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9 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Being Attacked

9 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Being Attacked

If you have been dreaming of being attacked, it may leave you literally rattled inside and out. Even though it seems like a very anxiety-prone dream, it holds important insights for your real-life situation and you need to be aware of how to interpret these dreams properly. Like any other dreams, these also come with diverse themes and the significance of your real-life context also influences the interpretation.

9 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Being Attacked


Basics of Dreaming About Being Attacked

Dreams about getting attacked may involve a physical, sexual, or emotional attack. Some of the commonly occurring themes include being attacked by an animal, a shadow, or someone you know. It goes without saying that any person would feel shaken by such a dream, regardless of the finer details.

Generally, this type of dream may be a representation of your inner fears or repressed feelings. The obvious consequence of such dreams is extreme anxiety and you may even wake up drenched in sweat because of how realistic such a dream may feel like. Although dreams usually carry hidden meanings, sometimes it is an obvious message about something or someone who is making you feel vulnerable.

Another thing that you must know about these types of dreams is that sometimes they are a literal representation of real-life situations, especially if someone suffered an attack or abuse, it may replay in their dreams as a traumatic manifestation. Therefore, context is very important before you can infer anything from a dream.

Themes in Dreaming of Being Attacked

Since these dreams have a lot to do with your internal fears, one of the main symbols is a strong sense of ‘vulnerability’ that is connecting the dream to your real-life situations. You may feel as if it is easy for others to mock you. Something interesting about feelings of vulnerability is that these may operate on emotional and physical levels at the same time.

Another popular theme is feeling a pervasive lack of control and this may be creating unrest, anxiety, and irritability in your life and relationships. It is almost like waging a war against yourself on a daily basis, which is hands-off and exhausting and it suffocates your creative potential as well.

In addition to these symbols, there is always a component of “defensiveness” involved in such dreams. Although it may sound a bit counter-intuitive because the obvious content of this dream is about “you under attack”, however, it may be merely a representation of an over-engagement in defensive behaviors on your part. It is a commonly dreamt theme among people who are overly strict while evaluating them.

Other popular themes of dreaming about being attacked revolve around actual trauma or threat and all of this resurface during your sleep phase.  If the dreams are because of a recent trauma that you suffered, it requires acceptance from you and once you do that, it is much easier to let go.

Themes in Dreaming of Being Attacked


On the contrary, these dreams may be offering insights into a real-life threat when you interpret and relate it to your real-life context. Such dreams are quite helpful in understanding that usually, the source of fear is something that we often struggle to comprehend or that challenges our ideas.

Common Scenarios of Being Attacked in Your Dreams

As we mentioned earlier, there can be several variations in themes and scenarios of this dream, and below are some of the commonly occurring scenarios. However, this isn’t a complete list of all the possible scenarios that may appear in the dream of being attacked but it will help you embark upon the journey of dream interpretation quickly.

1. Getting Attacked by a Real Person

As unpleasant as it may sound, such a dream may indicate that you are still walking on uncertain grounds in your life and are drowning in doubts. However, such dreams may not really indicate a life-threatening situation but they do stand for your innate struggle to escape your environment because you feel either hurt or threatened by someone.

For some people, these dreams may involve a close relative or a loved one and this simply means that they may be dealing with some inner conflicts or perhaps they are afraid of causing pain or hurt to their family or loved one. Obviously seeing a family member or someone you are in love with attacking you, even in a dream, is a bit shocking but you cannot interpret such dreams literally because the real meanings are usually deeply embedded within a broader context.

2. Getting Attacked by Fictional Character

Generally, when you are dreaming about a fictional character, it hints at your desire to escape the reality around you. Perhaps the real-life challenges have worn down you to an extent that you’re secretly desiring to part ways with reality and step into the realm of fiction.

One commonly occurring fictional character is a ‘vampire’ and it generally is a symbol for negative behaviors that literally sucks all energy and vitality out of you. This type of theme usually pinpoints your stored negative emotions and the need to acknowledge and part ways with them.

Getting Attacked by Fictional Character


3. Getting Attacked by an Animal

This is quite a diverse thematic category because the animal that is attacking you will denote something different. Dreams about bees, cat, shark, lion, and dog attacks are quite common and hold a lot of significance when you’re trying to reach a consolidated interpretation.

Reviewing it in general terms, if you are dreaming about some animal chasing you or keeping a watch over you, it may be a symbol of feeling a lack of control over your life. If you are trying to run away from an animal in your dream, this may be a representation of you trying to ignore some aspects of your persona or desires.

Moreover, if you find yourself under an animal attack in a dream, it would be hinting at the need to let out the pent-up anger. However, this is something that you must watch out for because releasing your anger in unhealthy ways may have drastic consequences. Such dreams are a way to mold your behavior towards betterment and growth if you are utilizing them right.

4. Getting Attacked by a Ghost or Some Invisible Force

This theme may manifest as a blurry or completely dark figure or something that is absolutely invisible. It is one of the strangest dreams and often gives you goosebumps even thinking about it. However, the meaning it holds is quite simple and that relates to feeling scared or in pain because of something that has happened in your past.

5. Dream About Attacking Another Person

There can be a few different possibilities for having this dream. One of the most obvious is that it could be a manifestation of your unresolved anger or conflicts and it may be an outcry for releasing your pent-up aggressive energy in a conducive manner.

6. Dream About Witnessing An Attack

This theme can be due to a lack of action on your part in a difficult situation. If you are having this dream and in the dream, you are merely a passive watcher of the attack, it can be simply a symbol of lack of initiative on your part.

Getting Attacked by an Animal


7. Dream About Being Killed

Although it sounds like an extremely bad omen, it is actually quite a common theme that emerges around the time when you are undergoing a major shift in your life and trying to either move on or make some major changes in your life.

8. Dream About Being Attacked with Some Type of Weapon

It is quite a loaded and stressful dream with an indication of upcoming misfortunes. On the other hand, it may be a representation of a strong wake-up call for you to take back the control that you have always longed for in your life. In addition to this, it can be a representation of someone not being honest or sincere toward you. In short, this is an indication that you have to tend to your wounds now and plan ahead to avoid the misfortune heading your way.

9. Do the Dreams About Being Attacked Hold any Place in the Teachings of the Bible?

The Biblical meanings are not strikingly different, because according to religious mythology, these dreams are indicative of various threats or stressors. And we have to take swift action in order to experience positive growth.


To sum it all up, we can conclude that these dreams are a strong representation of things that we feel afraid of and how our fears tend to control us or pose a threat to us. These types of dreams are always loaded with negative connotations, but you can apply those insights to bring about a positive change in your real-life situation. Lastly, regardless of the interpretation, these dreams tend to take an emotional toll, this is especially true when you dream of someone you already know. However, a helpful strategy is to keep reminding yourself that your dreams are not your reality and you still have control over your surroundings.

Common Scenarios of Being Attacked in Your Dreams