A sign that you aren't ready to accept a particular truth


One final potential meaning for dreaming about snakes chasing you is the idea that there are certain truths in your life that you aren’t yet ready to accept. Your intuition is manifesting this reality in the form of a snake chasing you down in your dreams.

Perhaps you have recently learned something unpleasant about someone in your life but you are yet to confront them about it. You might not even want to believe it yourself but eventually, things are going to reach boiling point. When they do, the snake will catch you and potentially bite or attack you in your dream. The real-life reflection of this will likely be a blazing argument that changes your life forever.

To prevent this scenario from happening, take time out of your day to come to terms with this truth. Take a day off work and just spend the day processing the information and getting your head around it. Once you have accepted it in your heart and mind, the dreams should stop and your life journey should become clearer.

Final Words

To conclude, dreaming about a snake chasing you is likely going to bring about a whole host of negative emotions including anxiety, envy, and fear. There are a variety of different meanings for these dreams, all relating to certain scenarios in your waking life. We hope that by reviewing this article, you will gain a greater understanding of why you have been dreaming about snakes chasing you and the best ways to stop them from occurring.

7 Spiritual Meanings When Being Chased By A Snake In A Dream