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11 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About The Color Green

11 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About The Color Green

Green dreams are often steeped with spiritual meaning, but their exact interpretation depends on what your intuition associates the color green with, what you’re going through in your personal life, and what are the main tone, details, and context of the dream.

All this can sound a bit complicated and unclear, and it is indeed up to the dreamer to determine what their dream about the color green is trying to tell them. All we can do is give you some pointers as to what to look for and some common interpretations that are true for most people and situations. For example, here are 11 likely explanations of a dream about the color green.

11 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About The Color Green


How to interpret a dream about the color green?

For a long time, many people believed that we didn’t see color in our dreams. It’s believed that the black and white film industry in the first half of the 20th century contributed to that notion as well as the fact that we usually don’t remember the colors of our dreams once we wake up, just as we quickly forget most other details.

Another factor that pointed people in that direction is that color is a function of light reflection and when we sleep, our eyes aren’t really “seeing” any light as they are closed. Of course, that doesn’t mean that our minds can’t imagine color as we sleep.

And, indeed, many studies from the second part of the 20th century – Berger (1963), Padgham (1975), Snyder (1970), and others – have concluded that we do in fact see color when we dream, even if we don’t always remember it.

All that trivia is important not just because it’s fascinating but because it shows us why it’s so memorable when we do vividly remember a certain color from our dreams. It means that the color was an important and meaningful enough detail for our subconscious to highlight it heavily.

So, the color green, for example – what does it mean when we not only dream about it but remember it for a long time after we wake up?

1. You’ve been feeling more rejuvenated in your life recently

Green is most commonly seen as a color of positive emotions, purity, vitality, harmony, and rejuvenation. As such, seeing a bright green or lime green color In your dream can very likely indicate that you’ve been feeling good about your life as of late and your subconscious “thanks” you for that with a positive dream.

2. You’re in a bit of a slump and you’ve been dreaming about a fresh start

The opposite of the above can also be true, however – as a color of healing, cleanliness, and transformation, green can also hint that you haven’t been feeling good about your life as of late and you need some change.

This type of dream can technically look similar to the above example but comes with much more depressing and dull connotations. While it isn’t pleasant to experience, this green dream is very useful as it serves as an important hint from your deep conscious mind that it’s time to implement some changes in your life.

3. You want or are thinking about having children

As the color of nature, green also symbolizes fertility, birth, rebirth, and the continuation of life. If this is a common association you too make with the color green and if you’ve recently been thinking about having children, having a dream with extra hints of green in it likely is your subconscious mind telling you that it too feels the need to have children.

The connotations of this dream can be either positive or negative, depending on your feelings on the topic – if you’re hopeful and enthusiastic, such a dream will likely be positive. If you are worried or depressed at the prospect of having (or not being able to have) children, then the dream might feel quite negative.

4. You have wealth and success on your mind

You have wealth and success on your mind

Credit: ogy2016

In some cultures and for some people, green is also a symbol of good luck, prosperity, and wealth. Dark green, in particular, especially when it’s accompanied by other common symbols of riches and fortune, will almost always indicate that you’ve been thinking a lot about that as of late.

Again, the dream can have either a positive or a negative tone, depending on how you yourself feel about your prospects at the moment.

5. You need more peace of mind

A dream that’s full of tones of light green but has a heavy and stressed-out feel to it will often mean that your life has been a bit too full of anxiety as of late and your subconscious is telling you to find a way to get some peace of mind.

How exactly you’d go about that is up to you but that’s one urge our subconscious minds are almost always correct about as they know much better than our conscious selves when we’re approaching our limits and we need a break.

6. You’ve been experiencing lots of jealousy and envy either internally or from others

Another common green dream meaning is far less positive than the ones above. In many cases, even if you typically associate green with nature and rejuvenation, when you ask your subconscious what does the green color mean, the answer you’ll get in your dreams is envy, jealousy, unhealthy obsessiveness, and other such negative feelings.

The two common interpretations, in this case, are that either you’ve been experiencing these emotions yourself and your subconscious is steeped in them too or that you’ve been the object of someone else’s jealousy and your inner self is not happy about it. In either case, it’s good to do something about the situation you’re in.

7. You’ve been greedy, unfaithful, or selfish as of late and you’re feeling guilty about it

Greed, selfishness, cowardice, and other such forms of negativity are also things our subconscious mind likes to manifest with dreams of darker shades of green, green rot, green snakes, or other unpleasant symbols. To get the correct dream interpretation, you’ll usually have to take a deeper look at your own life and see what exactly the dream might be hinting at.

Maybe you’ve been cheating or you’ve been harming others to aid your own survival in some way and your subconscious feels guilt about it? Or, maybe you’re being nudged by your inner self to right your ways.

8. You’ve been dreaming about spending more time outdoors

Sometimes the answer is much simple and less cerebral than most of the examples above and you’ve been dreaming about lots of green things such as vegetation, green leaves, green plants, or the green waters of the ocean because you really want to spend more time outdoors with those things.

9. A person you dreamt about feels trustworthy and deserving of your friendship and love

As a generally “good” color, green is also seen to symbolize things such as loyalty, innocence, affection, sweetness, consciousness of others, and even romance when it’s in the right shade and context. That’s right the color red and the color pink aren’t the only ones that can be associated with romantic affection.

For example, have been dreaming about someone you know but with green hair? Or, maybe you’ve dreamt about meeting someone near a green paint fence? Bizarre dreams like that can indicate that you feel that you can trust this person and you want to deepen your friendship or even your romantic love toward them.

10. You’re worried about your or someone else’s health

The more unpleasant shades of green are also sometimes associated with mental and physical health issues such as sickness or depression. If you have a dream that features green ooze around you or of you coughing it up, the most likely explanation is that your subconscious mind is worried you’re not well.

11. The dream was about a specific thing that was green, not the color itself

It’s often easy to focus on the color itself but it’s important to look at the whole picture. Sometimes, our dreams are trying to point us toward a specific object or person and its color is just a secondary characteristic.

For example, have you been dreaming of a fresh green apple recently? Green apples are a common symbol of wisdom but not all green objects have that same meaning – only apples. In that same way, it’s important to always look at every detail and component you can remember about your dream, not just the color even if sometimes it’s the easiest thing to remember.

In conclusion

The color green means lots of different things depending on who you ask, what their spirituality leans toward, and what’s been happening in their life lately. In that same way, a dream of green, or any other particular color for that matter, can be highly individualistic and situational.

We do hope that the 11 examples above will give you enough pointers as to what exactly your particular dream about the color green indicates.

How to interpret a dream about the color green