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10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Old Friends

10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Old Friends

Last night you had a dream about your old friends that reminded you of a specific part of your life that you thought was forgotten, and now you are wondering what does this dream mean? Is there a secret message or warning to this dream?

According to Sigmund Freud, the most significant psychoanalyst, dreams are a subconscious manifestation of our suppressed and hidden needs, fears, traumas, goals, and feelings.

So, if you dream about your old friends, it means that your subconscious mind is either directing your attention to a particular issue that is bothering you deep down or trying to warn you about your future.

The dream of an old friend is related to the lack of comfort and support, unfinished business, a new chapter of your life, behavior, and wishes, unfulfilled dreams, guilt, and sadness. Now, let’s dive into the potential symbolism of this dream!

Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Old Friends


Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Old Friends

1. Unfinished Business

Dreaming about old friends from high school, for example, can mean that you have some unfinished business in life or particularly with those friends. Sometimes we tend to dream about old friends that hurt or betrayed us, and we never get over it.

This dream can signal your unsettled business or score with yourself.

You may be experiencing these dreams of old friends because your subconscious mind is trying to get you to self-reflect and change some things about behavior that may be affecting your life without you noticing it.

If you moved around a lot as a kid and had many friends you had to eventually part ways with, this dream can symbolize your unfinished business with them or your wish to reconnect.

2. You Miss Your Friends

People often dream about their childhood friends or classmates when they are in a bad place mentally and miss their old friends. Maybe you want to reconnect with them and learn more about their new life and achievements.

Maybe that particular old friend reminds you of a good phase of your life in which you had everything you wanted, and you often reflect on it, wishing you could turn back.

It can also be interpreted that the dreamer might have problems forming a deeper connection with people generally. Dreams always reflect a situation or a suppressed emotion from your waking life, so try to think about your current friends and old ones.

3. You Yearn for Freedom

You Yearn for Freedom


Dreaming about old friends can symbolize freedom, flexibility, and individuality, depending on your life’s context and current events.

When we think of our old childhood friends or old school friends that marked our primary school or high school experience, it usually takes us back to that period when we were not burned by the harsh truths of the real world.

During our childhood, we had freedom in the sense of exploring the world, learning new skills, and expressing individuality and a unique sense of self. Therefore, you may have these dreams because your current life is uninteresting.

You may feel that other people or forces are controlling your life and want to break free and start something on your own.

4. Are You Overwhelmed?

Dreaming about old friends can also symbolize tiredness, exhaustion, frustration, tension, anxiety, and discontent. Think about your job or your relationship.

Do you feel you have been overwhelmed with the obligations of your new job, or is your partner draining your energy through constant arguing?

Sometimes we dream about old friends because we are trying to escape our current life, and we hide in those happy and positive memories trying to blow off some steam and shake off the load.

If you constantly feel overwhelmed and under pressure, you need to find a way to exit that circle because it can have severe consequences on your life and your relationships.

Try setting boundaries on your time and workload, challenging your perfectionism and assumptions. Maybe a short vacation would be a good idea, changing the environment will make you feel better!

5. You Want To Go Back

Some people dream about their old pal or a good friend from childhood or college because they have trouble coping with their life in reality, and they find comfort in remembering those good old times.

This usually stems from the inability to achieve something, such as being successful in a line of business or starting and having a family. Maybe you feel that during the old times, you had some semblance of your life and future goals; you had opportunities that are all gone now.

Maybe your social life is dead, and you see your buddy or an old acquaintance from middle school in a dream, reminding you of the life you had.

If you resonate with this, you need to stop relying on social media for interaction, be more open and friendly, and take a new sport or an art course.

6. You Might Make New Friends

You Might Make New Friends


If you had a dream of a friend that you have never seen in your real life, that could be a good sign that, in the near future will make a new friend, especially if the dream was permeated with positive emotions and happiness.

This dream has several different scenarios, and it can also symbolize your wish to make new friends and maybe change your current friend circle.

However, many dream experts believe that generally, this dream is seen as a good omen and might indicate a change in your social life for the better. You may finally get on the right foot with your new colleagues.

7. New Opportunities Await You

Many believe that dreaming about your old friends symbolizes a new beginning, a fresh start, or a new opportunity to do or achieve something. It can be a clue that you will find your soulmate in the future, or you will embark on a journey that will change your life completely.

Take this dream as a blessing, and be ready to embrace whatever the world throws at you! It can signify a personal transformation or you are getting in touch with your spirituality. You may enter a new phase with a new and different mindset.

It can also signify a new job opportunity; maybe that job you always dreamt of getting will finally be yours.

8. You Might Have a Falling out With Someone

If you had a dream of fighting with a close friend, that is a bad sign. This is because that disagreement or quarrel in your dream is a metaphor for how you treat your friend in real life. For example, do you often argue with your friends, colleagues, or relatives? Do you often feel verbally attacked?

This dream scenario is often connected with your immature and childish attitude and approach to others around you. It can also signal deep displeasure and grief.

People that often argue with others usually are not satisfied with their lives and have a lot on their plate. So, they express those negative emotions by having disagreements and feeding the anger inside.

If you often clash with your friends and family, try to understand their point of view, do not shout when you argue, agree to disagree, and do not take everything personally.

9. You Are Worried About Your Friend

You Are Worried About Your Friend


If you dream that your best friend is sick or someone in your close friend circle is hurt, that is a sign that you subconsciously worry about them and fear that they might get hurt somehow.

Maybe your friend has gotten back with their ex-partner, and you think they will hurt them again. Of course, caring about your friends is normal. However, if this dream frequently happens to you, try to talk to that friend and share your opinion.

A similar dream interpretation can be connected to the dream of seeing your friend pass away. For example, you worry about a friend you parted with because of an argument or a fight. Now you are thinking about them and why you stopped being friends.

10. You Need To Let Go

Dreaming about an old friend or a particular friend that hurt you somehow can be a sign of your broken bond and deep scars. If you had a friend that meant the world to you, and they suddenly cut ties with you, that might be why you see and dream friend.

Although being friends with someone is not the same as being in a relationship, friendship can be significant and improve one’s quality of life by sharing ideas, thoughts, and problems and enjoying companionship.

However, many people were wronged and hurt by their close friends. So, if you often think about that one friend that betrayed you, take this dream as a sign that you need to let go and start changing your attitude and mindset.


Dreaming about old friends can have different interpretations and scenarios and, therefore, can be seen as a good or a warning sign, depending on the context. Dream interpretations also depend on your unique life experience, personality, mindset, and current happenings.

Dreams about an old friend can signify reconnection, a need for support and companionship, a deep personal discontent, a new opportunity, prosperous social life, or unfinished business, among others.

Please share your dream scenario and experience. How did it make you feel? If you have questions or want to comment, do not be a stranger and ask away!