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5 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About A House

5 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About  A House

Have you recently dreamt about a house? Having a dream about a house is quite common and almost everyone has seen one at some point in their lives. The dream doesn’t have to be about your own house to have significance for you because the symbolic importance of ‘house’ is quite immense in our lives. Sometimes the house is at the forefront of the whole dream and often, it is in the background. Whatever the content of your dream may be, you have to be careful when interpreting it.

To interpret your dream about a house, you have to consider everything, ranging from the representation of the house, other details, and the emotions it evokes in you (in the dream, of course). You must also relate it to your present situation and recent experiences. To help you navigate the mysterious land of dreams about houses, we have put together this concise starter guide for you.

What Does the “House” Stand For In a Dream


What Does the “House” Stand For In a Dream?

A house is a very powerful symbol, so when you’re trying to interpret a dream about seeing a house, you have to be meticulous about accounting for all the related details. Moreover, nobody can better interpret your house-related dream than you because every house holds a special meaning for you that only you know best.

Generally, dreaming about a house may be indicative of a prevailing problem and is a way to introspect. If you take a moment to think about what your house really means to you, the interpretation of your dreams becomes quite straightforward.

For a lot of people, their house becomes a reflection of their personality or their overall thinking style. In simple words, your house is a mini “you” and according to this perspective, when you start dreaming of your house, it is a manifestation of your belief system or persona, embedded within the dream’s context.

Additionally, different parts of the house would indicate different aspects of your life, for instance, the backyard may be a symbol for everything that you try to keep away from everyone. While the housefront can be an obvious manifestation of your outward personality that you express in front of everyone. Even, the way your house appears in the dream can have significance but most important are your feelings toward that dream. So, while you can use all the thematic interpretations from this guide, it would be most intuitive to stay emotionally vigilant while interpreting a dream.

Types of House-Related Dreams

Even with all the insight about how you associate with your house, it may be a tad bit confusing to interpret the realm of dreams. Let alone, being able to cover the depth and breadth of dreams related to a house. Below we are discussing some of the major themes and how each may appear in a contrasting manner.

While using these themes for interpreting a dream, you need to keep the context of the dream and your real-life situation in perspective. Perhaps you have been struggling with a pressing issue and your dream has some sort of relevance to that. You have to be cautious and vigilant because it is a slippery slope and you can easily end up with misleading interpretations of your dream.

Types of House-Related Dreams


1. Dreaming of a Spacious vs. Tiny House

When you are seeing a house in your dreams, it is important to keep the overall house size in perspective because it adds deeper meaning to the interpretation. So, dreaming of a spacious house is often an indication of feelings of fulfillment (particularly in intimate relationships). On the other hand, a small house is usually a manifestation of your inner struggle with the inferiority complex.

2. Dreaming of a New vs. Old House

Seeing a brand new house in your dreams can easily bring about diverse emotions that are mostly positive. However, with the positivity around a “new house” there is always some uncertainty and apprehensions that may trickle into your dreamland as well. Some of the most popular interpretations about seeing a new house are linked to foreseeing an upcoming change in the near future. However, there may also be some negative connotations to this aspect, including trying to address an ongoing family conflict or financial stress. It may also be a slight indication of a lack of “me-time” for you.

On the other hand, when it comes to dreams involving an old or outdated house it may be an indication of some inner obstacles that are hindering your path to growth and prosperity. However, seeing old houses isn’t always negative because it largely rests upon how you really feel about that particular house in your dreams. If you have good feelings about it, it may indicate comfort or coziness.

3. Dreaming of a Wrecked or Broken House

If you’re dreaming of a wrecked or destroyed house, you may be feeling quite vulnerable or exposed to harm in real life. It may also be a subtle representation of a looming breakup in your life.

On the other hand, seeing a damaged or broken house is a representation of your inability to finish whatever you have started. It indicates a dearth of motivation and enthusiasm. Overall, with these themes, you may need to do a lot of introspection and then devise a clear plan on how to commit yourself to your duties and journey for your growth.

Dreaming of a Wrecked or Broken House


4. Dreaming of a Flooded vs. Burning House

If you have been dreaming about a burning or a flooded house has powerful meanings and must be interpreted with due caution. To successfully interpret these themes, you have to understand the symbolic significance of fire and water. Where fire indicates desire, destruction, enlightenment, transformation, or passion; water would be a representation of emotions.

If you’re seeing your house flooded, it may mean that you are experiencing an avalanche of emotions or difficult feelings. Interestingly, the same theme can have a strong positive meaning of being cleansed or rejuvenated as well. As we mentioned earlier, you have to keep the context and your current situation in perspective while eliciting any meanings from your dream.

5. Dreaming of a Vacant or Ghostly House

If you are seeing a vacant house in your dreams that looks isolated, as if nobody has ever visited that house in months, it merely represents confusion or feelings of awkwardness in your life.

In addition to this, when you look at dreams involving a ghostly house, it is often revolving around suppressed apprehensions, rage, or despair. Some people often view these haunted houses as symbolic cages from where it feels hard or nearly impossible to escape. To add to the emotional dramatization of this theme, there may be an animal, a person, or anything else chasing you around this ghostly house and escalating the feelings of fear and other related emotions. Basically, your subconscious mind is coaxing you to sift through these difficult emotions and practice making peace with them (at least in your dreams).

When you are trying to interpret your dream, a major obstacle that you must overcome is to avoid lying to yourself. Often, when people dream of uncomfortable or bold themes, they feel a deep discomfort and this may cloud their judgment when interpreting their dreams. As a dream analyst, you have to first stay honest with yourself and that can only happen if you are able to feel comfortable with your emotions (positive, as well as, negative).

Dreaming of a Vacant or Ghostly House



With the themes explained above, you can begin to interpret some of the dreams about houses. However, this is not an exhaustive list of themes that often emerge in dreams about houses. One way to get past this hurdle is to ensure that you always look inward and stay in touch with your emotions. Most of the themes have an innate duality and can be interpreted in a positive or negative manner but your emotions about that theme often steer the interpretation in one strong direction.


1. What is the spiritual or biblical meaning of dreaming about a house?

A house holds substantial spiritual significance in religious mythology, for instance, seeing a house under your ownership may indicate an innate desire to grow spiritually. However, while interpreting these dreams you have to question yourself about ‘how all of this makes you feel?’. Figuring out your emotions around this dream is important because that is what gives an overall positive or negative meaning to the whole dream.

2. What does psychology say about house-related dreams?

There are quite interesting psychological interpretations of dreams related to a house. According to popular psychological perspectives, houses may be a symbol of showing concern about self-care or an expression of yourself. These dreams may serve as an omen for future events or a way to sift through potential solutions for an existing conflict or perhaps help you come to terms with some past experiences.

3. What type of house dream has love-related symbolism?

One of the themes that may relate to love symbolism is about buying a house. If you have been dreaming of purchasing a new house, it may be an indication of an upcoming love affair blossoming to its peak. However, it may not be long-lasting according to some interpretations.

5 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About A House