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14 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Getting A Tattoo

14 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Getting A Tattoo

What’s the first thought that pops up in your mind when you hear about tattoos? Does it scare you or excite you? Perhaps, you already have a tattoo!

But, when you dream about getting a tattoo, it can be a confusing experience. You’re likely to spend the day scratching your head about what it could mean. Does the tattoo in the dream mean anything to me? Does this dream mean I should get a tattoo, so how do I choose the best tattoo artist?

So, in today’s post, we will discuss the interpretations of tattoo dreams in great detail. Let’s dive in!

What Does It Mean to Dream of Tattoos


What Does It Mean to Dream of Tattoos?

Getting permanent tattoos is a difficult decision on its own. What type should you choose? Where should you get it from?

These are all sorts of questions in the minds of people who plan on getting their first tattoo or probably their second one. However, what’s fascinating is the symbolism attached to tattoos in society.

People consider it a sign of being “hardcore” and endurance since the whole process involves a needle transferring ink into your skin. Most people who get tattoos also do it for attention or to develop a strong association with a group. These include gangs, occults, found family-friend groups, etc.

But, when you dream about tattoos, it holds a very different meaning. Typically, it symbolizes the start of your spiritual journey. It is considered a powerful message that your mind is trying to deliver. It can indicate permanent change, strength, luxury, and a need for a healthy balance in your life.

It can also reflect persistence, positivity, and hope. The obstacles you are currently facing in your life or that you are about to deal with will eventually work out in your favor.

Also, it means that your goals may seem far away at the moment due to difficult situations, but you will be able to achieve them.

9 Types of Tattoos in Dreams & Their Meanings

9 Types of Tattoos in Dreams & Their Meanings


Just like angel numbers, or good and bad omens, the type of tattoo you get holds a great significance behind your dream meaning. Here are some examples of the types of tattoos one might get in dreams.

1. Rose tattoo

Dreams about getting flower tattoos reflect your feminine side. It is a representation of passion, beauty, expressiveness, and devotion.

It also shows that lately, you have been denying care and affection from people who are really close to you, even if it is something you really need right now. This shows that you have a strong connection with these people, and it might be the right time to contact them.

Moreover, if you saw a clock while getting the rose tattoo in your dream, then this is an indication of eternal love!

2. Butterfly tattoo

Butterflies are known to be symbols of transformation and freedom. Getting a butterfly tattoo in your dream can indicate self-discovery, grit, and stability. It means you were in inner turmoil or had a lot of pent-up anger but soon will be able to overcome it.

Some people have been cheering on you and have helped you get where you are right now. Appreciate them a little more!

3. Lion tattoo

Animal tattoos are mostly associated with the current situation in your waking life. The lion basically channels masculine energy. It indicates dominance, pride, and courage.

Comparatively, the lioness is a strong symbol of motherhood and affection. So, if you dream about getting a tattoo of this animal, then it means you have become very critical of yourself. You require acceptance and love to properly express your emotions.

4. Koi fish tattoo

Koi fish are of Japanese origin, and they represent calm and harmony. If you dreamt about getting a koi fish tattoo, this means you are beginning to adapt to the new changes in your life or environment.

5. Snake tattoo

Snake tattoo


If you dreamt about a snake tattoo, then this means persistence and adaptability. You need to be on the lookout while making important decisions about particular areas of your life.

Now, this can be about the new job offer you receive or the startup you have been planning to build from scratch. You must be careful and dedicated to anything that involves progress and personal transformation.

6. Feather tattoo

Getting a feather tattoo may indicate that there is a hindrance in your life that is stopping you from achieving a certain goal. This is your mind trying to send you a warning signal so you can remove this negativity from your life to move forward.

7. Tiger tattoo

If you dreamt about getting a tattoo of a tiger, then this is a good sign!

Tigers are a symbol of strength and wisdom. These fiery beasts can teach you how to be calm yet unpredictable at the same time. Their hunting tactics involve patient movement before taking the big leap to take down the prey.

This kind of dream means that you are about to receive success and gain a ton of accomplishments. However, this can also indicate that your life is currently cluttered and might need some organizing before you can achieve any sort of productivity.

8. Dragon tattoo

Dreaming about getting a dragon tattoo is a sign of good luck to your love life. It is a symbol of passion and freedom and indicates that your love life is about to have an exciting turn.

This change is going to bring a lot of joy and romance into your life as a reward for your long-term devotion to your lover.

9. Angel wings tattoo

So, this is all about your self-esteem and confidence. Dreaming about getting angel wings tattooed means you are about to go through a major glow up. This new change will help you grow out of your hermit-like shell and make great opportunities accessible.

Where Did You Get Your Tattoo?

Where Did You Get Your Tattoo


The location of the tattoo can also play a significant role in interpreting the meaning behind tattoo dreams.

1. Face tattoo

Getting a tattoo on your face is a bold and flashy decision. Dreaming about getting a tattoo on this part of the body means you are in search of some outlet for self-expression that will help you communicate your abilities.

This may be achievable through creativity or some artsy medium.

2. Neck tattoo

Getting a tattoo on the neck represents that you experienced a major shift in your life. It has taught you a vital spiritual lesson. You are on the right path, and you need to stay determined to reach your goal.

3. Back tattoo

This type of dream represents your inner conflicts and hazy state of mind. Perhaps, you are facing some troubles and need a shoulder to lean on.

It is better to confide in a friend or a close family member since dealing with this stuff on your own might be making you miserable and lonely.

4. Collarbone tattoo

If you dreamt about getting a tattoo on your collarbone, then it’s a bad sign. This indicates that you have not been on your best behavior lately. Perhaps, you even made a bad decision, or there are some personal flaws that you have been trying to cover up.

In either case, your moral decline is quite visible and, to a point, bothering you as well. This could also mean that whatever your motive is, you will not be able to succeed in it.

5. Chest tattoo

Getting a chest tattoo in your dream means you are having a difficult time moving on from a relationship. It can also mean that you have been obsessively reminiscing about past experiences and regrets.

This kind of nostalgia might be the cause behind your distress, and most likely, it is taking a toll on your mental state.

Final Words

Now that you have figured out the specific meaning behind your dream about getting a tattoo, it’s time to analyze how this interpretation applies to your life. People dream about tattoos for many reasons.

Were you searching for tattoo designs? Were you planning to get one in your head before going to bed? Or, did you recently get a bad tattoo? This thought process could’ve possibly influenced your mind, and you ended up dreaming about getting one.

However, if you had this kind of dream occur out of the blue, then you need to consider these interpretations and resolve whatever the matter is. It is most likely your mind is stressed by the recent situation in your life or your current activities.

14 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Getting A Tattoo