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17 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Kissing Someone

17 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Kissing Someone

There are many variants of dreams that involve a kiss. For instance, you might experience a dream in which you’re kissing your mother, an ex-lover, or someone else’s hand.

The act of kissing has long been interpreted as a sign of romantic and platonic affection and sexual and platonic attraction. It is also a fundamental component of human interaction wherein several societies greet new and old acquaintances with a kiss. We especially kiss our significant others, immediate families, and relatives.

However, different kisses have different meanings depending on who you kissed and where you kissed them. Some of them may be a good omen, while others may be a precursor to something tragic or horrible that might happen in the real world.

Below, we offer an analysis of the many possible meanings of dreams about kissing someone.

17 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Kissing Someone


Dream Interpretations of Kissing A Specific Someone

Symbolically, a dream, including a kiss, can indicate closeness, love, harmony, intimacy, admiration, unity, joy, fulfillment, or even peace. It may also be an indication that your romantic life needs some spicing up in real life. Who were you kissing in the dream? A number of positive and negative meanings can be implied by this. It all depends on the person involved.

1. A stranger

Kissing a stranger in your dream may signify that you’re missing out on something important in your waking life. Perhaps love or a unique connection is what’s lacking.

If you did not enjoy being kissed or giving kisses in your dream, this scenario might reflect the uneasiness and unhappiness you are experiencing in real life.

2. Another person’s partner

If you dreamt about kissing someone else’s girlfriend or boyfriend, it could be a sign that you’re looking for a romantic companion. However, this does not imply that you are interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with them. It could also indicate a desire to engage in risky sexual behavior. It could also mean jealousy or lack of honor and integrity on your part, especially with regard to the relationships of others.

A dream of kissing your partner’s best friend can signify his or her affection for and closeness to you. Maybe there’s something missing from your current relationship that’s being filled by this friend who makes you feel special.

3. A close friend

If you dream that a close friend is kissing you or you are kissing them in your dream, it shows your strong bond of friendship. It may also be a sign that you hold them in high regard.

4. Someone you dislike

When you dream about kissing someone you don’t like, your subconscious mind is telling you that you should be wary. This could indicate impending deceit and betrayal. If you don’t like someone and they kiss you, it suggests they’re trying to persuade you to do anything or accept things you don’t want to do.

5. A crush

If you dream about the person you have a secret crush on, you probably want to spend all your time with them. On the other hand, you might think they are too good for you and worry that you’ll never be good enough for them.

Lower your standards and accept that you, just as you are, are sufficient in the eyes of any person. If you put your mind to it, you are unstoppable!

6. A significant other

A significant other


If you dream about kissing your significant other, it may be a sign that you need to spice up your romantic relationship with them. Could there be a lack of romance in your marriage? Your passion for them in the dream may also be reflected.

7. A celebrity

Dreaming that a famous celebrity gives you a passionate kiss can be interpreted as a want to acquire the skills you associate with that person. On the other hand, this kind of scenario could suggest that you have a crush on or are actively pursuing a relationship with a person who is not a good fit for you. Another possible meaning is that you seek acknowledgment for your abilities, efforts, and potential.

8. An ex-boyfriend

If you dream that you are passionately kissing your ex-boyfriend’s lips, this could represent the beginning of a new chapter in your romantic life.

It’s crucial to note gender. If you’re a woman and you dream that you’re kissing a man, it’s likely that you identify with the masculine. The act of kissing a man in a dream, when one is a male in real life, is also symbolic of a fresh start. Having this dream may indicate that you are in touch with your feminine side and that you are anxious about a romantic commitment.

9. Your boss

Seeing your boss in a dream might represent a feeling in charge, reaching goals, and being financially successful. If you dreamed that you were kissing your boss, it could be a sign that you are feeling relaxed and content in your professional life. The stress of having a boss who is always picking holes in your work might manifest in our nightmares. When we are too busy working to pause and reflect on our lives, our managers may imply that we are contemplating how we exert control over the people in our lives.

Type of Kiss Dream Interpretation

Where, who, and why a kiss is given all contribute to its significance. There are a variety of contexts in which a kiss can be used to express affection. Forgiveness and acceptance are two other meanings associated with kissing.

1. French kiss

A French kiss in a dream means you need to be more open about your feelings and pour more emotions into your relationships. When you have a dream in which you are yearning for something, it is a sign that you will soon have the chance to have that which you desire.

2. Kiss on the lips

Kiss on the lips


No matter who it is in your dream, the act of kissing someone on the lips is indicative of confirming an idea or belief. It’s a sign that everything is going according to plan. This dream suggests a beneficial conclusion from such an arrangement. One interpretation of a dream in which one gets kissed by someone one knows and likes is that the dreamer is keeping a healthy relationship with that person.

3. Kiss on the cheek

Having a dream where you kiss someone on the cheek signifies genuine affection for them. Perhaps you hold this ideal person in such high esteem that you want a serious commitment. Your ability to feel compassion for others, especially those who deserve it, is reflected in this dream.

4. Kissing with tongue

One possible interpretation of a recurring dream in which you engage in tongue kissing is a yearning for a more passionate and sensual love life.

You have a deep need to connect with others and receive love. If you are in the process of developing romantic feelings for someone, you can have a really vivid dream about that person.

5. Kiss on the forehead

Having someone kiss your forehead in a dream is a representation of unending affection. It really means that you either feel very strongly for this person or that they feel very strongly for you.

If you dream of giving an intimate kiss on someone’s forehead, it could suggest that you have a spiritual connection with that person.

6. Kiss on the hand

Kissing someone on the hand may signify affection and friendship if you feel respected and at ease in their company. Such behavior is often indicative of loyalty.

7. Hugs and kisses

If you have a dream where you see two people you don’t know hugging and kissing each other, it is a good sign that you will have lots of luck and achieve your goals.

8. Farewell kiss

Your friend might be thought of as a metaphor for the comfortable environment you are in. It is clear that you are willing to push yourself outside of your comfort zone in order to deal with this issue. You should also try to recall the emotions you experienced in your dream. After parting ways with a good friend, it’s always a good idea to give yourself a moment to collect your thoughts, take a few deep breaths, and think about what you’ll do next.

If, on the other hand, you did not experience any emotions in your farewell kiss dream, this may indicate that you are unconcerned about the challenges that you may face as you begin on your new path.

Our Take Away

If you dreamed you were kissing someone or that you were being kissed, it was likely a good sign for your waking life.

Depending on the context, kissing in a dream can represent a variety of emotions and feelings, including love, joy, friendship, fulfillment, and inspiration. Dreams in which you are kissed are typically interpreted according to the various elements included in them, such as the person, body parts, and sentiments.

However, there are several dreams in which a kiss represents a warning of deceit and betrayal.

Our Take Away