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10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Water

10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Water

Water is one of the most important substances in the world, which makes life on Earth possible. Interestingly, water makes up 60% of our bodies, and 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water.

Since we are surrounded by water and drink it daily, it is pretty normal to dream about it. Throughout history, water has remained a symbol of purity, nurturance, wisdom, tranquility, harmony, and chaos.

So, what does it mean to dream about water? These dreams are very common, and given that they can have different scenarios, they can represent many things, such as emotional turmoil, emotional cleansing, depression, self-reflection, and a new beginning, among others.

When interpreting these dreams, you must consider your feelings, objects, and people you see in the dream. This is because most of the things or people that we see in our dream have symbolic meaning.

Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Water


Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Water

1. Emotional Turmoil

Dreaming about water is generally connected with deep-seated feelings ranging from positive to negative.

Considering that the interpretation of the water dreams depends on numerous factors, such as water flow and location, the color or type also plays an important role.

For example dreaming about muddy water, boiling water, or seeing creatures in water typically infers some emotional turmoil or process of self-reflection.

In waking life, the dreamer is probably experiencing some problems in their romantic life, but it can also be connected to their professional sphere.

This emotional distress can also stem from a traumatic water-related experience, but it can be rooted in a recent argument, excess, or an accident.

2. Spiritual Cleansing

Most people are familiar with the fact that (blessed) water is an essential part of baptism, which is believed to cleanse people from original sin. Adhering to this meaning, dreaming about water can be a sign of your spiritual cleansing.

Dreaming about falling into the water, drinking water, or holy water is related to spiritual upheaval and change.

Depending on the context of the dream, it might mean that you are in the process of spiritual purification or that you need to start paying attention to your spiritual self.

Mesmerized by the appeal of owning various material possessions, we often forget to nourish our minds and soul through self-reflection, spiritual practices, meditation, and exercise.

3. A Fresh Start

A Fresh Start

Image Credit: by.fabioserrato

Considering that water in the form of a tsunami can bring destruction, it is often related to a new beginning and a start of a new era or phase. But you might be asking yourself how that is possible. When a tsunami hits a city, it leaves ruins, damage, and devastation in its wake.

Whether we want it or not, after a massive catastrophe, we are forced to start or rebuild our life again despite the horrific experience and continue marching forward. That is why you see water in your dream; it reflects your emotional state.

You recently got a new job, which can open new doors for you and pave the way for your professional transformation. So take this dream as a sign of good luck that a new life path and possibilities will be revealed to you in the near future.

4. You Are Under a Lot of Stress

As stated above, the type of water can play a crucial part in the dreams’ interpretation. For example, seeing turbulent water, salt water, or cold water might signal that you are under much stress in real life.

People experience these dreams because their subconscious mind tries to communicate these deep emotions and negative thoughts to the conscious mind.

Our unconscious mind reacts to these constant stressors and wants to grab our attention so we can solve these problems. A similar interpretation can be ascribed to the dream of drowning; it signifies helplessness and the inability to act and control your life.

If you feel that life has been hard on you the last couple of weeks, try to talk to your friends, and do not be scared to ask for help!

5. Freedom and Emotional Healing

If you often dream about waterfalls, that might be a clue that you are looking for some freedom or are in the process of emotional healing and rejuvenation. This dream is also related to letting go of your bad habits, negative energy, and negative emotions.

Maybe you experienced a painful heartbreak or had to leave your family for work, which affected you deeply. Although we tend to joke about breakups, they can be very hard on us, more than we want to admit.

It often impairs people and changes their perspective, the way they connect with others, and their thought processes. So take this dream as a good sign that you will finally be healed and ready to express emotions and your thoughts without fear and distress.

6. Deterioration


Image Credit: kusuma_yudha21

Dreaming about being on a boat during a storm or near a tornado signals your fear of the upcoming catastrophe. So when you see a storm, hurricane, or tidal wave in your dream think about what they might represent for you.

Trying to escape the storm spiritually implies you want to run away from something.

In most cases, we are subconsciously aware of things that might happen in real life; that is why we have an intuition, the gut response that warns us about something without a logical basis.

We are aware of circumstances and where they might lead, but we do not want to wake up due to some fear of consequences or emotional distress. Therefore, this dream might be a warning sign of future destruction or deterioration.

7. You Are Unsure of Yourself

Some people dream about being strange in the ocean or other large bodies of water. These dreams can signify that you hate being on your own and need others to pursue something in life.

You like to be independent because it relieves you of responsibility, which might explain your dream. However, it usually involves a scenario in which you float in the vast ocean without guidance or hope. You are stressed, afraid, and alone.

The dream might be a clue that you need to change your behavior and mindset, but depending on the state of the ocean or sea, it might signal your strength, clarity, fluidity, and stability.

8. Emotional Dysfunction

If you often experience dreams about dirty water and/or other types of contamination, which stress your deeps, that can be your clue to reflect on your mental and emotional state. For example, do you have issues controlling your emotions?

If so, that is why you have this dream, especially if you see yourself trying to swim through the dirty water. It can also imply some emotional ‘filth’ that needs to be cleaned or your inability to control your outburst.

These dreams are always very uncomfortable, leaving the dreamer confused because they do not seem that scary. However, they are unpleasant because they showcase sadness and depression in real life.

9. You Lack Something

You Lack Something

Image Credit: _dastaannn

If you dream about being thirsty and see glasses of water near you, but somehow you cannot reach them, that is a sign you might be lacking something. That thirst in the dream symbolizes something you want to achieve or get but is obviously out of reach.

It can range from something material to emotional or mental; you might lack a skill that you believe will be beneficial, or you think buying a new car will improve your life and status.

In the dream, you might get flustered or annoyed; these are your true feelings from real life. When we are trying hard to do something and our effort and time invested are underappreciated, that can cause a lot of frustration and stress.

10. Renewal and Progress

If you had a dream of clear water that was filled with positive feelings, delight, and happiness that signals your renewal and progress. Likewise, the clean water or calm water that you see signifies clarity, abundance, and purity, especially if you see yourself splashing water.

A similar interpretation is related to the dreams about a bath or shower; it represents your cleaning process or releasing negative thoughts and emotions. This dream implies that you will experience some future progress related to how you deal with emotions.

Although you may not be ready for renewal or cannot grasp it at the moment, you will eventually attain inner peace and prosperity. This water dream can also infer that you will get clarity regarding something important.

If you are torn between two crucial decisions in your life, do not worry, the universe will give you the sign you are looking for!


Dreaming about water reveals our unconscious emotions and how we deal with them in real life. Water can take many forms; therefore, this dream can have different interpretations.

If you are new to dream interpretation, you need to consider your life experience, behavior, and trauma before discovering the dream’s meaning. We all perceive reality differently, and that affects our dreams, also.

So, water in our dreams can symbolize a new beginning, emotional cleansing, renewal, abundance, purity, sadness, emotional dysfunction, stress, strong feelings, negative feelings, and wisdom.

Have you experienced this dream? How did it make you feel? Could you share your experience with us? If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

Renewal and Progress