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10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Cheating On Boyfriend

10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Cheating On Boyfriend

One of the things we dread in our relationships is cheating. It does not matter whether we cheat or someone cheats on us; the feeling is horrible. If you have ever been on the receiving end of infidelity, it is understandable to feel horrified if you dream about cheating on your current boyfriend.

Before jumping to extreme conclusions, you must check whether you want to cheat. Have you flirted with anyone at work or in the neighborhood? Or are you looking for a new guy, and you feel guilty? It may be new territory, so you need to figure out what to do.

Dreaming about cheating on a boyfriend can have a complex or unique interpretation. Each dreamer differs, and your current emotional and physical state can affect what your subconscious mind brings to mind. However, let’s discuss this dream and what it may mean in your waking life.

Dreaming About Cheating on Your Boyfriend: 10 Meanings and Interpretations


Dreaming About Cheating on Your Boyfriend: 10 Meanings and Interpretations

Cheating dreams can be embarrassing, but it is best to find out how they can affect your real life instead of bottling them up.

1. You Have Unmet Sexual Desires

This dream interpretation may be one of the commonest because of the nature of the dream. If you see yourself cheating on your boyfriend in a dream, it may indicate a deep need to get fulfilled sexually. And there is a bigger problem if you are good at hiding your feelings.

This may have nothing to do with your boyfriend. He may be a great guy, attentive, and excellent at everything. But that does not mean he sexually satisfies you, which is fine. It does not make you a bad person, especially if you have not cheated in your waking hours.

However, you must have an honest conversation with him; you may be surprised at what you learn. He may be going through things you are unaware of, affecting your relationship. This part is particularly true if you initially had a great sex life.

It does not mean you should neglect how you feel, but talking about it may help fix the issues. That is unless you already have plans to move on to someone else. In such a case, do the right thing to let your boyfriend know, so it is not a surprise.

2. You Feel Insecure

If you have any insecurities or reservations about your relationship, it may manifest as cheating in your dream. It may surprise you that your boyfriend has the same reservations, which may create a spiritual imbalance that needs fixing.

It is important to point out that reservations can be healthy, especially if they are about essential things. However, you must have an open communication line to discuss these feelings of insecurity and comfortably come to a beneficial resolution.

The dream may also mean you have made other plans and decisions without consulting your boyfriend. If these decisions are significant and can affect your relationship, you may see it as cheating. And if that is the case, it is unhealthy for your relationship.

3. You Are Unfulfilled

You Are Unfulfilled


A lack of fulfillment in different areas of your life can show up as cheating on your boyfriend in a dream. This fulfillment issue can be something you feel about your relationship, and it does not have to be about your sexual relationship.

Check every area of your life that may be causing you to feel unfulfilled. While your partner may be the best man out there, it does not mean he is ideal for you. Consequently, you may feel some dissatisfaction.

Your search for something better and desire for fulfillment can drive you to other things apart from your boyfriend. And if you become successful, it may cause a rift in your relationship.

4. You Do Not Trust Yourself

The dream can be a feeling in your conscious mind that you are not getting your best potential. You may feel half-filled, and it has nothing to do with your relationship with your boyfriend. However, you are unwilling to share your thoughts and feelings with him, which feels like cheating.

You do not trust yourself not to go a different way that does not involve your boyfriend if it means getting what you want. You may look like you have it all together and your relationship is going great. But that may not be the case.

There is also a chance that the relationship could be going in a different direction than you envisioned when you started. If you do not talk about it with your boyfriend, it may end in tears. You may even end up cheating on him in real life.

5. Your Relationship Is Failing

One of the commonest reasons for dreaming about cheating on your boyfriend is that your current relationship is already failing. It may be that you have differences or have drifted apart. It may also be that your boyfriend cheated in the past, and you feel insecure in the relationship.

You must determine what is causing the strain on your relationship; it may be an issue you can resolve with your partner. It can be about your boyfriend not valuing your place or input in the relationship, so you feel undervalued.

The problem may not even be something you are consciously aware of, but your unconscious mind is alerting you. Subtle things may put you off or make the relationship unsavory, so you have started looking for someone else, even if you do not actively do it.

6. You Like Someone Else

You Like Someone Else


This dream interpretation should rank high on our list, but it is not always the first reason behind dreaming about cheating on your boyfriend. However, it is likely that you have moved on from this relationship and are actively attracted to someone else.

While you believe this attraction is like cheating on your partner, you have not acted on it. And if that is the case, it is time to sit down with your boyfriend and have an open conversation. Tell him how you feel and be willing to listen to him as he tells you his feelings.

You may be surprised at what he says, and your conversation may resolve the issue. However, there is also a possibility that it is the end of your relationship, and it would be best if you both acknowledged and went your separate ways.

7. You Are Tired of the Relationship

While the dream meaning of cheating on your boyfriend may not be about being attracted to someone else, it can mean you are tired of the relationship and want out of it. It does not necessarily translate to a failing relationship, at least not on your boyfriend’s part. But you may want more.

Nothing is wrong with wanting more out of life and love, but it should not be at the expense of someone else’s happiness. If you are tired of the relationship, let your boyfriend know so you can amicably go your separate ways.

8. You Need Emotional Healing

Your previous relationship might have been hellish, with so many infidelity issues and dishonesty. These negative issues and emotions may affect how you see relationships, even if your current boyfriend is excellent in every aspect.

As a result, you have trust issues that manifest as a recurring dream of cheating on your boyfriend. The first step to getting things and healing emotionally is counseling. This is especially true if you are on the receiving end of the infidelity issue.

You can also undergo therapy with a psychologist to heal your hurt. Nobody should have to suffer for the wrong done by someone else. It is crucial to sort these issues out so that it does not destroy your relationship because hurt people hurt people.

9. You Have Some Unresolved Guilt

You Have Some Unresolved Guilt


Have you ever cheated on your partner in the past? It may show as a dream where you are cheating on your current boyfriend. The feeling will worsen if you have cheated on your partner with a stranger or if the lover is someone you know.

Your dream is simply your subconscious mind telling you to fix the issue by telling your boyfriend. It is more important if the affair was with an ex because it is a betrayal.

It may end your relationship, but it is best to clear your conscience. It will be fair to your partner if you are honest with him. So, speak with him and lay it open. His response may surprise you, especially if he truly loves you.

10. You Feel Neglected

Neglect can cause you to have dreams where you are unfaithful to your boyfriend or spouse. And if that is the case, you must work on communicating better with your partner. Let him know how you feel about the neglect on his part.

If it helps, see a professional therapist to resolve your anxiety and improve your relationship. Your partner may be unaware of your worries, so there is no harm in trying to release the fear of abandonment.


Dreaming about cheating on a boyfriend can have various meanings, and not all are related to real-life cheating. You may feel unfulfilled in your relationship or have sexual frustrations. It is best to resolve the underlying issues for healthy emotional and physical well-being.

10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Cheating On Boyfriend