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10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Dragon

10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Dragon

We dream about dragons often in waking life and adolescence, but having them show up in sleeping dreams takes on a whole new meaning. A dream of a dragon means a number of things, often influenced by your perception of them and the details of the dream.

Whether you desire wings to fly away, see dragons as creatures worthy of legends, or fear creatures of their might, these dreams have strong indications about your confidence and your desires.

In this article, we dig deeper into the spiritual meaning of dreams about dragons and how they apply to your life.

10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Dragon


What Does It Mean When You Dream about a Dragon?

A dream about a dragon almost always implies things about challenges you will face or strong emotions will have.

The color of the dragon plays a part in interpretation as well. For example, golden dragons are associated with wealth and fortune, while red dragons may be lost control or have high passions in life.

Pay attention to your inner emotions while you face the dragon to have a better understanding of your dream’s meaning.

1. You Will Triumph over a near Challenge

If you dream about a dragon trying to attack you, understand it as a warning of challenges in the near future. Usually, you stand over the attacking dragon by the end of the dream, but it does not lessen the impact of the issue.

It’s important that you do not let arrogance rule you following such a dragon dream. Our waking life is shaped by our emotions and our response to situations. Take this as an opportunity to dig into your wisdom to progress in life positively.

Alternatively, the dream may hint at a challenge another is facing if they accompany you in the dream. Prepare to assist this person in their endeavors so you may both prevail against evil.

2. Your Life Is Stable Enough for Fun Activities

Seeing a dragon in your dream without any worry hints at a life that is stable. In some cultures a dragon is a good sign, and your subconscious tosses them in to hint at your current success.

A flying dragon is a symbol of prosperity and freedom, both of which you are likely to experience. You have brought this on yourself, and you should continue down this path.

You are also the person that others like to be around, so you should continue to uphold relationships as you were before. Take care not to become too complacent, as problems are always lurking in the shadows, but understand that you deserve this stability.

3. You Need to Show Your True Self to Those Close to You

If you witness a flying dragon and feel a sense of dream rather than freedom, you’re hiding parts of yourself from those close to you. These may be simple worries and emotions or major obstacles in your life, but your mental health and your relationships suffer from your reservation.

The mystery of your mind is a refuge for some things, but you’re abusing this space at the moment. You need to open yourself up so others can see what you go through and help bring comfort to your life.

Often, this prevents a drastic turn of events that brings tragedy to your life. By leaning on others, they can recognize their worth in your life and you acknowledge the human need for community.

4. Problems May Plague You Sometime Soon

Problems May Plague You Sometime Soon


There is a difference between a solitary challenge and a state of issues, and a dragon may indicate either one. While dreams that warn of an impending challenge involve a dragon that attacks you and loses, dreams with large, scary dragons warn of more.

You may soon enter a phase where issues pop up, one after another. Often, these dreams have you in a sense of weakness and a desire to give up. Understand that these feelings are normal, but you must move forward to come out to the other side.

You are often not alone, and there are plenty of people ready to help you fight this mythical creature. Your own emotions may be your downfall if left unchecked, and you must temper them to withstand a period of misfortune.

This is when your courage will truly show its head, and you will be rewarded with abundance when you come out the other side.

5. You Need to Pay Closer Attention to Your Relationships

A dream about many dragons indicates negative scenarios surrounding your relationships. These dreams usually hint at plots aimed to interfere with your love affairs, and people around you are trying to interfere with your passions.

Keep those you love close to you, but don’t work hard to bring them any closer. This is also a good time to reflect on your relationship and your intentions toward this person.

You may not like it, but sometimes the people trying to interfere are justified in their motivations. Their behavior may come across as childish, but the dreamer may not be in the right relationship and need to come to terms with that on their own.

6. You Desire to Turn Your Life Around

We often dream about baby dragons or dragon eggs when we search for a fresh start in our waking life. Sometimes this dream shows up in a more dramatic faction, such as slaying a dragon.

This comes after things become stagnant or you experience destruction in your life, and you want to transform this into a positive situation. These dreams may also show up after a positive event that helps you realize your potential.

Dragons are mythical creatures that inspire us to overcome the symbolic shackles of humanity and society to get to where we want to be.

You may also seek more challenges in your life for satisfaction or greater rewards. Make sure you are taking advantage of the opportunities presented to you and planning your next steps carefully to get on the path needed for inner peace.

7. You Are Accepting Current Issues and Endeavors

If you dream of taming a dragon, you are taking the first step in accepting the issues in your life and coming to terms with the endeavors you face. This dream intends to inspire confidence in your waking life, as taming a dragon is no small feat.

This dream will not show up unless you are capable of stepping into this role. This dream means you have the resolve necessary to face your issues, walk through the struggle, and come out the other side in control.

You may not be untouched, but you are better for the journey you take. This is a good omen that proves you have what you need to reign over your life.

8. Fear and Anxiety Are on the Rise

If you dream that you are attacked by a dragon but there is no resolution in the situation, you may feel anxiety in your waking life. The source or resolution of these emotions may not be clear, but that doesn’t mean you cannot take steps to calm yourself in either situation.

If you do not reach a sense of peace or understanding, you will live in a constant state of fear that interferes with your daily activities. If you’re always worried about the dragon flying overhead, you will isolate yourself and never accomplish anything.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare for what worries you, but rather that you should see this as an opportunity for transformation. Dig into these emotions enough to strengthen your resolve and inspire your growth.

9. You Must Keep Your Strong Emotions in Check

If you perceive dragons as monsters and dream about becoming one, you’re likely losing control of your emotions and letting them rule unchecked by rational thought.

Dragons will do whatever it takes to guard their treasure, and you are likely to do the same to protect your inner peace. Try to identify what triggers you to act out, and make sure your motivations are founded in positive thoughts.

This is not the case when you dream about becoming a dragon and feel a sense of peace. These dreams simply showcase your own sense of adventure and freedom, but do not warn you’re losing control.

10. Good Luck Is on the Way

Dragons are a sign of good fortune in many cultures. For example, Chinese dragons often symbolize strength and health that brings forward good luck, earning the dragon its spot as the fifth member of the Chinese zodiac.

Many people see dragons as majestic creatures that only appear to those who are worthy. If your mind is full of myths and folklore that sing the praises of dragons, you probably don’t see them as a threat.

Sometimes, a dragon simply lets you know that good luck is on your way. They represent balance and freedom from a life well lived, and you’re fortunate enough to witness these rewards.


When you dream about a dragon, you have a clearer understanding of the challenges you face and the constitution you have. Whether you’re entering a period of luck or trials, you have access to the power needed to move forward in life.

Are dragons recurrent in your dreams, or have they warned you about strong emotions and major challenges in your life? Comment about your dragon dreams.

What Does It Mean When You Dream about a Dragon



Wednesday 14th of June 2023

I dreamt I had a Dragon and he was my Dragon. He was a deep deep burgundy color with black accent colors. He was just chilling, cuddled up sleep by himself. Chillin. I had a Dragon in my dream😍

John Jones

Tuesday 14th of March 2023

It is has been about 10 minutes since I have awoke from my dream. My dream consisted of multiple dragons from small to gigantic and all were very different and very unique. Also my younger brother was also in my dream. Me and my brother are on a huge island trying to tame all these dragons different and beautiful dragons. These dragons varied from black giant, a red wyvern, and a gold drake dragon. There was a couple others but I can’t remember them.

I had tamed two dragons, one was a huge black spiky dragon with black like obsidian rocks on its back that could admit lightning. The other was a red long necked dragon. I can’t recall what my brother was doing. All I know is that he was in my dream with me. As I fall off my dragon to fall on another one to to try to tame it, some issues would arise that would make it difficult for me to tame.

I can’t recall what the dragon looked like, but it was on the edge of the ocean standing on a huge rock. But as I jumped on the Dragon’s back, the ocean started slowly swallowing the dragon as a huge shadowy figure from underneath the ocean swallowed the dragon and I just started floating upwards and left that dragon to go find another.

As I am sore in through the sky on my black dragon, I dive to the ground and soar over it a golden dragon starts to chase me and ends up eating my Dragon. Then I find myself on my red dragon and for some reason, I start to notice that the island I am on is not that big to home all these huge dragons and maybe that’s why they started to fight and eat each other. For some reason I remember telling my younger brother, how loyal my red dragon was to me. That’s all I can really remember.

Chris Perry

Saturday 11th of March 2023

Woke at 4:30 am with the thought of seeing a dragon under an inmates bed. He was leaving out and my asighned place was in the spot where the mouth of the dirt tunnel was but in a concrete rm . I looked in the den but dragon wasn't was light blue at this seen almost white. Next seen I seen the greenish dragon behind glass and it was raving mad at the on lookers and furious. I walked closer to the glass and when the dragon seen me eye to eye contact it calmed down and had peace and I offered fist bump to glass and it obliges with the gesture. Woke up...