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9 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Someone Trying To Kill You (Interpretation)

9 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Someone Trying To Kill You (Interpretation)

It is incredibly terrifying if someone is trying to kill you in your dream. This nightmare will no doubt make you lose sleep and set a bad start to your day.

The interpretation of dreams where someone is trying to kill you could mean you are afraid of something or someone, are feeling guilty for something you’ve done, have lost control, experienced violence, or are stressed.

These dreams do not exactly spell doom or signs that your life is about to end. Hence, to help you better understand what these dreams mean, we’ve put together several possible interpretations of dreams about someone trying to kill you.

Interpretations of a Dream About Someone Trying to Kill You


Interpretations of a Dream About Someone Trying to Kill You

Different dreams hold different meanings; for a dream like this, it is possible to have a general dream interpretation. All you need to do is consider the options below and observe which matches your current situation.

1. Fear

  • Fear of death

Many people fear what they do not understand and can’t control. Dreams, where you see someone trying to kill you, are manifestations of the fear in your subconscious mind. Commonly, people fear the concept of death itself and this is a major cause of such dreams.

It is okay to have your reservations about death and even fear it, but you should know that you cannot let such thoughts consume you or define your life path. When you become anxious, it takes over you and in the dream world, you see someone trying to kill you.

  • Fear of change

The fear of change and transformation is also a possible reason for these dreams. You do not know what changes your transformation will bring; as a result, you live in constant fear. This transformation is inevitable and you need to come to terms with it.

  • Fear of failure

Additionally, the fear of failure may wear you down so much that you think of death as an escape. In cases like these, it is best to find your inner strength and fight this feeling or consult a therapist to help you.

  • Fear of rejection

Another case is the fear of rejection. Suppose you are the type of person that is invested in living up to people’s expectations. In that case, your life is bound to be riddled with uncertainty, and you may be afraid of rejection by those you hold dear.

2. Guilty Conscience

Dreaming about someone trying to kill you can mean that you have done a terrible thing and now your conscience is eating you up. The feeling of guilt is enough reason for you to dream about someone trying to kill you, especially if it’s a familiar person in these dreams.

You may be hiding your wrongdoings from your ex or even an acquaintance. This guilt makes you uncomfortable, making this dream find its way into your subconscious mind.

The best thing to do is to make amends and rid yourself of all your wrongdoings so you can get peace. A simple apology to all those you wronged will go a long way in helping you get back full control of your life.

3. Loss of Control

Loss of Control


There are real-life events that you may be experiencing currently, and because you are actively trying to stay away from a person or the circumstances around the event, this can lead you to lose control and cause unpleasant dreams about the events instead.

You should know that you can not always escape the experiences you go through in your waking life. One way or the other, they come back to you because no matter how terrible they are, you have to face these issues.

You may have recently experienced a breakup with your spouse because you believe their actions will negatively impact your life or bring you bad luck. This is because you feel a lack of control over your affairs when you are around such people.

The awful reality of dreams like these is that even when someone tries to kill you in your dream, it may not be literal. It is most likely a metaphor for situations like when you lose control over your affairs.

It is also possible to see unfamiliar faces trying to kill you. This is simply a portent that odd people are trying to take control of your life and you need to be careful.

4. Violence

Dreams like these happen during the unconscious moments while we sleep. Still, most times, it is a reflection of what we have experienced in the waking world. A scary dream like this can be associated with violence.

Suppose you have recently experienced violence or an accident resulting in the loss of life. In that case, it is natural that you dream about someone trying to kill you. You may not be able to pick out the face in cases like these, you only see a stranger’s face.

This experience will scare you and even cause sleepless nights because you dream of dying when you do sleep. It will help if you talk to a familiar person like a family member or even your boyfriend. You can also contact a therapist should you need professional help.

If you were directly involved in this violent act which led to the loss of life, you would likely have legal proceedings soon. This anxiety will eat you up and you will feel extreme guilt causing you to have these unpleasant dreams.

Additionally, these kinds of cases tend to cause PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), which can depress you a lot causing you to dream about being murdered. It will help to consider resources that can help you cope with these symptoms.

5. Stress



A higher stress level can cause you to have scary dreams like these. You are likely overworking yourself and your subconscious mind, through your dreams, is begging you to take a step backward and relax before you break down.

This act signals a struggle for survival because if you continue overworking yourself, you may kill yourself. In order to prevent this, your subconscious manifests a dream where someone attempts to kill you.

If you do not rest, you may make certain mistakes that will lead to a series of setbacks, causing you to worry more. It would help if you took the time to unwind so you can maintain composure.

4 Dream Scenarios Where Someone is Trying to Kill You and Their Interpretations

In some cases, specific details in your dream will determine the interpretation. The images of your attacker and the object the person attacked you within the dream are important factors to consider.

1. Someone Trying to Kill You with an Ax

An ax is a symbolic representation of what you have cut off from your life. It can be your career or a relationship with which you have decided to cut ties. You will likely do this because it will make you a better person.

Additionally, past trauma can influence your decision and encourage you to say goodbye to ties you should have cut off long ago. If you are yet to cut these ties off, you tend to dream about getting killed with an ax to remind you to do the needful.

2. Someone Trying to Kill You with a Sword

If you dream about someone trying to kill you with a sword, it denotes that there are circumstances you are attempting to break away from. It also predicts a strong adversary around you, which can mean a real threat.

You need to take care of this enemy as soon as possible and to achieve this, you need to observe the details of the sword. If the edge is blunt, you still have more time, but if it is a sharp edge, you need a solution as soon as possible.

3. A Stranger Trying to Kill You

A Stranger Trying to Kill You


This stranger may represent you when you see an unfamiliar face attempting to kill you in a dream. If you are about to experience transformation, your old habits need to die for new ones to be born.

Another interpretation could be as a result of fear. This stranger may represent a circumstance you are not comfortable with. In trying to navigate this path, your fear gets to you, reflecting on your dreams.

It would help if you rose above this fear, so it does not consume you.

4. An Acquaintance Trying to Kill You

When the person trying to kill you in your dream is someone you know somehow, you need to evaluate the person’s motive and relationship with them to nail the interpretation.

Suppose there is an existing conflict or tension brewing. In that case, you have to squash it as soon as possible because it is likely this is someone you are afraid of and have no idea what they are capable of doing.

This makes it important for you to pursue peace by all means necessary to rid your dreams of this nightmare.

Final Thoughts

A dream where someone tries to kill you is unarguably a terrifying one. Still, the good sign is that these dreams are a warning, and if you take the appropriate measures, you can conquer the meaning.

You should remember these details below whenever you want to figure out the right interpretation of a dream where someone is trying to kill you.

  • The image of your attacker matters
  • Observe the object the person attacked you with
  • These dreams are mostly metaphorical and have more meanings
Final Thoughts