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12 Spiritual Meanings When Dreaming Of An Ex-Friend

12 Spiritual Meanings When Dreaming Of An Ex-Friend

It is fairly common for our friends to appear in our dreams. After all, they are a part of our daily lives and dreams are a way for our subconscious mind to make sense of events in our waking life.

But what about when it is someone we are no longer friends with? What does it mean to dream of an ex-friend? Sometimes we have dreams that include a friend we have drifted apart from or someone we are no longer friends with because of disagreements. Such dreams can be messages from our subconscious.

Read on to find out what the message could be.

Interpretations of Dreaming of an Ex-Friend


Interpretations of Dreaming of an Ex-Friend

There are several symbolic meanings to dreams about an ex-friend. The interpretation of the dream depends on what is happening in the waking life of the dreamer and the context of the dream. It can also depend on how the friendship ended in real life.

We will focus first on general interpretations of dreams with ex-friends. Later on in the article, you will find meanings for more specific dream scenarios such as your ex-friend apologizing to you in the dream.

1. You Are Not Happy With How Things Ended

A dream about an ex-friend can mean that you have unresolved issues that are still playing on your mind. Perhaps your relationship ended in an argument and that causes you unhappiness.

The dream might be asking you if there is a chance you could salvage the relationship. Be honest with your feelings and if you want your friend back, you might have to take the first step, even if you feel they should apologize to you first.

2. You Still Feel Hurt by Your Ex-Friend

A dream where you see your ex-friend can mean that you still feel hurt over how they treated you. In your waking life, you might have pushed your feelings aside, but the dream is a sign that you are not over it yet.

It may be an idea to ask yourself what would you like to happen. Do you want an apology? Do you want to be friends again? If you became friends again, would you be able to rebuild your relationship and trust your friend again? If your honest answer is no, then you need to move on and leave your friend where they belong, which is in the past.

You Feel Guilty


3. You Feel Guilty

How did your friendship end? Did it end because you did or said something you shouldn’t have? If so, the dream may be a sign of the guilt and regret you feel. While it is not possible to undo the past, you can try to make amends.

Therefore, the dream could be suggesting that it is time you apologized to your friend. Don’t let pride or stubbornness get in the way of rebuilding your friendship. Reach out to your ex-friend and make an honest apology. And if your friend is not ready to forgive you, it can still make you feel better having apologized.

4. You Feel Insecure

How did you feel in the dream when you saw your ex-friend? Did you feel you wanted to hide, or did you feel uncomfortable? Did you feel rejected by your ex-friend? These feelings could mean that you feel insecure in real life.

It can be a sign that your current situation in your waking life is making you feel insecure and you need to address the root of your insecurities. The dream can mean that your insecurities stem from past rejections and that you need to work to overcome them.

5. You May Need to Rethink Your Choices

Have you been feeling lost in your waking life? Maybe you are no longer happy with your current life choices. If this sounds like you, then the dream interpretation could be that you need to reconsider your options in life.

Some choices you have made in the past might have led you away from the path you are supposed to be on. The dream can be a message from your dreaming mind to reevaluate where you are and where you want to be in life. Discard what no longer serves you and be open to new opportunities.

Nurture Your Friendships


6. Nurture Your Friendships

An ex-friend in a dream can be a sign that you need to spend more time nurturing your friendships. You might have been neglecting your friends because of your work or because of a new relationship. It is natural to want to spend all our time with a new romantic partner, but it should not be at the cost of your friendships.

The dream is a reminder that friendships are important, but they will not last if you don’t put some effort into maintaining them. Take time from your busy schedule or your new relationship and spend some quality time with your friends.

7. Admit and Accept Past Mistakes

We all make mistakes in life, but some mistakes can be harder to admit than others. A dream about an ex-friend, especially if the relationship ended because of you, can be a sign that you need to admit your mistakes.

Mistakes are not bad or mean that you are a failure as long as you learn from them. Accept that you have made mistakes and then move on. You will not find success in life until you can learn from your mistakes, accept them, and then leave them in the past.

Now that we know some general interpretations, let’s focus on specific dream scenarios.

8. You Dream About an Ex-Best Friend

If the person in the dream used to be your best friend, the dream could reflect your need for love in real life. Friendships are symbolic of love and the dream can be a sign that you are not receiving enough of it in your waking life.

Why is there a lack of love in your life? Is it because you are not open to it or because you have surrounded yourself with the wrong people? If you need to be more open to love, activities such as journaling or mindfulness can help. If the problem is the people in your life, the dream could suggest you need to find people who show you more love.

9. Dream About a Childhood Friend

If you dream about a childhood friend who you gradually walk away from and there are no negative emotions attached to how the relationship ended, the dream can be a sign that you need to have more fun.

If your life has been full of work and responsibilities lately, the meaning of the dream can be that you miss the easy, worry-free days of childhood. The dream is reminding you to relax and have fun. Catch up with some friends, go for dinner or a dance, and switch off from your duties.

Dream About an Ex-Friend Apologizing


10. Dream About an Ex-Friend Apologizing

A dream where your ex-friend apologizes to you symbolizes your desire for reconciliation and closure. It can be an insight into how you truly feel about the friend in waking life. Deep down, you know they did not mean to hurt you by their actions or words.

If there is a chance for reconnection, maybe you should take the first step. If you make the first move, then your friend might find it easier to ask for your forgiveness in real life. Remember that true friend can have disagreements and move past them.

11. Dream About a Dead Friend

If the friend who appears in your dream is no longer your friend in real life because they have passed away, the dream can simply be a manifestation of how much you miss them. It can be a sign that you are still grieving for their passing.

The dream could also be telling you that though you can cherish your memories together, you cannot stay in mourning forever. It could be a message from the spirit world that you need to refocus your energy back on living matters.

12. Dream About an Ex-Partner

If the ex-friend in your dream is also an ex-girlfriend or an ex-boyfriend the dream can mean that you gave up too much of yourself in the relationship. It is a sign that you need to refocus on yourself and get back to your true self.

The dream can also be symbolic of your real-life fears of being hurt again. It could even be a sign from your subconscious mind that your new relationship is following the same pattern. Whichever interpretation rings true to you, make sure not to ignore the dream’s message, but to act on it.


Dreams are a way our subconscious processes events from our life and our feelings and thoughts about them. Sometimes they bring feelings that we have tried to hide about past relationships or events to the surface. The key is to decipher the true meaning of the dream and then act as it guides you.

We hope you have been able to interpret your dream about an ex-friend with the help of our article. Should there be a different dream scenario about an ex-friend you would like to ask about, you can write your questions in the comment box.

Interpretations of Dreaming of an Ex-Friend