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22 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Flowers

22 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Flowers

Flowers are a beautiful part of nature. Seeing these can always brighten your day, or at least make you relax due to their beautiful colors. Flowers have many uses, and have been used to represent many things, but what does it mean to dream about flowers?

Flowers often represent commitment, joy, affection, and prosperity when they appear in dreams. However, they could also have negative meanings since flowers in dreams sometimes depict vain behaviors. Plus, it could also mean an end to a previously perfect relationship.

Although flower dreams are common to women, there are times when men also dream about them. To know the specific meaning of your dreams about flowers, read on to find out more!

22 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Flowers


Different Meanings of Seeing Flowers in a Dream

1. It Represents a Positive Attitude

Dreaming about flowers reflects your positive attitude in life. Even if you face hardships or challenges, you’ll find ways to adjust and accept them.

You also look at these hardships as past life experiences that will hone and improve you to become a stronger person.

2. Triumph, Success, and Achievements

Dreaming about fresh, pretty, and healthy-looking flowers is a good omen. It indicates that you’ll be victorious in your life, particularly in financial matters.

If you want to buy a property for business/personal use, now is the time to look around. You’ll be presented with wonderful opportunities that will help achieve your goals.

3. You’ll receive a Reward Thanks to Your Accomplishments

Dreaming of blooming flowers is another good omen. It means that your skills are developing and improving, so those around you will notice your potential. Continue doing what you’re doing, and you’ll be rewarded for your efforts.

5. Fruitful Relationships

Dreaming of being in a flower garden/field is a positive sign. The dream represents a fruitful relationship, whether with your partner or the important people around you. In your waking life, it represents your overflowing love and cares for these people.

Fruitful Relationships


6. You’ll Eventually Hear a Positive Announcement

Dreaming of growing flowers indicates that you’ll soon receive a wonderful announcement from someone close to you. The news may relate to your professional or personal life.

For example, a promotion that you have been eyeing for a long time may finally be given to you. In terms of your personal life, someone who’s been away for a long time may surprise you. They could finally return and stay home for good.

7. It Represents Gratitude and Contentment

Dreaming about flowers could indicate that you don’t need to ask for anything more in your current situation. You feel blessed and content with what you have, and the company the people around you give.

In life, you likely have a job you love and are grateful for. You also have a family that loves you, and adequate finances to live comfortably. Whatever it is, cherish what you have now, and look after your loved ones.

8. A Sign of Death

Unfortunately, not all dreams about flowers have a positive meaning. A potted flower in your dream is a good example of this.

This dream is a bad omen, especially if the flower in the pot was given to you by someone you know. It represents the person’s death, and often this will be someone close to you such as a friend or relative.

Your Days of Worrying Will End Soon


9. Your Days of Worrying Will End Soon

If you dream about placing flowers in a vase, something good will happen. Specifically, the dream tells you that worry-free and calmer days are coming your way. If you’re currently experiencing a lot of anxiety, this can be a huge relief.

Are things bothering you lately? If so, expect to find solutions soon, which will allow you to overcome them with ease. Make sure to work hard, and your efforts will pay off.

10. An Abundance of Love

Just like in real life flowers are often given as a romantic gift, dreaming about flowers represents an abundance of love. The dream states that the people around you appreciate and treat you well.

If you dream of bright-colored flowers, these represent your family and friends. They’re always there for you when you need them, so you never feel lonely or excluded.

11. You will be able to Conquer Your Problems

Sometimes, dreaming of flowers means you can conquer all the difficulties thrown at you. You’ll do this by maximizing your capacity and skills to the fullest. Just trust the process and believe in yourself. You will become more successful than you expect.

12. Time to Enjoy the Little Things in Life

If you dream of a field full of growing flowers then take it as a sign that your life is just about to get a little less complicated. You’ve likely been struggling to cope with all the pressures but it will soon be a time to sit back, relax, and appreciate the little things in life.

Now is not the time to take on more stress. Instead, you need to simplify your life and take time to focus on yourself. This dream is a reminder that there’s nothing more important than your happiness.

Good Fortune and Luck


13. Good Fortune and Luck

Butterflies are frequently seen in gardens, fluttering their wings on flowers or flying close to them. This is a common sight in dreams as well.

Dreaming of flowers in a garden with butterflies around means good fortune and luck. It indicates that you’re in a great period in your life. When things might not be going exactly as planned, this dream indicates that it’s time to unwind and enjoy your life.

Another interpretation is that you’re making plans for the future, and it includes planning to relocate elsewhere. This dream indicates that your plan will be fruitful and successful.

14. Sorrows and Regrets

If you dream of wilted or dying flowers, it can indicate something negative. When you dream of this, it’s best to take it as a warning about possible sorrows and regrets in your life.

Often, these disappointments are related to your current relationship with loved ones, friends, or a partner. So, it’s best to prepare your mind, heart, and emotions for any negative or painful outcomes.

Seeing Specific Colors of Flowers in Your Dreams

Dreaming of flowers in general can mean a lot, but the specific colors of flowers also indicate a significant meaning. Let’s take a closer look at what each color means:

White Flowers – The meaning of white flowers in dreams is similar to its symbolism in our waking life. These represent love and purity, and seeing these in a dream is a reflection of your pure intentions.

Seeing Specific Colors of Flowers in Your Dreams


Orange Flowers – Orange flowers like marigolds are a symbol of joy, contentment, and happiness. If you see one in your dream, your life is likely filled with joy. Your mood also reflects your happiness.

Yellow FlowersYellow is a color of friendship, and the same meaning applies when you see it in your dreams. If you dream of sunflowers, daffodils, and other yellow flowers, it indicates good fortune in your and your friends’ lives.

This dream also means you care a lot for your friends, and their well-being occupies your thoughts.

Blue Flowers – Blue flowers like the hydrangea, cornflower, and lobelia symbolize tranquility. Those with lighter shades of blue represent your calmness.

Flowers with darker shades may indicate sadness, and these may appear when you’re going through difficult times in your waking life.

Green Flowers – Seeing green flowers in dreams is linked with your feelings of jealousy. Since there aren’t a lot of green flowers, seeing these in your dream means the focus is on the color.

Green is a color that indicates jealousy, it’s a negative emotion that’s difficult to live with. If you see green flowers in your dream, it’s a sign to work on changing your negative trait.

However, green flowers don’t always have a negative meaning. Since it’s associated with freshness, dreaming of a bouquet or an abundance of green flowers signifies good health.

Red Flowers – Red flowers, like roses and tulips, appearing in your dreams have several meanings. Of course, the most popular among these is the red rose, so seeing one in a dream implies love. It could be your intense feelings towards a long-term partner or a new flame.

Purple Flowers


Like most things, dreaming of red flowers could also symbolize anger. Try to understand the context of your dream when you saw the flower and the current happenings in your waking life. Doing so will help you determine if the red flowers imply rage or romance.

Purple Flowers – Like the color purple itself, seeing purple flowers like the lavender, bellflower, and dwarf iris in a dream signifies wisdom. Aside from that, these also symbolize experience, maturity, and a good eye for detail.

Another possible meaning of seeing purple flowers in your dream is an accomplishment. You can become successful when engaging with your new hobby or project.

The multitude of Differently Colored Flowers – Seeing a variety of colorful flowers in your dream symbolizes compassion, kindness, and beauty. You can consider this dream as spiritually pleasing since it shows that you’re a compassionate person.

The dream is also very positive and suggests you lead an enjoyable, relaxing, and wholesome life. It also means you can continue experiencing good emotions. Once you experience such a feeling, it will be natural to continue living in harmony and kindness with others.


If you have a dream about flowers then you should almost always be happy about it. They are good omens for romance, happiness, and prosperity. There can be times when dreaming of flowers is a bad sign, so it’s a good idea to take on the information above to get a clear idea of what your dream about flowers meant.

ConclusionIf you have a dream about flowers then you should almost always be happy about it. They are good omens for romance, happiness, and prosperity. There can be times when dreaming of flowers is a bad sign, so it’s a good idea to take on the information above to get a clear idea of what your dream about flowers meant.