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10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream of Someone Getting Shot

10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream of Someone Getting Shot

When did you last check the news and not come across gun violence? Sadly, it seems impossible to turn on the news and not be exposed to gun violence. When it’s not war, it’s a mindless, random shooting or a terrorist attack. Added to that, there are thousands of films and TV shows, and documentaries about gun violence.

It’s no wonder if those images crop again in our dreams because when we sleep, the brain filters through information from the day. So, sometimes, a dream where someone gets shot is simply a reflection of what we have experienced during the day. But other times, they stem from feelings our subconscious mind is trying to process.

If you had a dream where someone got shot, and you know it is not from exposure to gun violence in the media, then you are most likely left wondering what the dream means. Is it a bad omen, maybe even a premonition? Or can a dream of such a violent nature sometimes be a good omen?

Read on to find out.

Gun Symbolism


Gun Symbolism

Before we look at the meanings of dreams of someone getting shot, let’s take a moment to understand what guns symbolize. In dreams, guns often symbolize assertiveness, aggression, pride, influence, and power.

Dreaming of a gun can also represent suppressed anger. This is an especially relevant interpretation if you are trying to hide the gun in your dream. You might be angry at someone or yourself for something you did or neglected to do in the past. The dream is a sign to deal with this anger before it explodes uncontrollably.

If the gun used in the dream is a pistol, it is symbolic of a protective shield against external influences. A gun that doesn’t fire can be a sign of helplessness in waking life. For example, if you are facing problems that seem insurmountable or you feel you are losing control. Shooting a gun is symbolic of wanting to forget something.

Dream Meaning of Someone Getting Shot

Dreaming about someone getting shot can leave you terrified when you wake up just as it would in waking life. You wake up with your heart pumping and your mind racing. Why would you dream of such violence?

What a dream means is always personal to the dreamer and dependent on the context of the dream and what is happening in the dreamer’s real life. Below, you will find explanations of common dreams where someone gets shot.

1. You Have Obstacles to Overcome

Have you been working hard on something you want to achieve but feel that you are getting no closer to your goal? If that resonates with you, then the dream of someone getting shot can reflect the obstacles in your life.

When faced with challenges, it’s easy to let negative energy overwhelm you. Focus on the positives in your life and remember that nothing lasts forever. However impossible the obstacles may seem, you have the skills to overcome them.

Focus on Your Relationships


2. Focus on Your Relationships

If you dream of someone getting shot, then it could be a sign that you need to focus more on your relationships. Perhaps you have been working so hard that you have not paid enough attention to your partner, family members, or friends.

The dream is a reminder to value and nurture your relationships. When times are hard, and we all go through challenging times in our lives, we need people around us who care about us.

3. Someone Might Deceive You

A dream of someone being shot can be a warning of a betrayal. There might be someone in your life who will betray you. It can be, for example, a colleague who will spread falsehoods to stop you from getting a promotion. Or it could be a friend whom you trusted with your secrets.

The dream is telling you to be on your guard and consider carefully who you can trust. If you have experienced tension between you and your friend or colleague, it could be a sign of trouble. But don’t be too hasty to jump to conclusions as they can cause misunderstandings between you and an innocent person.

4. New Opportunities Are Coming Your Way

If someone is shot in your dream and dies, it can be symbolic of something ending in your life. But this is a good thing as it will open the door for new opportunities to enter.

The dream is telling you not to be afraid of something ending in your life. Maybe you lose your job, or a relationship ends. While it may cause sadness and emotional turmoil when it happens, the dream is a sign that positive changes will follow. You need to be ready to welcome them and grab new opportunities when they arrive.

5. You May Need to Swallow Your Pride

As we learned earlier, guns in dreams can symbolize pride. So your dream of someone getting shot can mean that you need to swallow your pride. Sometimes we simply cannot soldier on alone but need to reach out for help.

There is no harm in showing your vulnerable side and needing help from time to time. It can help you build stronger relationships when you are ready to reveal your true feelings.

You Are Suppressing Your Emotions


6. You Are Suppressing Your Emotions

A shooting dream can also be a sign that you are suppressing your emotions. Maybe someone has hurt you in the past and you are still angry at them. Or maybe you are angry at yourself for something you did or said in the past.

The dream signals your need to process these emotions or they will overwhelm you. If you hurt someone, ask for their forgiveness. If the anger is directed at you, you need to learn to forgive yourself, too. Practicing mindfulness or journaling can help you find harmony again.

7. You Feel You Have Lost Control

Did you feel completely helpless when you witnessed someone getting shot in the dream? That feeling can be a sign that you feel helpless in real life. You feel that you have lost control over a situation or even your whole life.

The dream is your subconscious mind telling you to work on regaining the power over your life again. Examine why you feel out of control. Are you giving your negative thoughts too much power? Or are you letting others around you decide for you? Focus on your strengths rather than weaknesses and practice positive self-talk.

8. You Are Not Happy With Aspects of Your Life

If the person getting shot in your dream is someone you know, it could be a sign that there are aspects in your life you are not happy with. Dreams are rarely literal, so the dream is unlikely to mean you are not happy with the person getting shot. Rather, that person might represent something you don’t like about yourself or your life.

Consider why that person. Do they represent characteristics or habits that you are not happy with? Take time for introspection and work on the aspects you don’t like. It is never too late to change your behavior or habits.

You Are Afraid of Expressing Your Feelings


9. You Are Afraid of Expressing Your Feelings

Is there someone in your life you are attracted to but you are afraid to tell them? Perhaps you are having a hard time even admitting to yourself that you have feelings for this person.

If that is you, then you need to think about what scares you about showing your feelings. Do you worry they might reject you and if you reveal your feelings it will ruin your relationship? Or is it because the person is someone you shouldn’t have feelings for, like a friend’s partner?

How you should act following the dream depends on the situation in your waking life. Either you need to come clean or forget the person to find stability in your life again.

10. You Are Close to Your Goals

Was the person getting shot in the dream an enemy? This dream scenario can be a sign that you are overcoming obstacles or a difficult situation in your life and are very close to realizing your goals.

Take the dream as an encouragement, especially if you have come close to giving up. You are nearly there and soon you will reap the rewards of all your hard work.


Having a dream of someone getting shot can cause anxiety in waking life. But as we have seen, such dreams are not necessarily negative but can be a way for our subconscious to encourage us and prepare us for new opportunities.

When the dream is a warning dream, its purpose is to save us from misfortune as long as we understand the message and act on it. If the dreams worry you or keep repeating, you might want to consider talking to a dream expert.

We hope to have answered all your questions about dreams where someone gets shot. However, if there is anything else you would like to know about the topic, write your question in the comments box.

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