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16 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About A Plane Crash

16 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About A Plane Crash

The airplane you see in your dream symbolizes your inner emotions, life events, or negative aspects of your life journey. Renowned dream psychologist Sigmund Freud believed that dreams showing an airplane crash signify that you are facing difficult life situations and losing control.

While the psychological interpretation is about failing to meet your set goals, worry, stress, and anxiety. The spiritual interpretations carry messages, suggesting you strive in a particular direction for better progress and control in life. Scroll down to discover the possible interpretations behind these disturbing airplane crash dreams.

Plane Crash Dream Scenarios and Their Interpretations


Plane Crash Dream Scenarios and Their Interpretations

1. Being in a Plane Crash Dream

The plane in the dream symbolizes your path to success in waking life. Similarly, the turbulence you experience refers to a family member or a loved one. Similarly, losing control indicates that your plans might not go the way you want them to. Likewise, if you are flying sky-high, your life journey will be full of learning experiences, making you wiser.

2. Being Trapped in a Crashed Plane

Seeing yourself stuck after a plane crash shows your desire to escape a difficult situation in real life. The dream could also point to a toxic relationship or an issue that’s getting on your nerves lately.

3. Seeing an Aircraft Crash

If you witness a plane crash, it implies analyzing and revamping your unrealistic goals for new beginnings. The dream reflects your inner desires. In contrast, seeing a plane crash in a home brings a message to work hard to achieve your set goals.

4. Waking in Panic After a Plane Crash Dream

Nightmares and disturbing dreams where you see destruction can make you panic in the dream, resulting in waking to consciousness as soon as the incident occurs. If you wake up to a plane crash, you will experience a catastrophe or have failed.

Most dream interpreters suggest not taking this dream lightly as the dream plot shows your life can be in danger or you will encounter a challenging situation in the near future.

5. Vegetation Damage Due to a Plane Crash

This plane crash dream meaning shows your disappointment and depression related to your life goals. Most plane-crashing dreams act as warning signs, telling you to reevaluate your actions and align your life goals for better outcomes.

6. Dream of Parents in a Plane Crash

Children have strong emotions for their parents. If you love your parents and fear losing them, you can dream of a plane crash with your parents inside. The dream plot depicts your true love and affection for your parents. While having unbound affection for your parents is normal, overthinking issues like these might affect your mental health.

7. Two Planes Collided in the Air

Two Planes Collided in the Air


There’s a possibility of having disagreements with your loved ones over specific issues that have manifested into this dream. The subconscious mind here tells you to stay put as the circumstances will eventually change if you talk this out with the other person.

8. Dying in an Airplane Crash

This dream scenario depicts that you might have made bad decisions that are coming back at you. Some interpreters relate this dream to a person’s business. They believe the dream signifies that the ventures you invest in will not be fruitful.

The poor planning and carelessness you show are causing these ventures to fail. The dream plot indicates using your talents and doing your homework before you execute. Other interpreters relate your death in the dream to longevity.

Every person is going through varying life situations. Therefore, always be open to different interpretations and choose the one that fits well with your real-life issues.

9. Feeling Helpless After a Plane Crash

If you experience the feeling of helplessness when witnessing a plane crash in your dream, it’s a reflection of your negative personality. The dream plot suggests that you don’t try hard and easily accept your defeat even when everything is going well.

10. Being Involved in a Plane Crash

If you see yourself as the reason for the crash, it’s a good sign for your love life. It’s possible to see someone special express their feelings for you in the coming days. In a similar dream plot, if you see the plane losing control and crashing, it represents a failure you will most likely encounter in real life.

Things will not go as planned and might go beyond your control. You wish to change things but feel helpless. While some interpreters link this dream to misery, others link this dream of losing control to stability. They suggest you achieve stability in several areas of life. This dream scenario is also interpreted as having a healthy life and reflecting longevity.

11. Witnessing Plane Hijacking

Seeing a plane getting hijacked depicts an unresolved issue you must address. Your fear of failure can sometimes manifest into a dream of an airplane that you fly and end up crashing.

12. Seeing a Plane up in Flames

Seeing a Plane up in Flames


Seeing a plane crash and up in flames represents your repressed emotions. These negative emotions might have been piling up for years, resulting in you seeing this dream. The dream here implies letting go of your emotions and worries. These negative feelings act as obstacles in real life and must be resolved before they take a toll on your mental health.

13. Plane Crash at the Airport

The meaning of this dream is related to real-life transformation. If you see a plane crash within the airport premises, it represents a transformative change in your life where you will be in control and have several paths to choose from. Seeing people at the airport during the crash means someone close to you or in your social circle will come forward and aid you in this transformation.

14. Witnessing the Aftermath of a Plane Crash

take it as a warning sign if you only witness the aftermath of the crash. The dream plot here brings a message never to trust anyone blindly, no matter how close they are. Furthermore, avoid relying on anyone to resolve the issues you are facing in your life.

You never know whether a person has good or bad intentions toward you. Therefore, never share your secrets or tell anyone about your weak spots to avoid deception and backstabbing.

15. Seeing a Plane Crash After Takeoff

While the dream might seem like having a negative interpretation, crashing a plane the next minute after dream interpreters translate take-off as a sign of encouragement. This dream also depicts your desire to be free from obligations you have been following for years.

For example, your parents might be involved in your personal life, and you wish to make your own life decisions. In a situation like this, it’s best to talk to your parents and make them understand that you are capable enough to be independent and don’t need their constant approval.

This dream also implies that you have a passive nature. You consider others’ wishes, goals, and desires more seriously than focusing on your own goals. The unconscious mind here tells you to trust yourself and deal with issues confidently. While being empathetic is no harm, listening to them and letting other people take control of your life decisions should never be an option.

16. Experiencing Repeated Plane Crash Dreams

Experiencing Repeated Plane Crash Dreams


It’s a terrible experience if you wake up terrified of recurrent plane crash dreams. If that’s the case, it’s best to take a step back and evaluate the reasons behind this dream. According to psychologists and dream experts, seeing recurrent dreams about a plane crash mean you have developed high levels of anxiety in your waking life. This anxiety makes you lose your temperament, often resulting in arguments and disputes.

Try resolving these issues, as running from them further worsens matters. If the problem cannot be handled by yourself, don’t hesitate to seek professional help, as prolonged stress and depression can cause mental and physical health issues.

Reasons you see a Plane Crash Dream

Seeing a plane crash while dreaming is not limited to people who have witnessed or had an accident in the past. For several reasons, you could have seen a plane crash while in a dream.

  • Having phobias like aerophobia or flight phobia.
  • You had an accident in the past that is haunting you.
  • A reminder by the subconscious to channel your emotions and face your fears.
  • Most dreams are a reflection of real-life events and act as a message to aid you in addressing these issues.
  • People suffering from depression, anxiety, and fear often see these dreams of crashing planes.
  • Having low self-confidence and not trusting your abilities.

Like any other dream, plane crash dreams carry several meanings, depending on the scenarios. Let’s review these dream plots and find out their purpose and symbolism.

Bottom Line

Dreams of plane crashes are devastating enough to send chills down the spine. Despite experiencing dreadful scenes of the impact, the dreams carry optimistic overtones that you need to recognize. Before you jump to the conclusion of your dream, consider every detail and review several interpretations to find the one that fits in well with your current life situation.

Bottom Line