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10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About The Color Yellow

10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About The Color Yellow

The color yellow is one of the most memorable colors to dream about but it also has a very wide range of different possible interpretations. Joy or fear, hopefulness or betrayal, wisdom or jealousy? When wondering what’s the meaning of a dream about the color yellow, there are many probable answers.

To find the correct one, you’d have to sift through quite a few details and context clues, both from the dream itself and from your personal life. Also, note that it’d help if you’re aware of your own personal associations with the color yellow as those are often what informs our dreams and their meanings.

But, to give you a starting point as to what you might want to consider, here are 10 likely interpretations of a dream about the color yellow that are often true for most people.

10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About The Color Yellow


What does a dream about the color yellow mean?

Color in dreams is always an interesting subject to explore because it’s so multi-faceted and even controversial. For example, did you know that for a long time people were convinced that we don’t see any colors in our dreams?

That’s likely a combination of the early black-and-white cinema’s effect, the fact that we rarely remember the colors in our dreams after we wake up, as well as that we don’t really “see” light when we sleep and that color is a function of light’s reflection.

It has been proven by many scientists during the second half of the 20th century, however, that we do in fact see color in our dreams – or, rather, that our brains imagine things in color when we dream.

Berger (1963), Snyder (1970), Padgham (1975), and many others have already discerned that much which leaves us with the question – what does it mean when we dream of a color that’s so heavily emphasized that we remember it vividly even after we’ve woken up? So, let’s go over one of the most curious colors to explore – yellow.

1. Recent times have been notably joyous for you

Yellow is a color of many potent emotions, some positive, and some negative. Even though we tend to focus on the negative, however, probably the most common subconscious associations we do with the color yellow are those of joy, affection, friendships, tranquility, a sign of good luck, and a general feeling that you’ve been having some of the better days in your life so far.

In other words, we tend to dream about things colored in yellow when we’re feeling good and joyous, especially if this trend has held steady for a while. The exact things we’re dreaming about can come in all sorts and types – yellow flowers, yellow clothes, yellow cars, yellow light, yellow food, or anything else.

Yellow curtains are an especially common motif because they make everything in your home and in your dream look better – sort of like rose-tinted glasses for your home.

2. You’ve been feeling hopeful about something specific or in general

A yellow dream is also seen to symbolize healing and hopefulness, especially right after a prolonged period of feeling down. The faster a person’s life has switched from being hopeless to being hopeful, the more likely a dream like that is.

It’s also usually not necessary to do much self-reflection and soul-searching to figure out that this is indeed what your dream meant – such dreams are often instantly recognizable by their strongly positive feeling and upbeat vibes, as well as numerous context clues.

3. You have a major source of fear in your life

On the other end of the emotional spectrum, the color yellow is also associated with negativity, strong feelings of anxiety, and even outright fear, either of something specific or in general.

This type of dream is very common for people who live in a relationship with an abuser (even if they don’t realize it consciously), people whose financial or life situation has taken a major turn for the worse, or people who have developed a genuine paranoia.

You have a major source of fear in your life

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4. You’re wondering whether someone around you has been deceitful as of late

Another negative feeling that often leads to yellow-tinted dreams when it becomes pervasive enough is the feeling that you’ve been on the receiving end of deceit and betrayal.

Note that this feeling doesn’t need to be technically accurate. It’s very common for people working in competitive businesses and environments to be extra suspicious of their competitors, for example. Very often, that alone is enough for us to start seeing yellow every time we close our eyes at night.

Another thing to point out here is that we could also be the ones to be deceitful – in that case, our subconscious minds can be feeding us such a dream as a function of our guilt or remorse.

5. You’re feeling closer to a certain wisdom or Enlightenment in recent days

Back to the more positive side of things, yellow in dreams, particularly in relation to the sun and sunlight, is commonly associated with wisdom and with one’s search for Enlightenment.

This can mean that you’ve been feeling close to uncovering a certain spiritual Truth lately or that you’ve just decided to start making your first steps on that road. Either way, this type of dream is also inherently hopeful, just in a distinctly more spiritual direction.

6. Arrogance, whether yours or someone else’s, has been a notable presence in your life

The trait of arrogance and even narcissism are also typically associated with the color yellow. The daffodil plant which the term narcissism is derived is quite yellow, after all.

This association can mean that you, as the dreamer, have been feeling overly arrogant as of late and your subconscious mind is sending you a warning sign in the form of a dream. It can also mean that you feel you’ve been the victim of someone else’s arrogance or just that you’ve noticed it as a bystander and you’ve found it notable enough for your mind to start dreaming about it.

In many of the latter cases, such a dream will be accompanied by the color red or orange, as well as general feelings of anger. Whereas if you’ve been arrogant, the dream can have hints of shame and regret.

7. You’re worried about a mental illness of some sort

Yellow is also commonly seen as the color of insanity. This means that a yellow-steeped dream can indicate anything from genuine insanity or outright depression and mental sickness, to a mere sadness, a bad mood, and a general feeling that there is no well-being on the horizon for you or for the one you’re dreaming about.

Which is it will require some self-awareness on your part but it’s also important to figure out whether the dream is about you personally or you’re worried about someone you know.

8. You’re feeling jealousy or the effects of it coming from someone else

Of all the negative emotions commonly associated with the color yellow, jealousy and envy are usually the most likely suspects. What’s more, it’s also relatively easy to figure out if that’s the cause of your dream as we’re usually pretty well aware that we’ve been experiencing jealousy or envy toward someone.

What’s interesting and more difficult to realize, is that we often have such dreams when we’ve been the victim of someone else’s jealousy – whether it’s been justified or not.

9. There has been a notable feeling of abundance in your life recently

Another example of a positive feeling that can sprinkle your dreams with yellow is a feeling of abundance and opportunities in your life. This interpretation can be close to or a combination of the first two we started this list with but the emphasis here is on an abundance of resources, people, and positive experiences, not just a hope for some positive changes in the future.

10. You may have actually dreamt about something else that happens to be yellow

Lastly, let’s not forget that a dream of a certain color may not actually be about the color itself. Rather, it might be about the object that’s colored yellow such as a yellow tree, a yellow butterfly, a banana, sunshine, a yellow rose, yellow teeth, a fruit stand full of pears, and so on.

In those cases, the color may be incidental or it may be a supporting factor. That’s why it’s important to look at every detail of our dreams before we start jumping to conclusions.

In conclusion

The exact meaning of a dream is usually dependent on our spirituality, emotional state and moods, on our perspective, and on a whole host of things that happen regularly in our day-to-day life. This makes deciphering the meaning of the dream as complicated as it is fun.

It also makes the process of interpreting dreams largely a case-by-case sort of thing. And that’s especially true when looking at things such as the color yellow which can mean almost anything imaginable depending on who’s dreaming about it, what exactly they are dreaming, and what’s been going on in their life lately.

What does a dream about the color yellow mean